Ford, James D.

Climate Change Adaptation in Developed Nations

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
James D. Ford, Lea Berrang-Ford

2. Climate Change Adaptation as a Social Process
Johanna Wolf

3. Entering the Period of Consequences: The Explosive US Awakening to the Need for Adaptation
Susanne C. Moser

4. Perspectives on Adaptation to Climate Change in Europe
Stéphane Isoard

5. The Australian Experience
Timothy Frederick Smith, Dana C. Thomsen, Noni Keys

6. Leading the UK Adaptation Agenda: A Landscape of Stakeholders and Networked Organizations for Adaptation to Climate Change
Emily Boyd, Roger Street, Megan Gawith, Kate Lonsdale, Laurie Newton, Kay Johnstone, Gerry Metcalf

7. Adaptation to Climate Change in Canada: A Multi-level Mosaic
Thea Dickinson, Ian Burton

8. Overview: Adaptive Management for the Health Risks of Climate Change
Kristie L. Ebi

9. Behavioral Health and Risk Perception: Factors in Strengthening Community Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness
David Hutton

10. Lateral Public Health: A Comprehensive Approach to Adaptation in Urban Environments
Jan C. Semenza

11. Public Health in Canada and Adaptation to Infectious Disease Risks of Climate Change: Are We Planning or Just Keeping Our Fingers Crossed?
Nicholas Hume Ogden, Paul Sockett, Manon Fleury

12. Climate Change, Water-Related Health Impacts, and Adaptation: Highlights from the Swedish Government’s Commission on Climate and Vulnerability
Elisabet Lindgren, Ann Albihn, Yvonne Andersson

13. Adaptation to the Heat-Related Health Impact of Climate Change in Japan
Yasushi Honda, Masaji Ono, Kristie L. Ebi

14. Risk Perception, Health Communication, and Adaptation to the Health Impacts of Climate Change in Canada
Peter Berry, Kaila-Lea Clarke, Mark Pajot, David Hutton

15. Overview: Climate Change Adaptation in Industry
Paul Kovacs

16. Impacts of and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Electricity Sector in Germany and France
Benno Rothstein, Sylvie Parey

17. The Role of Codes, Standards, and Related Instruments in Facilitating Adaptation to Climate Change
Paul Steenhof, Erik Sparling

18. Learning Adaptation: Climate-Related Risk Management in the Insurance Industry
Christina L. Cook, Hadi Dowlatabadi

19. Adaptive Capacity of Forest Management Systems on Publicly Owned Forest Landscapes in Canada
Mark Johnston, Tim Williamson, Harry Nelson, Laird Damme, Aynslie Ogden, Hayley Hesseln

20. Overview: Climate Change Adaptation in the Urban Environment
Thomas J. Wilbanks

21. Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Urban Settlements: Lessons from Five Australian Cases
Geraldine Li, Stephen Dovers

22. The Role of Local Government in Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons from New Zealand
Andy Reisinger, David Wratt, Sylvia Allan, Howard Larsen

23. Perceptions of Risk and Limits to Climate Change Adaptation: Case Studies of Two Swedish Urban Regions
Louise Simonsson, Åsa Gerger Swartling, Karin André, Oskar Wallgren, Richard J. T. Klein

24. Asking the Climate Question: Climate Change Adaptation in King County, Washington
Elizabeth Willmott, Jennifer Penney

25. Overview: Climate Change Adaptation in the Agricultural Sector
John M. Reilly

26. Climate Change and Adaptation of Wheat Producing Nations: Selected Case Studies from Canada and Australia
Monique Helfrich, Vivek Prasad

27. Use of Modern Portfolio Theory to Evaluate Diversification of Agricultural Land Use as an Adaptation to Climate Risks in the Tisza River Basin
Saskia E. Werners, Éva Erdélyi, Iwan Supit

28. Government Action to Promote Sustainable Adaptation by the Agriculture and Land Management Sector in England
Nicholas A. Macgregor, Caroline E. Cowan

29. Overview: Climate Change Adaptation in Rural and Resource-Dependent Communities
Stewart J. Cohen

30. Scenarios for Engaging a Rural Australian Community in Climate Change Adaptation Work
Jodi-Anne Michelle Smith, Martin Mulligan, Yaso Nadarajah

31. Coordinating Environmental Protection and Climate Change Adaptation Policy in Resource-Dependent Communities: A Case Study from the Tibetan Plateau
Julia A. Klein, Emily Yeh, Joseph Bump, Yonten Nyima, Kelly Hopping

32. Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in Drinking Water Source Protection in Ontario: Challenges and Opportunities
Rob C. Loë

33. Opportunities and Barriers for Adaptation and Local Adaptation Planning in Canadian Rural and Resource-Based Communities
Robert A. McLeman, Michael Brklacich, Maureen Woodrow, Kelly Vodden, Patricia Gallaugher, Renate Sander-Regier

34. Anticipatory Adaptation in Marginalized Communities Within Developed Countries
Michelle Boyle, Hadi Dowlatabadi

35. Adaptation to Climate Change: Context, Status, and Prospects
Ian Burton

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Environmental Management, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Environment, general

Publication year
Advances in Global Change Research
Page amount
20 pages
Natural Sciences

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