Arczewski, Krzysztof

Multibody Dynamics

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Table of contents

1. A Flexible Multibody Pantograph Model for the Analysis of the Catenary–Pantograph Contact
Jorge Ambrósio, Frederico Rauter, João Pombo, Manuel S. Pereira

2. Maneuvering Multibody Dynamics: New Developments for Models with Fast Solution Scales and Pilot-in-the-Loop Effects
Carlo L. Bottasso, Giorgio Maisano, Francesco Scorcelletti

3. Optimization of Multibody Systems and Their Structural Components
Olivier Brüls, Etienne Lemaire, Pierre Duysinx, Peter Eberhard

4. Real-Time Aeroservoelastic Analysis of Wind-Turbines by Free Multibody Software
Luca Cavagna, Alessandro Fumagalli, Pierangelo Masarati, Marco Morandini, Paolo Mantegazza

5. Comparison of Planar Structural Elements for Multibody Systems with Large Deformations
Markus Dibold, Johannes Gerstmayr

6. Modeling and Analysis of Rigid Multibody Systems with Translational Clearance Joints Based on the Nonsmooth Dynamics Approach
Paulo Flores, Remco Leine, Christoph Glocker

7. Application of General Multibody Methods to Robotics
Janusz Frączek, Marek Wojtyra

8. Energy Considerations for the Stabilization of Constrained Mechanical Systems with Velocity Projection
Juan C. García Orden, Roberto A. Ortega Aguilera

9. A General Purpose Algorithm for Optimal Trajectory Planning of Closed Loop Multibody Systems
Makoto Iwamura, Peter Eberhard, Werner Schiehlen, Robert Seifried

10. Real-Time Simulation of Extended Vehicle Drivetrain Dynamics
Ralf U. Pfau, Thomas Schaden

11. Assessment of Antagonistic Muscle Forces During Forearm Flexion/Extension
Maxime Raison, Christine Detrembleur, Paul Fisette, Jean-Claude Samin

12. Computing Time Reduction Possibilities in Multibody Dynamics
Thorsten Schindler, Markus Friedrich, Heinz Ulbrich

13. Optimization-Based Design of Minimum Phase Underactuated Multibody Systems
Robert Seifried

14. GPU-Based Parallel Computing for the Simulation of Complex Multibody Systems with Unilateral and Bilateral Constraints: An Overview
Alessandro Tasora, Dan Negrut, Mihai Anitescu

15. Investigation of Gears Using an Elastic Multibody Model with Contact
Pascal Ziegler, Peter Eberhard

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Mechanical Engineering, Computational Intelligence

Publication year
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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