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Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Prison Psychiatry
Norbert Konrad

2. Ethics Within the Prison System
Helmut Pollähne

3. Ethical Issues in Correctional Psychiatry in the United States
Henry A. Dlugacz, Julie Y. Low, Christopher Wimmer, Lisa Knox

4. The Evolution of Punishment and Incarceration
George B. Palermo

5. Forensic Research with the Mentally Disordered Offender
Julio Arboleda-Flórez, David N. Weisstub

Part II. Special Problems in Different Countries

6. Ethical Issues in Australian Prison Psychiatry
Danny Sullivan

7. Penitentiary Mental Health Care in Belgium
Paul Cosyns, Kris Goethals

8. Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry: Forensic Mental Health Care in Brazil
Jose G. V. Taborda, Lisieux Elaine Borba Telles, Helena Dias Castro Bins

9. Psychiatric Treatment in the Detention Systems of Quebec: Trying to Merge Prison and Therapeutic Cultures
Marie-Hélène Régnier, Jean-Luc Dubreucq, Jean-Luc Dubreucq, Julie Duchaine, Jocelyn Aubut, Jocelyn Aubut

10. Ethical Issues in German Prison Psychiatry
Norbert Konrad

11. Mentally Ill Prisoners: Indian Perspective
Siva Nambi, Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan

12. Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry in Israel
Jacob Margolin, Moshe Birger, Eliezer Witztum, Eliezer Witztum

13. Current Status of Prison Psychiatry and Its Relationship with General Psychiatry in Japan
Yoji Nakatani, Osamu Kuroda

14. Overcrowded Prisons and Low Psychiatric Provision: The Situation of Mentally Ill Prisoners in Kenya
Muthoni Mathai, David M. Ndetai

15. Ethical Problems of Forensic and Prison Psychiatry in Latvia
Māris Taube

16. Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry in the Netherlands
E. D. M. Masthoff, B. H. (Erik) Bulten

17. Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry in România
Nicoleta Tătaru

18. Ethical Issues of Mental Health Care in the Slovene Prison System
Vita Poštuvan, Tanja Madjar

19. Quality and Ethical Problems of Mental Health Services in Prisons in Spain
Luis Fernando Barrios-Flores, Francisco Torres-González

20. Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry in Sweden
Orsolya Hoffmann, Lennart Mossberg

21. Prison Psychiatry in Switzerland
Marc Graf

22. Current Ethical Challenges in Prison Psychiatry in England and Wales
Adarsh Kaul, Birgit Völlm

23. Application of the AMA Code of Medical Ethics to Psychiatric Practice in Correctional Facilities and Access to Psychiatric Care in the U.S.A.
Alan R. Felthous

Part III. Conclusion

24. Conclusion
Norbert Konrad, Birgit Völlm, David N. Weisstub

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Psychiatry, Ethics, Medicine/Public Health, general, Rehabilitation, Political Science, general, Criminal Law

Publication year
International Library of Ethics, Law, and the New Medicine
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13 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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