Wang, Xiangyu

Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments

Wang, Xiangyu - Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Virtual Environments for Design: Fundamentals

1. Designers and Collaborative Virtual Environments
Mary Lou Maher

2. Visual-Spatial Learning and Training in Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments
Maria Kozhevnikov, Andre Garcia

II. Representation and Embodiments in Collaborative Virtual Environments: Objects, Users, and Presence

3. Design Representation and Perception in Virtual Environments
Chiu-Shui Chan

4. Design Paradigms for the Enhancement of Presence in Virtual Environments
Rivka Oxman

5. Co-presence in Mixed Reality-Mediated Collaborative Design Space
Xiangyu Wang, Rui Wang

III. Design Cooperation: Sharing Context in Collaborative Virtual Environments

6. Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments at Conceptual Stage
Walid Tizani

7. “Scales” Affecting Design Communication in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Jeff W. T. Kan, Jerry J. -H. Tsai, Xiangyu Wang

8. Design Coordination and Progress Monitoring during the Construction Phase
Feniosky Peña-Mora, Mani Golparvar-Fard, Zeeshan Aziz, Seungjun Roh

IV. How Designers Design in Collaborative Virtual Environments

9. Impact of Collaborative Virtual Environments on Design Process
Nobuyoshi Yabuki

10. A Pedagogical Approach to Exploring Place and Interaction Design in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Ning Gu, Kathryn Merrick

11. Sketch That Scene for Me and Meet Me in Cyberspace
Ellen Yi-Luen Do

12. A Hybrid Direct Visual Editing Method for Architectural Massing Study in Virtual Environments
Jian Chen

V. Case Studies

13. Spaces of Design Collaboration
Bharat Dave

14. Modeling of Buildings for Collaborative Design in a Virtual Environment
Aizhu Ren, Fangqin Tang

15. An Immersive Virtual Reality Mock-Up for Design Review of Hospital Patient Rooms
Phillip S. Dunston, Laura L. Arns, James D. Mcglothlin, Gregory C. Lasker, Adam G. Kushner

16. The Immersive Virtual Environment Design Studio
Marc Aurel Schnabel

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Building Construction, Interaction Design, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Computers and Education

Publication year
Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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