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Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Health

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Table of contents

1. Environmental Health and Geospatial Analysis: An Overview
Juliana A. Maantay, Sara McLafferty

2. Using Geovisualization and Geospatial Analysis to Explore Respiratory Disease and Environmental Health Justice in New York City
Andrew Maroko, Juliana A. Maantay, Kristen Grady

3. Outdoor Air Pollution and Health – A Review of the Contributions of Geotechnologies to Exposure Assessment
Eleanor M. Setton, Ryan Allen, Perry Hystad, C. Peter Keller

4. The Use of Residential History in Environmental Health Studies
Francis P. Boscoe

5. Proximity Analysis for Exposure Assessment in Environmental Health Justice Research
Jayajit Chakraborty, Juliana A. Maantay

6. Their Data, Our Cause: An Exploration of the Form, Function, and Deployment of Mapping Technologies among Community Environmental Justice Organizations
Trevor Fuller

7. Geospatial Analysis of West Nile Virus (WNV) Incidences in a Heterogeneous Urban Environment: A Case Study in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area of Minnesota
Debarchana Ghosh

8. The Health Impacts of Brownfields in Charlotte, NC: A Spatial Approach
Junfeng Wang

9. Regional Environmental Patterns of Diarrheal Disease in Bangladesh: A Spatial Analytical and Multilevel Approach
Elisabeth D. Root, Michael Emch

10. Developing a Supermarket Need Index
Laura Smith, Chris Goranson, Jodi Bryon, Bonnie Kerker, Cathy Nonas

11. Asthma, Air Quality and Environmental Justice in Louisville, Kentucky
Carol Hanchette, Jong-Hyung Lee, Tim E. Aldrich

12. The Impact of Changes in Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Laws on Proximity to Environmental Hazards: A Case Study of Connecticut
Ellen K. Cromley

13. Global Geographies of Environmental Injustice and Health: A Case Study of Illegal Hazardous Waste Dumping in Côte d’Ivoire
Florence M. Margai, Fatoumata B. Barry

14. Environment and Health Inequalities of Women in Different Neighbourhoods of Metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria
Immaculata I.C. Nwokoro, Tunde S. Agbola

15. Housing Quality and Racial Disparities in Low Birth Weight: A GIS Assessment
Sue C. Grady

16. Participatory Mapping as a Component of Operational Malaria Vector Control in Tanzania
Stefan Dongus, Victoria Mwakalinga, Khadija Kannady, Marcel Tanner, Gerry Killeen

17. Revisiting Tobler’s First Law of Geography: Spatial Regression Models for Assessing Environmental Justice and Health Risk Disparities
Jayajit Chakraborty

18. A Spatially Explicit Environmental Health Surveillance Framework for Tick-Borne Diseases
Aldo Aviña, Chetan Tiwari, Phillip Williamson, Joseph Oppong, Sam Atkinson

19. Using Distance Decay Techniques and Household-Level Data to Explore Regional Variation in Environmental Inequality
Liam Downey, Kyle Crowder

20. Merging Satellite Measurement with Ground-Based Air Quality Monitoring Data to Assess Health Effects of Fine Particulate Matter Pollution
Zhiyong Hu, Johan Liebens, K. Ranga Rao

21. Poverty Determinants of Acute Respiratory Infections in the Mapuche Population of Ninth Region of Araucanía, Chile (2000–2005): A Bayesian Approach with Time-Space Modeling
Flavio Rojas

22. GIS and Atmospheric Diffusion Modeling for Assessment of Individual Exposure to Dioxins Emitted from a Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator
Jean-François Viel

23. Synthesizing Waterborne Infection Prevalence for Comparative Analysis of Cluster Detection Methods
Niko Yiannakoulias

24. Spatiotemporal Analysis of PM2.5 Exposure in Taipei (Taiwan) by Integrating PM10 and TSP Observations
Hwa-Lung Yu, Chih-Hsin Wang, George Christakos, Yu-Zhang Wu

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Health, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

Publication year
Geotechnologies and the Environment
Page amount
14 pages
Natural Sciences

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