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Engineering Earth

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Megaengineering: The Concept and a Research Frontier
Stanley D. Brunn, Andrew Wood

2. Building the Next Seven Wonders: The Landscape Rhetoric of Large Engineering Projects
Ben Marsh, Janet Jones

3. Information Technology as Megaengineering: The Impact of GIS
Michael F. Goodchild

4. Google and the Internet: A Mega-Project Nesting Within Another Mega-Project
Maria Paradiso

5. Cloud Collaboration: Peer-Production and the Engineering of the internet
Mark Graham

6. Engineering Community and Place: Facebook as Megaengineering
Michael Longan, Darren Purcell

7. Real-Time National Stability Engineering: Mapping the 2009 Afghan Election
Tom Buckley, Sean Gorman, Laurie Schintler, Rajendra Kulkarni

8. Engineering Time and Space with the Global Fiber Optics Industry
Barney Warf

9. The Internet in Three Finnish Cities: Accessing Global Networks
Tommi Inkinen

10. ICTs and Activities on the Move? People’s Use of Time While Traveling by Public Transportation
Bertil Vilhelmson, Eva Thulin, Daniel Fahlén

11. Assembling Video Game Worlds
Ian Graham Ronald Shaw

12. GPS Collars in Studies of Cattle Movement: Cases of Northeast Namibia and North Finland
Katja Polojärvi, Alfred Colpaert, Kenneth Matengu, Jouko Kumpula

13. Engineering Cattle for Dairy Development in Rural India
Pratyusha Basu

14. Social Responses to Crop Biotechnology: Bt Cotton Cultivation in Gujarat, India
Esha Shah

15. Turning the Soviet Union into Iowa: The Virgin Lands Program in the Soviet Union
William C. Rowe

16. The Megaengineering of Ocean Fisheries: A Century of Expansion and Rapidly Closing Frontiers
Maarten Bavinck

17. Impacts of Up-Coming Deep-Sea Mining
Tetsuo Yamazaki

18. When Megaengineering Disturbs Ram: The Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project
Michiel Dijk, Virginie Mamadouh

19. Deep Drilling: Tunnel Spaces as Gender Spaces
Elisabeth Joris

20. The Megaproject of Mining: A Feminist Critique
Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt

21. The Richest Hole on Earth? Nature, Labor and the Politics of Metabolism at the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine
Jody Emel, Matthew T. Huber

22. When Boom Goes Bust: Ruins, Crisis and Security in Megaengineering Diamond Mining in Angola
Filipe Calvão

23. Ecclesial Opposition to Nonferrous Metals Mining in Guatemala and the Philippines: Neoliberalism Encounters the Church of the Poor
William N. Holden, R. Daniel Jacobson

24. Character and Scale of Environmental Disturbances Resulting from Mining in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly
Alina Nekrich

25. Engineering and Re-engineering Earth: Industrialized Harvesting of Ireland’s Peatlands and its Aftermath1

Proinnsias Breathnach

26. Energy-Hungry Europe: Development Projects in South-Central Europe
Anton Gosar

27. The Next Generation of Energy Landscapes
Martin J. Pasqualetti

28. The Repercussions of Being Addicted to Oil: Geospatial Modeling of Supply Shocks
Laurie Schintler, Rajendra Kulkarni, Tom Buckley, Emily Sciarillo, Sean Gorman

29. Global Motor Vehicle Assembly: Nationalism, Economics, and Rationale
Craig S. Campbell

30. Potentials and Employment Impacts of Advanced Energy Production from Forest Residues in Sparsely Populated Areas
Olli Lehtonen, Markku Tykkyläinen

31. Megaproject: A 4-Decade Perspective of the Gulf Development Model
Michael C. Ewers, Edward J. Malecki

32. “America’s New Design for Living:” The Interstate Highway System and the Spatial Transformation of the U.S.
Joe Weber

33. The Transamazon Highway: Past, Present, Future
Robert Walker, Stephen Perz, Eugenio Arima, Cynthia Simmons

34. Megaprojects in India: Environmental and Land Acquisition Issues in the Road Sector
G. Raghuram, Samantha Bastian, Satyam Shivam Sundaram

35. Shifting Sands: The Trans-Saharan Railway
Mike Heffernan

36. Will New Mobilities Beget New (Im)Mobilities? Prospects for Change Resulting from Mongolia’s Trans-State Highway
Alexander C. Diener

37. “America’s Glory Road” … On Ice: Permafrost and the Development of the Alcan Highway, 1942–1943
Frederick E. Nelson

38. “We Shall Dress You in a Robe of Cement and Concrete:” How Discourse Concerning Megaengineering Projects Has Been Changing in Israel
Izhak Schnell, Anda Rosenberg

39. Built in a Field of Dreams? Spatial Engineering and Political Symbolism of South Africa’s Rapid Rail Link Development, Gautrain
Ronnie Donaldson, Janis Westhuizen

