Matthee, Mariëlle

Armed Conflict and International Law: In Search of the Human Face

Matthee, Mariëlle - Armed Conflict and International Law: In Search of the Human Face, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. In Search of Humanitarian Principles

1. Fighting by the Principles: Principles as a Source of International Humanitarian Law
Jeroen C. Boogaard

2. Chivalry: A Principle of the Law of Armed Conflict?
Terry Gill

3. Military Robots and the Principle of Humanity: Distorting the Human Face of the Law?
Hanna Brollowski

4. Some Reflections on Self-defence as an Element in Rules of Engagement
Frits Kalshoven, Thyla Fontein

5. The Current Relevance of the Recognition of Belligerency
Sasha Radin

Part II. The Human Face by Topic

6. In Search of a Human Face in the Middle East: Addressing Israeli Impunity for War Crimes
Jeff Handmaker

7. Doctors in Arms: Exploring the Legal and Ethical Position of Military Medical Personnel in Armed Conflicts
Brigit Toebes

8. Saving the Past, Present and Future. Thoughts on Mobilising International Protection for Cultural Property During Armed Conflict
Pita J. C. Schimmelpenninck van der Oije

9. Watching the Human Rights Watchers
Roelof Haveman

Part III. Making it Real: In Search of Ways to Apply Justice

10. Armed Conflict and Law Enforcement: Is There a Legal Divide?
Charles Garraway

11. Friend or Foe? On the Protective Reach of the Law of Armed Conflict
Jann K. Kleffner

12. Seeking the Truth About Serious International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Violations: The Various Facets of a Cardinal Notion of Transitional Justice
Théo Boutruche

13. La responsabilité pénale des autorités politiques pour des crimes de droit international humanitair (DIH)
Eric David

14. Discrepancies Between International Humanitarian Law on the Battlefield and in the Courtroom: The Challenges of Applying International Humanitarian Law During International Criminal Trials
Rogier Bartels

Keywords: Law, International Humanitarian Law, Law of Armed Conflict, International Criminal Law, Public International Law

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