Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel A.

The Amazon Várzea

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Human Society in the Várzea: A History of Change and Adaptation to Contextual Uncertainties
Richard Chase Smith

2. Life is Hard, Life is Beautiful: Some Perspectives on Health and Aging in Amazonian Rural Populations
Hilton P. Silva

3. The Floodplain of the Lower Amazon as a Historical Place
Mark Harris

4. Socioeconomic Dynamics, Public Policies, and Migration in the Várzea of the Upper Solimões
Edna Alencar

5. Proposals, Experiences, and Advances in the Legalization of Land Tenure in the Várzea

José Heder Benatti

6. Cities Along the Floodplain of the Brazilian Amazon: Characteristics and Trends
Sandra M. Costa, Eduardo S. Brondízio

7. Introduction: Amazon Fisheries
Fabio Castro

8. Impacts of the Comanagement of Subsistence and Commercial Fishing on Amazon Fisheries
Oriana Almeida, Kai Lorenzen, David G. McGrath, Sergio Rivero

9. Integrating Comanagement and Land Tenure Policies for the Sustainable Management of the Lower Amazon Floodplain
David G. McGrath, Socorro Pena Gama, Alcilene Cardoso, Oriana Almeida, José Heder Benatti

10. Management of Wildlife in the Floodplain: A Critical Look at Threats, Bottlenecks, and the Future in Amazonia
Ronis Silveira

11. Comanagement of the Application of Fisheries Resources in the Amazon: Present Status and Challenges for Management and Conservation
Mauro Luis Ruffino

12. Introduction: Management and Conservation of Terrestrial Resources
Nigel Smith

13. River and Human Legacies in Amazonian Floodplain Postagricultural Forests
Javier A. Arce-Nazario

Várzea Forests: Multifunctionality as a Resource for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
Miguel A. Pinedo-Vasquez, Robin R. Sears

15. Forest Resources, Family Networks and the Municipal Disconnect: Examining Recurrent Underdevelopment in the Amazon Estuary
Eduardo S. Brondízio

16. Introduction: Strategies for Social and Environmental Conservation in Conservation Units
Philip M. Fearnside

17. Protected Areas of Sustainable Use, Involvement of Social Actors, and Biodiversity Conservation in the Várzea: The Case of the Mamirauá Reserve—Sharing Conservation Benefits in Central Amazonia, Brazil
Helder L. Queiroz

18. Participatory Conservation and Local Knowledge in the Amazon Várzea: The Pirarucu Management Scheme in Mamirauá
Leandro Castello, João Paulo Viana, Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez

19. The Political Economy of Resentment: A Result of Public Policies That Become Government Policies?
Ronaldo Lobão

20. Comments on Socioenvironmental Conservation Strategies in Protected Areas of the Amazon Várzea

Cristina Adams

21. A Tribute to José Márcio Ayres
Ana Rita Pereira Alves

22. The Contribution of Márcio Ayres to a Transdisciplinary Approach to Conservation
Deborah Lima

23. Márcio Ayres: New Approaches to the Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in Amazônia
John G. Robinson, Helder L. Queiroz

24. The River-Refuge Hypothesis and Other Contributions of Márcio Ayres to Conservation Science
Miguel A. Pinedo-Vasquez, Liliana M. Dávalos

25. ProVárzea’s Impact on Regional Development
Mauro Luis Ruffino, Maria Clara Silva-Forsberg, Marcelo Derzi Vidal, Marcelo Bassols Raseira, Alzenilson Santos Aquino, Raimunda Queiroz Mello

26. Guidelines for Public Policies and Investment in Science and Technology in the Várzea

Maria Clara Silva-Forsberg

27. The Várzea: Old Challenges and New Demands for Integrated Research in the Coming Decade
Eduardo S. Brondízio, Robin R. Sears, Celia Futemma, Andrea Siqueira, Rui Murrieta, Victoria J. Isaac Nahum, Henrique Pereira

Keywords: Life Sciences, Forestry Management, Applied Ecology, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management, Nature Conservation, Human Geography, Sustainable Development

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