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International Courts and the Development of International Law

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Table of contents

Part I. Personal Perspectives

1. Homage to Judge Tullio Treves
Bernard H. Oxman

2. L’Équation de Salomon
Pierre-Marie Dupuy

Part II. General Aspects

3. Le juge et la codification du droit de la responsabilité
Maurizio Arcari

4. The Effect of Armed Conflict on Treaties: A Stocktaking
Lucius Caflisch

5. The Growth of Specialized International Tribunals and the Fears of Fragmentation of International Law
Hugo Caminos

6. The “Right Mix” and “Ambiguities” in Particular Customs: A Few Remarks on the Navigational and Related Rights Case
Luigi Crema

7. State Immunity: A Swedish Perspective
Said Mahmoudi

8. Interpreting “Generic Terms”: Between Respect for the Parties’ Original Intention and the Identification of the Ordinary Meaning
Paolo Palchetti

Part III. International Courts: Jurisdiction and Procedure

9. Dispute Settlement Procedures and Fresh Water: Multiplicity and Diversity at Stake
Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

10. Quelques observations sur les mesures conservatoires indiquées par la Cour de La Haye
Pierre Michel Eisemann

11. Evidence Before the International Court of Justice: Issues of Fact and Questions of Law in the Determination of International Custom
Luigi Fumagalli

12. Competence and Jurisdiction in Public International Law: International Courts in the Americas
Luis García-Corrochano Moyano

13. Procedural Aspects Concerning Jurisdiction and Admissibility in Cases of Maritime Delimitation Before the ICJ
Angel V. Horna

14. Brief Notes on the Principle of Non Bis in Idem within Concurrent International and Domestic Criminal Jurisdiction
Fausto Pocar

Jura Novit Curia in International Human Rights Tribunals
Dinah Shelton

16. The Composition of the International Court of Justice
Budislav Vukas

17. Interventions in Proceedings Before International Courts and Tribunals:
Rüdiger Wolfrum

Part IV. Law of the Sea

18. Some Aspects of the Use of Force in Maritime Law Enforcement
David H. Anderson

19. Procedures Entailing Binding Decisions and Disputes Concerning the Interpretation or Application of the Law of the Sea
Rafael Casado Raigón

20. Prospects for the Judicial Settlement of the Dispute Between Croatia and Slovenia Over Piran Bay
Giuseppe Cataldi

21. In Praise of Urgency: Reflections on the Practice of ITLOS
Jean-Pierre Cot

22. International Courts and the Development of the International Law of the Sea on the Delimitation of the Continental Shelf
Umberto Leanza

23. Ships
Vaughan Lowe

24. Where the Judge Approaches the Legislator: Some Cases Relating to Law of the Sea
Tullio Scovazzi

25. The Exercise of Administrative Functions by ITLOS: A Comment on Prompt Release Cases
Seline Trevisanut

26. Consolidation or Deviation? On Trends and Challenges in the Settlement of Maritime Delimitation Disputes by International Courts and Tribunals
Davor Vidas

Part V. Environmental Law

27. Legal Standing of NGOs in Environmental Disputes in Europe
Elena Fasoli

28. Indigenous Peoples, the Environment, and International Jurisprudence
Alessandro Fodella

29. Les vertus pratiques des obligations générales relatives à l’environnement dans la Convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer
Philippe Gautier

30. The International Court of Justice and International Environmental Law
José Juste-Ruiz

31. Implementing Part XII of the 1982 UN Law of the Sea Convention and the Role of International Courts
Nilufer Oral

32. The Duty of Environmental Impact Assessment in the First ITLOS Chamber’s Advisory Opinion: Towards the Supremacy of the General Rule to Protect and Preserve the Marine Environment as a Common Value?
Laura Pineschi

33. Remarks on the Role of Ex Curia Scientific Experts in International Environmental Disputes
Francesca Romanin Jacur

34. La contribution des mécanismes de contrôle et de suivi au développement du droit international: le cas du Projet du Canal de Bystroe dans le cadre de la Convention d’Espoo
Sabrina Urbinati

