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International Handbook of Jewish Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Helena Miller, Lisa D. Grant, Alex Pomson

2. Analytic Philosophy of Education and Jewish Education: The Road Not Taken
Barry Chazan

3. Community Engagement: The Challenge of Connecting Jewish Schools to the Wider Community
Helena Miller

4. Culture: Restoring Culture to Jewish Cultural Education
Zvi Bekerman, Sue Rosenfeld

5. Curriculum Development: What We Can Learn from International Curricula
Roberta Louis Goodman, Jan Katzew

6. Curriculum Integration in Jewish Day Schools: The Search for Coherence
Mitchel Malkus

7. Gender and Jewish Education: “Why Doesn’t This Feel So Good?”
Tova Hartman, Tamar Miller

8. Historiography of American Jewish Education: A Case for Guarded Optimism
Jonathan Krasner

9. Janush Korczak’s Life and Legacy for Jewish Education
Marc Silverman

10. Jewish Identities: Educating for Multiple and Moving Targets
Stuart Charmé, Tali Zelkowicz

11. Jewish Identity and Jewish Education: The Jewish Identity Space and Its Contribution to Research and Practice
Gabriel Horenczyk, Hagit Hacohen Wolf

12. Jewish Identity: Who You Knew Affects How You Jew—The Impact of Jewish Networks in Childhood upon Adult Jewish Identity
Steven M. Cohen, Judith Veinstein

13. Jewish Thought for Jewish Education: Sources and Resources
Jonathan A. Cohen

14. Philosophy of Jewish Education: Some Thoughts
Michael Rosenak

15. Planning for Jewish Education in the Twenty-First Century: Toward a New Praxis
Jonathan S. Woocher

16. Pluralism in Jewish Education
Bryan Conyer

17. Post Modernism Paradoxes: After Enlightenment – Jewish Education and the Paradoxes of Post Modernism
Hanan Alexander

18. Spirituality: The Spiritual Child and Jewish Childhood
Michael J. Shire

19. Visions in Jewish Education
Daniel Pekarsky

20. Art: Educating with Art Without Ruining It
Robbie Gringras

21. Arts and Jewish Day School Education in North America
Ofra A. Backenroth

22. Bible: Teaching the Bible in Our Times
Barry W. Holtz

23. Environment: Jewish Education as if the Planet Mattered
Eilon Schwartz

24. Havruta: What Do We Know and What Can We Hope to Learn from Studying in Havruta?
Elie Holzer, Orit Kent

25. Hebrew Language in Israel and the Diaspora
Nava Nevo, Daniel Verbov

26. History: Issues in the Teaching and Learning of Jewish History
Benjamin M. Jacobs, Yona Shem-Tov

27. Holocaust Education
Simone Schweber

28. Israel Education: Purposes and Practices
Alick Isaacs

29. Israel Travel Education
Scott Copeland

30. Jewish Peoplehood Education
David Mittelberg

31. Life Cycle Education: The Power of Tradition, Ritual, and Transition
Howard Deitcher

32. Other Religions in Jewish Education
Michael Gillis

33. Talmud: Making a Case for Talmud Pedagogy—The Talmud as an Educational Model
Marjorie Lehman, Jane Kanarek

34. Technology: The Digital Revolution That Is Shaping Twenty-First-Century Jewish Education—A Fleeting Snapshot from the First Decade
Brian Amkraut

35. Travel as a Jewish Educational Tool
Erik H. Cohen

36. Travel: ‘Location Location Location’ – A Practitioner’s Perspectives on Diaspora Jewish Travel
Jeremy Leigh

37. Academic Jewish Studies in North America
Judith R. Baskin

38. Adult Jewish Learning: The Landscape
Lisa D. Grant, Diane Tickton Schuster

39. Congregational Schools
Isa Aron

40. Day Schools in the Liberal Sector: Challenges and Opportunities at the Intersection of Two Traditions of Jewish Schooling
Alex Pomson

41. Day Schools in the Orthodox Sector – A Shifting Landscape
Shani Bechhofer

42. Early Childhood Education
Michael Ben-Avie, Ilene Vogelstein, Roberta Louis Goodman, Eli Schaap, Pat Bidol-Padva

43. Experiential Jewish Education: Reaching the Tipping Point
David Bryfman

44. Gender: Shifting from “Evading” to “Engaging”––Gender Issues and Jewish Adolescents
Shira D. Epstein

45. Informal Education: The Decisive Decade – How Informal Jewish Education Was Transformed in Its Relationship with Jewish Philanthropy
Joseph Reimer

46. Intermarriage: Connection, Commitment, and Community
Evie Levy Rotstein

47. Learning Organisations: Learning to Learn – The Learning Organisation in Theory and Practice
Susan L. Shevitz

48. Limmud: A Unique Model of Transformative Jewish Learning
Raymond Simonson

49. Mentoring: Ideological Encounters – Mentoring Teachers in Jewish Education
Michal Muszkat-Barkan

50. Parents and Jewish Educational Settings
Jeffrey S. Kress

51. Practitioner Enquiry and Its Role in Jewish Education
Alex Sinclair

52. Preparing Teachers for Jewish Schools: Enduring Issues in Changing Contexts
Sharon Feiman-Nemser

53. Professional Development of Teachers in Jewish Education
Gail Zaiman Dorph

54. Professional Development: Vini, Vidi, Vici? Short-Term Jewish Educators Trips to Israel as Professional-Development Programs
Shelley Kedar

55. Rabbis as Educators: Their Professional Training and Identity Formation
Lisa D. Grant, Michal Muszkat-Barkan

56. Special Education: “And You Shall Do That Which Is Right and Good …” Jewish Special Education in North America: From Exclusion to Inclusion
Rona Milch Novick, Jeffrey Glanz

57. Teacher Education: Ensuring a Cadre of Well-Qualified Educational Personnel for Jewish Schools
Leora Isaacs, Kate O’Brien, Shira Rosenblatt

58. Ultra-Orthodox/Haredi Education
Yoel Finkelman

59. American-Jewish Education in an Age of Choice and Pluralism
Jack Wertheimer

60. Anglo-Jewish Education: Day Schools, State Funding and Religious Education in State Schools
David Mendelsson

61. Australia: The Jewel in the Crown of Jewish Education
Paul Forgasz, Miriam Munz

62. Canada: Jewish Education in Canada
Michael Brown

63. Europe: Education of Adult Jewish Leaders in a Pan-European Perspective
Barbara Lerner Spectre

64. Europe: Something from (Almost) Nothing – The Challenges of Education in European Communities – A Personal Perspective
Steve Israel

65. Former Soviet Union: Jewish Education
Olga Markus, Michael Farbman

66. France: Jewish Education in France
Ami Bouganim, Daniel Roseman

67. Israel: State Religious Education in Israel
Zehavit Gross

68. Israel: Innovations in Secular Schooling in Israel
Yehuda Bar Shalom, Tamar Ascher Shai

69. Latin America – Jewish Education in Latin America: Challenges, Trends and Processes
Yossi Goldstein, Drori Ganiel, Kaeren Fish

70. Netherlands – Social Integration and Religious Identity
Henny het Hoofd

Keywords: Education, Religion and Education, Religious Studies, Educational Philosophy, Educational Policy and Politics, Curriculum Studies

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International Handbooks of Religion and Education
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