40. Manufacturing Consent for Engineering Earth: Social Dynamics in Boston’s Big Dig
James P. McCarthy, Kate Driscoll Derickson

41. Impacts of The “Marmaray” Project (Bosphorus Tube Crossing, Tunnels and Stations) on Transportation and Urban Environment in Istanbul
Recep Efe, Isa Cürebal

42. Scandinavian Links: Mega Bridges Linking the Scandinavian Peninsula to the European Continent
Christian Wichmann Matthiessen, Richard D. Knowles

43. The Qinghai–Tibetan Railroad: Innovative Construction on Warm Permafrost in a Low-Latitude, High-Elevation Region
Stuart A. Harris

44. A Network Perspective on Mega-Engineering Projects
Ajay Mehra, Daniel J. Brass, Stephen P. Borgatti, Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca

45. Bechtel: The Global Corporation
Jason Henderson

46. Chinese Construction Industry: Governance, Procurement and Culture
Jian Zuo, George Zillante, Zhen-Yu Zhao

47. An Overview of the Gulf Countries’ Construction Industry
Alpana Sivam, Sadasivam Karuppannan, Kamalesh Singh

48. Exploring the Role of Governance in Sustainable Franchised Distribution Channels
Robert Dahlstrom, Arne Nygaard, Emily Plant

49. Intermodal Terminals, Mega Ports and Mega Logistics
Jean-Paul Rodrigue

50. Mega-Airports: The Political, Economic, and Environmental Implications of the World’s Expanding Air Transportation Gateways
John T. Bowen, Julie L. Cidell

51. University as Megaengineering Project
Judith A. Martin

52. Creating a New Heaven and a New Earth: Megachurches and the Reengineering of America’s Spiritual Soil
Scott Thumma, Elizabeth J. Leppman

53. Mega-Engineering Projects in Russia: Examples from Moscow and St. Petersburg
Mikhail S. Blinnikov, Megan L. Dixon

54. Engineering New Geographies with the Burj Dubai*
Benjamin Smith

55. Floating Cities
Alexander A. Bolonkin

56. Planning and Implementing Capital Cities – Lessons from the Past and Prospects for Intelligent Development in the Future: The Case of Korea
Kenneth E. Corey

57. Astana, Kazakhstan: Megadream, Megacity, Megadestiny?
Leon Yacher

58. Myanmar’s New Capital City of Naypyidaw
Dulyapak Preecharushh

59. Event Engineering: Urban Planning for Olympics and World’s Fairs
Mark I. Wilson

60. Sustainable City Regions: Mega-Projects in Balance with the Earth’s Carrying Capacity
Richard S. Levine, Michael T. Hughes, Casey Ryan Mather

61. Edge Cities in the Era of Megaprojects
Selima Sultana

62. Engineering and the Architecture of Economic Recovery: TARP, the New Deal, and the Evolving Landscapes of Crisis
Andrew Boulton

63. Engineering Singapore as a City–State and Tourism Destination
Joan C. Henderson

64. Val d’Europe: A Mega Urban Project Partnered by Walt Disney Company and the French State
Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre

65. Dredging Paradise: The Making of San Diego’s Mission Bay Aquatic Park
Larry R. Ford

66. Earth as a Medium: The Art and Engineering of Golf Course Construction
John Strawn, Jim Barger, J. Drew Rogers

67. Engineering Metaphorical Landscapes and the Development of Zoos: The Toronto Case Study*
Paul Harpley

68. An Uncomfortable Fit? Transfrontier Parks as MegaProjects
Elizabeth Lunstrum

69. Dams, Casinos and Concessions: Chinese Megaprojects in Laos and Cambodia
Chris Lyttleton, Pál Nyíri

70. Engineering Paradise: Marketing the Dominican Republic’s Last Frontier
Joseph L. Scarpaci, Korine N. Kolivras, William Galloway

71. Perfecting and Recreating Nature on the Upper Mississippi River
John O. Anfinson

72. The Bluegrass of Kentucky: An Engineered Image of a Gracious Life
Thomas J. Nieman, Zina R. Merkin

73. Constructing Thoroughbred Breeding Landscapes: Manufactured Idylls in the Upper Hunter Region of Australia
Phil McManus, Glenn Albrecht, Raewyn Graham

74. The Earth Restoration Project: An Overview
Jeffrey Gritzner, Georgia Milan, Leonard Berry

75. Huge Yields of Green Belts? Mega and Micro Plantation Forestry Cases from Indonesia, Ghana and Zimbabwe
Tapani Tyynelä

76. Historic Land Use and Social Policy Affecting Large-Scale Changes in Forest Cover in the Midwest United States
Mikaela Schmitt-Harsh, Sean P. Sweeney, Tom P. Evans

77. The Historical Decrease of Soil Erosion in the Eastern United States – The Role of Geography and Engineering
Stanley W. Trimble

