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Sustainable Agriculture Volume 2

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Table of contents

1. Emerging Agroscience
Eric Lichtfouse, Marjolaine Hamelin, Mireille Navarrete, Philippe Debaeke, Agnès Henri

2. Ants and Sustainable Agriculture
Gero Benckiser

3. Agroecology as a Science, a Movement and a Practice
A. Wezel, S. Bellon, T. Doré, C. Francis, D. Vallod, C. David

4. Adaptiveness to Enhance the Sustainability of Farming Systems
Ika Darnhofer, Stéphane Bellon, Benoît Dedieu, Rebecka Milestad

5. Economics of Biosecurity Across Levels of Decision-Making
Jaakko Heikkilä

6. Describing and Locating Cropping Systems on a Regional Scale
Delphine Leenhardt, Frédérique Angevin, Anne Biarnès, Nathalie Colbach, Catherine Mignolet

7. Nutritional Quality and Safety of Organic Food
Denis Lairon

8. Minerals in Plant Food: Effect of Agricultural Practices and Role in Human Health
M. C. Martínez-Ballesta, R. Dominguez-Perles, D. A. Moreno, B. Muries, C. Alcaraz-López, E. Bastías, C. García-Viguera, M. Carvajal

9. Fertiliser Trees for Sustainable Food Security in the Maize-Based Production Systems of East and Southern Africa
Festus K. Akinnifesi, O. C. Ajayi, G. Sileshi, P. W. Chirwa, Jonas Chianu

10. Cereal Landraces for Sustainable Agriculture
A. C. Newton, T. Akar, J. P. Baresel, P. J. Bebeli, E. Bettencourt, K. V. Bladenopoulos, J. H. Czembor, D. A. Fasoula, A. Katsiotis, K. Koutis, M. Koutsika-Sotiriou, G. Kovacs, H. Larsson, M. A. A. Pinheiro Carvalho, D. Rubiales, J. Russell, T. M. M. Dos Santos, M. C. Vaz Patto

11. Mineral Sources of Potassium for Plant Nutrition
David A. C. Manning

12. Glandless Seed and Glanded Plant Research in Cotton
Yingfan Cai, Yongfang Xie, Jinggao Liu

13. Micronutrient-Efficient Genotypes for Crop Yield and Nutritional Quality in Sustainable Agriculture
Amir Hossein Khoshgoftarmanesh, Rainer Schulin, Rufus L. Chaney, Bahareh Daneshbakhsh, Majid Afyuni

14. Multi-Criteria Decision Models for Management of Tropical Coastal Fisheries
Merlina N. Andalecio

15. Farmer Responses to Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture
Aysha Fleming, Frank Vanclay

16. The Use of the Marasha Ard Plough for Conservation Agriculture in Northern Ethiopia
Jan Nyssen, Bram Govaerts, Tesfay Araya, Wim M. Cornelis, Hans Bauer, Mitiku Haile, Ken Sayre, Jozef Deckers

17. Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Socioeconomic Factors for Legume Production in Sub-Saharan Africa
Jonas N. Chianu, E. M. Nkonya, F. S. Mairura, Justina N. Chianu, F. K. Akinnifesi

18. Conventionalisation of Organic Farming Practices: From Structural Criteria Towards an Assessment Based on Organic Principles
Ika Darnhofer, Thomas Lindenthal, Ruth Bartel-Kratochvil, Werner Zollitsch

19. Conservation Tillage in Turkish Dryland Research
Muzaffer Avci

20. Biofuels, Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
Cécile Bessou, Fabien Ferchaud, Benoît Gabrielle, Bruno Mary

21. Agronomic and Physiological Performances of Different Species of Miscanthus, a Major Energy Crop
H. W. Zub, M. Brancourt-Hulmel

22. Changes in Atmospheric Chemistry and Crop Health
Jürgen Bender, Hans-Joachim Weigel

23. Modelling Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles During Land Use Change
J. Batlle-Aguilar, A. Brovelli, A. Porporato, D. A. Barry

