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Computational Modelling and Advanced Simulations

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Table of contents

1. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Partially Supported Beam-Columns on Nonlinear Elastic Foundation Including Shear Deformation Effect
E.J. Sapountzakis, A.E. Kampitsis

2. Mechanics of Viscoelastic Plates Made of FGMs
H. Altenbach, V.A. Eremeyev

3. Indirect Trefftz Method for Solving Cauchy Problem of Linear Piezoelectricity
G. Dziatkiewicz, P. Fedeliński

4. New Phenomenological Model for Solid Foams
V. Goga

5. The Effect of an Interphase on Micro-Crack Behaviour in Polymer Composites
P. Hutař, L. Náhlík, Z. Majer, Z. Knésl

6. Temperature Fields in Short Fibre Composites
Vladimír Kompiš, Z. Murčinková, M. Očkay

7. Simulation of Distributed Detection of Ammonia Gas
O. Sýkora, J. Aubrecht, R. Klepáček, L. Kalvoda

8. Exact Solution of Bending Free Vibration Problem of the FGM Beams with Effect of Axial Force
Justín Murín, Mehdi Aminbaghai, Vladimír Kutiš

9. Wavelet Analysis of the Shear Stress in Soil Layer Caused by Dynamic Excitation
A. Borowiec

10. Strength of Composites with Fibres
E. Kormaníková, D. Riecky, M. Žmindák

11. A Direct Boundary Element Formulation for the First Plane Problem in the Dual System of Micropolar Elasticity
Gy. Szeidl, J. Dudra

12. Implementation of Meshless Method for a Problem of a Plate Large Deflection
A. Uscilowska

13. Modelling and Spatial Discretization in Depletion Calculations of the Fast Reactor Cell with HELIOS 1.10
R. Zajac, P. Darilek, V. Necas

14. Linear Algebra Issues in a Family of Advanced Hybrid Finite Elements
N.A. Dumont, C.A. Aguilar Marón

15. On Drilling Degrees of Freedom
Stephan Kugler, Peter A. Fotiu, Justín Murín

16. Hybrid System for Optimal Design of Mechanical Properties of Composites
J. Wiśniewski, K. Dems

17. Analysis of Representative Volume Elements with Random Microcracks
P. Fedelinski

18. Application of General Boundary Element Method for Numerical Solution of Bioheat Transfer Equation
E. Majchrzak

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Materials Science, general, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Publication year
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
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13 pages
Natural Sciences

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