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Model Reduction for Circuit Simulation

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Table of contents

1. The Need for Novel Model Order Reduction Techniques in the Electronics Industry
Wil H. A. Schilders

2. The SPRIM Algorithm for Structure-Preserving Order Reduction of General RCL Circuits
Roland W. Freund

3. Balancing-Related Model Reduction of Circuit Equations Using Topological Structure
Tatjana Stykel

4. Topics in Model Order Reduction with Applications to Circuit Simulation
Sanda Lefteriu, Athanasios C. Antoulas

5. Forward and Reverse Modeling of Low Noise Amplifiers Based on Circuit Simulations
Luciano De Tommasi, Joost Rommes, Theo Beelen, Marcel Sevat, Jeroen A. Croon, Tom Dhaene

6. Recycling Krylov Subspaces for Solving Linear Systems with Successively Changing Right-hand Sides Arising in Model Reduction
Peter Benner, Lihong Feng

7. Data-Driven Parameterized Model Order Reduction Using z-Domain Multivariate Orthonormal Vector Fitting Technique
Francesco Ferranti, Dirk Deschrijver, Luc Knockaert, Tom Dhaene

8. Network Reduction by Inductance Elimination
Mark M. Gourary, Sergey G. Rusakov, Sergey L. Ulyanov, Michael M. Zharov

9. Simulation of Coupled Oscillators Using Nonlinear Phase Macromodels and Model Order Reduction
Davit Harutyunyan, Joost Rommes

10. POD Model Order Reduction of Drift-Diffusion Equations in Electrical Networks
Michael Hinze, Martin Kunkel, Morten Vierling

11. Model Reduction of Periodic Descriptor Systems Using Balanced Truncation
Peter Benner, Mohammad-Sahadet Hossain, Tatjana Stykel

12. On Synthesis of Reduced Order Models
Roxana Ionutiu, Joost Rommes

13. Model Reduction Methods for Linear Network Models of Distributed Systems with Sources
Stefan Ludwig, Wolfgang Mathis

14. Structure Preserving Port-Hamiltonian Model Reduction of Electrical Circuits
Rostylav V. Polyuga, Arjan J. Schaft

15. Coupling of Numerical and Symbolic Techniques for Model Order Reduction in Circuit Design
Oliver Schmidt, Thomas Halfmann, Patrick Lang

16. On Stability, Passivity and Reciprocity Preservation of ESVDMOR
Peter Benner, André Schneider

17. Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear Systems in Circuit Simulation: Status and Applications
Michael Striebel, Joost Rommes

18. An Approach to Nonlinear Balancing and MOR
Erik. I. Verriest

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Systems Theory, Control

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Page amount
13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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