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Sustainable Agricultural Development

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Table of contents

1. Land Resource Governance from a Sustainability and Rural Development Perspective
Mohamed Behnassi, Sanni Yaya

2. Land Grabbing and Potential Implications for World Food Security
Shepard Daniel

3. Turning Adversity into an Advantage for Food Security Through Improving Soil Quality and Providing Production Systems for Marginal Saline Lands: ICBA Perspectives and Approach
Shabbir A. Shahid, Faisal K. Taha, Shoaib Ismail, Abdullah Dakheel, Mahmoud Abdelfattah

4. Development of New Technological Approach to Mitigate Salinization
Maybelle Gaballah, Mostafa Rady, Abu-Bakr Mahmoud Gomaa, Magdi T. Abdelhamid

5. Reforestation—Quality Improvement of Contaminated Mining Soil
Olaf Pollmann, Leon Rensburg

6. A Policy Framework for Sustainable Utilisation of Farmland for the Waterberg District Municipality in South Africa
Charles Nhemachena, James Chakwizira, Mac Mashiri, Sipho Dube

7. The Zooecological Remediation of Technogen Faulted Soil in the Industrial Region of the Ukraine Steppe Zone
Yuriy Kul’bachko, Iryna Loza, Olexandr Pakhomov, Oleg Didur

8. Transcultural Gardens—A Proposal for Exploitation of Urban Voids as Intensively Productive Land and as a Method of Urbanization of Minorities: Case Studies Demonstrating Design Tools and Managing Methodology
Elina Karanastasi

9. Sustainable Rural Development and Participatory Approach by On-Farm Water Management Techniques
Ijaz Rasool Noorka

10. Sustainable Water Management for Irrigated Rice Production
Kruamas Smakgahn

11. Reduction of Water Losses by Use of Alternative Irrigation Techniques in the Aral Sea Drainage Basin
Rebecka Törnqvist, Jerker Jarsjö

12. Use of Surface Modified Inorganic Nano Materials as Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer
Deepesh Bhardwaj, Radha Tomar

13. Organic Fertilizer Use in Northeastern Thailand: An Analysis of Some Factors Affecting Farmers’ Attitudes
Seksak Chouichom, Masahiro Yamao

14. Imitating Nature to Enrich Waste with New Values and Use It as a New Resource
Clara Ceppa

15. Farm Animal Breeding—The Implications of Existing and New Technologies
Joyce D’Silva, Peter Stevenson

16. Animal Husbandry in Focus of Sustainability
András Nábrádi, Hajnalka Madai, Adrián Nagy

17. Effect of Urea-Treated Sorghum Stover Supplemented with Local Protein Sources on the Performance of Sheep
Fithawi Mehari Gebremariam, Goitom Asghedom

18. Evaluation of Spineless Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indicus) as an Alternative Feed and Water Source for Animals During Dry Season in Eritrea
Habteab S. Teklehaimanot, J. P. Tritschler

19. Comparative Feeding Value of Halophyte as Alternative Animal Feed for Small Ruminants in Eritrea
Kal’ab N. Tesfa, Fithawi Mehari

20. The Effect of Feeding Ensilages of Poultry Litter with Leftover Bread on the Body Weight of Barka Cattle
Tekeste Abraham Tewoldebrhan, Goitom Asghedom

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Soil Science & Conservation, Animal Ecology

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