Israël, Liora

Dealing with Wars and Dictatorships

Israël, Liora - Dealing with Wars and Dictatorships, ebook


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Table of contents

1. General Introduction
Liora Israël, Guillaume Mouralis

Part I. Life and Death of Concepts and Categories

2. “Épuration”: History of a Word
Alya Aglan, Emmanuelle Loyer

3. Humanity Seized by International Criminal Justice
Sara Liwerant

4. Dealing with Collaboration in Belgium After the Second World War: From Activism to Collaboration and Incivism
Dirk Luyten

5. Transitional Justice as Universal Narrative
Jon Elster

6. The Invention of “Transitional Justice” in the 1990s
Guillaume Mouralis

Part II. Implementation of Categories and Savoir-Faire

7. “Transitional Justice” and National “Mastering of the Past”: Criminal Justice and Liberalization Processes in West Germany After 1945
Annette Weinke

8. Poor Little Belgium? Belgian Trials of German War Criminals, 1944–1951
Pieter Lagrou

9. From Revolution to Restoration. Transnational Implications of the Greek Purge of Wartime Collaborators
Dimitris Kousouris

10. The Defense in the Dock: Professional Purges of French Lawyers After the Second World War
Liora Israël

Part III. Transnational Circulation and Hybridization of Categories

11. Law and the Soviet Purge: Domestic Renewal and International Convergences
Vanessa Voisin

12. Circulation of Models of Épuration After the Second World War: From France to Italy
Valeria Galimi

13. Reassessing the Boundaries of Transitional Justice: An Inquiry on Political Transitions, Armed Conflicts, and Human Rights Violations
David Restrepo Amariles

14. The Emergence of Transitional Justice as a Professional International Practice
Sandrine Lefranc, Frédéric Vairel

15. The Uncertain Place of Purge Within Transitional Justice, and the Limitations of International Law in the World’s Response to Mass Atrocity
Mark Osiel

Keywords: Law, International Humanitarian Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Human Rights, Political Science, general, Sociology, general, History

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