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Principles of Tidal Sedimentology

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Table of contents

1. Tidal Constituents of Modern and Ancient Tidal Rhythmites: Criteria for Recognition and Analyses
Erik P. Kvale

2. Principles of Sediment Transport Applicable in Tidal Environments
Ping Wang

3. Tidal Signatures and Their Preservation Potential in Stratigraphic Sequences
Richard A. Davis

4. Tidal Ichnology of Shallow-Water Clastic Settings
Murray K. Gingras, James A. MacEachern

5. Processes, Morphodynamics, and Facies of Tide-Dominated Estuaries
Robert W. Dalrymple, Duncan A. Mackay, Aitor A. Ichaso, Kyungsik S. Choi

6. Stratigraphy of Tide-Dominated Estuaries
Bernadette Tessier

7. Tide-Dominated Deltas
Steven L. Goodbred, Yoshiki Saito

8. Salt Marsh Sedimentation
Jesper Bartholdy

9. Open-Coast Tidal Flats
Daidu Fan

10. Siliciclastic Back-Barrier Tidal Flats
Burghard W. Flemming

11. Tidal Channels on Tidal Flats and Marshes
Zoe J. Hughes

12. Morphodynamics and Facies Architecture of Tidal Inlets and Tidal Deltas
Duncan FitzGerald, Ilya Buynevich, Christopher Hein

13. Shallow-Marine Tidal Deposits
Jean-Yves Reynaud, Robert W. Dalrymple

14. Deep-Water Tidal Sedimentology
Mason Dykstra

15. Precambrian Tidal Facies
Kenneth A. Eriksson, Edward Simpson

16. Hypertidal Facies from the Pennsylvanian Period: Eastern and Western Interior Coal Basins, USA
Allen W. Archer, Stephen F. Greb

17. Tidal Deposits of the Campanian Western Interior Seaway, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, USA
Ronald J. Steel, Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Jennifer Aschoff

18. Contrasting Styles of Siliciclastic Tidal Deposits in a Developing Thrust-Sheet-Top Basins – The Lower Eocene of the Central Pyrenees (Spain)
A. W. Martinius

19. Holocene Carbonate Tidal Flats
Eugene C. Rankey, Andrew Berkeley

20. Tidal Sands of the Bahamian Archipelago
Eugene C. Rankey, Stacy Lynn Reeder

21. Ancient Carbonate Tidalites
Yaghoob Lasemi, Davood Jahani, Hadi Amin-Rasouli, Zakaria Lasemi

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Sedimentology, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Physical Geography, Mineral Resources

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Natural Sciences

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