24. Greenhouse Gases and Ammonia Emissions from Organic Mixed Crop-Dairy Systems: A Critical Review of Mitigation Options
S. M. Novak, J. L. Fiorelli

25. Water Deficit and Nitrogen Nutrition of Crops
Victoria Gonzalez-Dugo, Jean-Louis Durand, François Gastal

26. Validation of Biophysical Models: Issues and Methodologies
Gianni Bellocchi, Mike Rivington, Marcello Donatelli, Keith Matthews

27. Cold Stress Tolerance Mechanisms in Plants
Sudesh Kumar Yadav

28. Defence Mechanisms of Brassicaceae: Implications for Plant-Insect Interactions and Potential for Integrated Pest Management
Ishita Ahuja, Jens Rohloff, Atle Magnar Bones

29. Ionising Radiation and Area-Wide Management of Insect Pests to Promote Sustainable Agriculture
Marc J. B. Vreysen, Alan S. Robinson

30. Biodiversity and Pest Management in Orchard Systems
Sylvaine Simon, Jean-Charles Bouvier, Jean-François Debras, Benoît Sauphanor

31. Pathogenic and Beneficial Microorganisms in Soilless Cultures
J. Vallance, F. Déniel, G. Le Floch, L. Guérin-Dubrana, D. Blancard, P. Rey

32. Allelopathy in Compositae Plants
S.-U. Chon, C. J. Nelson

33. Assessing the Productivity Function of Soils
Lothar Mueller, Uwe Schindler, Wilfried Mirschel, T. Graham Shepherd, Bruce C. Ball, Katharina Helming, Jutta Rogasik, Frank Eulenstein, Hubert Wiggering

34. Long-Term Effects of Organic Amendments on Soil Fertility
Mariangela Diacono, Francesco Montemurro

35. Tillage Management Effects on Pesticide Fate in Soils
Lionel Alletto, Yves Coquet, Pierre Benoit, Djilali Heddadj, Enrique Barriuso

36. Sustainable Cow-Calf Operations and Water Quality
Gilbert C. Sigua

37. Biogeography of Soil Microbial Communities: A Review and a Description of the Ongoing French National Initiative
Lionel Ranjard, Samuel Dequiedt, Claudy Jolivet, Nicolas P. A. Saby, Jean Thioulouse, Jérome Harmand, Patrice Loisel, Alain Rapaport, Saliou Fall, Pascal Simonet, Richard Joffre, Nicolas Chemidlin-Prévost Bouré, Pierre-Alain Maron, Christophe Mougel, Manuel P. Martin, Benoît Toutain, Dominique Arrouays, Philippe Lemanceau

38. Nitrogen Rhizodeposition of Legumes
Joëlle Fustec, Fabien Lesuffleur, Stéphanie Mahieu, Jean-Bernard Cliquet

39. Models of Biological Nitrogen Fixation of Legumes
Yanyan Liu, Lianhai Wu, John A. Baddeley, Christine A. Watson

40. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Networks: Process and Functions
Neera Garg, Shikha Chandel

41. Efficient N Management Using Winter Oilseed Rape
Klaus Sieling, Henning Kage

42. Improving Nitrogen Fertilization in Rice by Site-Specific N Management
Shaobing Peng, Roland J. Buresh, Jianliang Huang, Xuhua Zhong, Yingbin Zou, Jianchang Yang, Guanghuo Wang, Yuanying Liu, Ruifa Hu, Qiyuan Tang, Kehui Cui, Fusuo Zhang, Achim Dobermann

43. Solid–Liquid Separation of Animal Slurry in Theory and Practice
Maibritt Hjorth, K. V. Christensen, M. L. Christensen, Sven G. Sommer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Soil Science & Conservation, Sustainable Development, Agricultural Economics, Sociology

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