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Greening in the Red Zone

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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations

1. Introduction: Greening in the Red Zone
Keith G. Tidball, Marianne E. Krasny

2. Resilience and Transformation in the Red Zone
Keith G. Tidball, Marianne E. Krasny

3. A Daunting Challenge: Creating an Urban Park in an Impoverished Neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis

Part II. Motives and Explanation

4. Urgent Biophilia: Human-Nature Interactions in Red Zone Recovery and Resilience
Keith G. Tidball

5. Sowing Seeds of Resilience: Community Gardening in a Post-Disaster Context
Heather A. Okvat, Alex J. Zautra

6. Turning Degraded Open Space into a Community Asset – The Soweto Mountain of Hope Greening Case
Soul Shava, Mandla Mentoor

7. The Role of Nature in Children’s Resilience: Cognitive and Social Processes
Nancy M. Wells

8. Children’s Engagement with the Natural World as a Ground for Healing
Louise Chawla

9. 8,000 Trees: A Refuge from Ruins
Suzanne Thompson

10. Topophilia, Biophilia and Greening in the Red Zone
Richard C. Stedman, Micah Ingalls

11. Urban Gardens: Pockets of Social-Ecological Memory
Stephan Barthel, John Parker, Carl Folke, Johan Colding

12. Reconstructing Village Groves After a Typhoon in Korea
Eunju Lee

13. Nature Engagement to Foster Resilience in Military Communities
Marianne E. Krasny, Katherine Hess Pace, Keith G. Tidball, Kenneth Helphand

14. Garden for Victory! The American Victory Garden Campaign of World War II
Laura J. Lawson

15. The Korea DMZ: From a Red Zone to a Deeper Shade of Green
Anna Grichting, Kwi Gon Kim

16. Green Zones from Above and Below: A Retrospective and Cautionary Tale
Charles Geisler

17. Reflections on Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime
Kenneth Helphand

Part III. Cases and Practices

18. Restoration of the Urban Forests of Tokyo and Hiroshima Following World War II
Sheauchi Cheng, Joe R. McBride

19. Valuing Urban Forest: Lessons to Learn from Hurricanes
R. Bruce Hull

20. Trees and Rebirth: Social-ecological Symbols and Rituals in the Resilience of Post-Katrina New Orleans
Keith G. Tidball

21. The Risks of Greening in the Red Zone: Creating Afghanistan’s First National Park in the Midst of Conflict
Peter D. Smallwood

22. Destruction and Replanting of the Urban Forest of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Igor Laćan, Joe R. McBride

23. The Re-greening of the Grey: Some Practical Considerations for the Urban Forest
Sandra Dark

24. Trees and Tree-Planting in Southern Madagascar: Sacredness and Remembrance
Maria Tengö, Jacob Heland

25. Community-Based Memorials to September 11, 2001: Environmental Stewardship as Memory Work
Erika S. Svendsen, Lindsay K. Campbell

26. Six Ares of Land: Resilience of City Dwellers in Russia
Louiza Boukharaeva

27. Beyond the Bars: Landscapes for Health and Healing in Corrections
Amy L. Lindemuth

28. Conservation: The Catalyst for Peace in Northern Kenya
Ian Craig

29. Sustainability-Oriented Social Learning in Multi-cultural Urban Areas: The Case of the Rotterdam Environmental Centre
Arjen E. J. Wals, Marlon E. Waal

30. Developing a Safe, Nurturing and Therapeutic Environment for the Families of the Garbage Pickers in Guatemala and for Disabled Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Daniel M. Winterbottom

31. Reforestation Activities at a Chadian Refugee Camp in Northern Cameroon
Elizabeth A. Moore

32. Growing Hope: How Urban Gardens Are Empowering War-Affected Liberians and Harvesting a New Generation of City Farmers
Christina Holder

33. Cyprus: Greening in the Dead Zone
Anna Grichting

34. The Berlin Wall Trail: A Cycling and Hiking Route on the Traces of Berlin’s East–West Division During the Cold War
Michael Cramer

35. Synthesis and Conclusion: Applying Greening in Red Zones
Keith G. Tidball, Elon D. Weinstein, Marianne E. Krasny

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Applied Ecology, Popular Science in Nature and Environment, Social Sciences, general

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