Dooren, Paul Van

Numerical Linear Algebra in Signals, Systems and Control

Dooren, Paul Van - Numerical Linear Algebra in Signals, Systems and Control, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Anti-Reflective Transform and Regularization by Filtering
A. Aricò, M. Donatelli, J. Nagy, S. Serra-Capizzano

2. Classifications of Recurrence Relations via Subclasses of (H, m)-quasiseparable Matrices
T. Bella, V. Olshevsky, P. Zhlobich

3. Partial Stabilization of Descriptor Systems Using Spectral Projectors
Peter Benner

4. Comparing Two Matrices by Means of Isometric Projections
T. P. Cason, P. -A. Absil, P. Van Dooren

5. A Framelet-Based Algorithm for Video Enhancement
Raymond H. Chan, Yiqiu Dong, Zexi Wang

6. Perturbation Analysis of the Mixed-Type Lyapunov Equation
Mingsong Cheng, Shufang Xu

7. Numerical and Symbolical Methods for the GCD of Several Polynomials
Dimitrios Christou, Nicos Karcanias, Marilena Mitrouli, Dimitrios Triantafyllou

8. Numerical Computation of the Fixed Poles in Disturbance Decoupling for Descriptor Systems
Delin Chu, Y. S. Hung

9. Robust Control of Discrete Linear Repetitive Processes with Parameter Varying Uncertainty
Błażej Cichy, Krzysztof Gałkowski, Eric Rogers, Anton Kummert

10. Unique Full-Rank Solution of the Sylvester-Observer Equation and Its Application to State Estimation in Control Design
Karabi Datta, Mohan Thapa

11. On Symmetric and Skew-Symmetric Solutions to a Procrustes Problem
Yuan-Bei Deng, Daniel Boley

12. Some Inverse Eigenvalue and Pole Placement Problems for Linear and Quadratic Pencils
Sylvan Elhay

13. Descent Methods for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Ngoc-Diep Ho, Paul Van Dooren, Vincent D. Blondel

14. A Computational Method for Symmetric Stein Matrix Equations
K. Jbilou, A. Messaoudi

15. Optimal Control for Linear Descriptor Systems with Variable Coefficients
Peter Kunkel, Volker Mehrmann

16. Robust Pole Assignment for Ordinary and Descriptor Systems via the Schur Form
Tiexiang Li, Eric King-wah Chu, Wen-Wei Lin

17. Synthesis of Fixed Structure Controllers for Discrete Time Systems
Waqar A. Malik, Swaroop Darbha, S. P. Bhattacharyya

18. A Secant Method for Nonlinear Matrix Problems
Marlliny Monsalve, Marcos Raydan

19. On FastICA Algorithms and Some Generalisations
Hao Shen, Knut Hüper, Martin Kleinsteuber

20. On Computing Minimal Proper Nullspace Bases with Applications in Fault Detection
Andras Varga

21. Optimal Control of Switched System with Time Delay Detection of Switching Signal
C. Z. Wu, K. L. Teo, R. Volker

Keywords: Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Linear and Multilinear Algebras, Matrix Theory, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Page amount
15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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