Part VI. Human Rights

35. Human Rights Judicial and Semi-Judicial Bodies and Customary International Law on State Responsibility
Stefano Brugnatelli

36. The Vegetarian Diet in Prison: A Human Right? The Case of Jakóbski v. Poland

Maria Clara Maffei

37. Mesures anti-piraterie en Somalie entre les droits de l’homme et les garanties du droit humanitaire. La contribution de la jurisprudence et de la pratique des mécanismes de contrôle non juridictionnel
Maria Chiara Noto

38. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights and Its Contribution to the Protection of Children’s Rights
Fabián Novak

39. International Judges and the Protection of Human Rights at Sea
Irini Papanicolopulu

40. Interpreting the ECHR in the Light of “Other” International Instruments: Systemic Integration or Fragmentation of Rules on Treaty Interpretation?
Cesare Pitea

41. The Rule of Prior Exhaustion of Domestic Remedies: Theory and Practice in International Human Rights Procedures
Cesare P. R. Romano

42. The Experiences of the European and Inter-American Courts of Human Rights with the International Standards on the Protection of Fundamental Rights in Times of Emergency
Francesco Seatzu

43. Recent Trends in International Investment Arbitration and the Protection of Human Rights in the Public Services Sector
Attila Tanzi

44. The European Court of Human Rights and the Best Interests of the Child in the Recent Case Law on International Child Abduction
Francesca Trombetta-Panigadi

Part VII. International Crimes

45. L’autonomie du Procureur et la supervision du Juge dans l’activation de la compétence de la Cour pénale internationale: l’affaire du Kenya
Barbara Aresi

46. Political and Military Leaders’ Criminal Responsibility before International Criminal Courts and Tribunals
Giulia Bigi

47. International Courts and the Crime of Genocide
Valentin Bou

48. Recent Developments in the Fight Against International Terrorism: The Role of the European Courts
Patrizia Cesari

49. The Contribution of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon to the Notion of Terrorism: Judicial Creativity or Progressive Development of International Law?
Chiara Ragni

Part VIII. International Economic Law

50. Public Morals in International Trade: WTO Faces Censorship
Angelica Bonfanti

51. The WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding Review: What Future for the Appellate Stage?
Marcella Distefano

52. Reforms to the Global Governance Model in Times of Crisis
Marco Frigessi di Rattalma

53. The World Bank Inspection Panel and the Development of International Law
Ellen Hey

54. The 2008 Investment Arbitration Between Italy and Cuba: The Application of the Rules of Attribution and the 1993 BIT’s Scope Ratione Personae Under Scrutiny
Enrico Milano

Part VIII. International Economic Law

55. State-to-State Dispute Settlement Pursuant to Bilateral Investment Treaties: Is There Potential?
Michele Potestà

56. The ECJ’s Rule of Reason and Internationally Mandatory Rules
Paolo Bertoli

57. Jurisdictional Immunities of the State and Exequatur of Foreign Judgments: A Private International Law Evaluation of the Recent ICJ Judgment in Germany v. Italy

Nerina Boschiero

58. Uniform International Law on the Carriage of Goods by Sea: Recent Trends Toward a Multimodal Perspective
Sergio M. Carbone, Andrea La Mattina

59. Freedom of States to Regulate Nationality: European Versus International Court of Justice?
Roberta Clerici

60. Jurisdiction, Fair Trial and Public Policy: The Krombach and Gambazzi Cases
Franco Mosconi

Part X. European Union Law

61. Some Reflections on the Principle of Consistent Interpretation Through the Case Law of the European Court of Justice
Antonino Alì

62. La Cour de Justice de l’Union Européenne se prononce sur l’importation de produits fabriqués dans les territoires palestiniens occupés: verre demi plein ou verre demi vide?
Matteo Fornari

63. Addressing Irregular Immigration Through Criminal Penalties: Reflections on the Contribution of the ECJ to Refining and Developing a Complex Balance
Bruno Nascimbene, Alessia Di Pascale

Keywords: Law, Human Rights, Law of the Sea, Air and Outer Space, International Environmental Law, International Economic Law, Trade Law, Public International Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law

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