78. Re-Making America: Soil Mechanics, Earth Moving, Highways, and Dams
Peter J. Hugill

79. Engineering the Emirates: The Evolution of a New Environment
Pernilla Ouis

80. Land Marks in the Cure of Madness: The Shaping of 19th Century Asylum Sites in Melbourne, Australia
Anne Bourke

81. Sea Art: The Mediterranean Sea Terrace Proposal
Nicola M. Pugno, Richard B. Cathcart, Alexander Bolonkin

82. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Mississippi River Cutoff Plan
Damon Manders

83. The Impacts of Megahydraulic Engineering Projects from a Dutch Perspective
Guus J. Borger, Sjoerd J. Kluiving, Adriaan M.J. Kraker

84. Dutch Coastal Engineering Projects: Past Success and Future Challenges
Robert Hoeksema

85. Moving the River? China’s South–North Water Transfer Project
Darrin Magee

86. The Siberian Water Transfer Scheme
Philip Micklin

87. Freshwater Supplies Necklace Super-Project: Floating Bags and Rolling Freshwater Tires Facilitating Future India–China–Bangladesh Life Necessities Trade
Richard B. Cathcart

88. Aral Sea Partial Refilling Macroproject
Richard B. Cathcart, Viorel Badescu

89. Geo-Engineering South Australia: The Case of Lake Eyre
Viorel Badescu, Richard B. Cathcart, Marius Paulescu, Paul Gravila, Alexander A. Bolonkin

90. Mega-Hydroelectric Power Generation on the Yangtze River: The Three Gorges Dam
Stuart A. Harris

91. Demographic Impacts of the Three Gorges Dam
Yan Tan, Graeme Hugo

92. Water Worth Gold: The Itaipú Hydroelectric Project1

Melissa H. Birch, Nicolas Quintana Ashwell

93. Megadams for Irrigation in Nigeria: Nature, Dimensions, and Geographies of Impacts
Adamu I. Tanko

94. Ebbs and Flows: Megaproject Politics on the Mekong
Philip Hirsch, Katherine Wilson

95. Beyond Mega on a Mega Continent: Grand Inga on Central Africa’s Congo River
Kate B. Showers

96. America’s Military Footprint: Landscapes and Built Environments within the Continental U.S.
William W. Doe, Eugene J. Palka

97. Constructing the Border Wall – The Social and Environmental Impacts of Border: Mexico-U.S. Border Policy
Lauren Martin

98. The Engineering of Detentional Landscapes: Australia’s Asylum Seeker Island Prisons
Nancy Hudson-Rodd

99. “Alcatraz in the Sky”: Engineering Exile in a Virginia (USA) Prison
Matthew L. Mitchelson

100. An Environmental History of the French Nuclear Complex at La Hague
Laurent Bocéno

101. Fifty Years of Soviet Nuclear Testing in Semipalatinsk, Kazakstan: Juxtaposed Worlds of Blasts and Silences, Security and Risks, Denials and Memory
Stanley D. Brunn

102. Florida’s Planned Retirement Communities: Marketing Age, Religion, Ethnicity and Lifestyle
Ira M. Sheskin

103. Re-engineering the Urban Landscape: Land Use Reconfiguration and the Morphological Transformation of Shrinking Industrial Cities
Alan Mallach

104. Wiring the Countryside: Rural Electrification in Ireland
Patrick J. Duffy

105. When a New Deal is Actually an Old Deal: The Role of TVA in Engineering a Jim Crow Racialized Landscape
Derek H. Alderman, Robert N. Brown

106. A Double-Edged Sword: Social Control in Appalachian Company Towns
Thomas E. Wagner, Phillip J. Obermiller

107. Social Engineering: Creating and Now Undoing Apartheid’s Structures
Vernon A. Domingo

108. Engineering Socialism: A History of Village Relocations in Chukotka, Russia
Tobias Holzlehner

109. The State of Deseret: The Creation of the Mormon Landscape in the Western U.S.
Samuel M. Otterstrom, Richard H. Jackson

110. Subversive Engineering: Building Names in Singapore
Peter K.W. Tan

111. Empire, Names and Renaming: The Case of Nagorno Karabakh
Benjamin D. Foster

112. Reconstructing Post-Conflict Human Landscapes: The Land Administration Domain Model
Douglas E. Batson

113. Zoning as a Form of Social Engineering
Bobby M. Wilson, Seth Appiah-Opoku

114. Engineering Borders and Border Landscapes: The Schengen Regime and the EU’s New Internal and External Boundaries in Central-Eastern Europe
Milan Bufon

115. Engineered Healing and the Northern Ireland Question: Collaboration Across an Increasingly Invisible Border
Caroline Creamer, John Driscoll, Neale Blair, Brendan Bartley

116. Liquid Urbanity: Re-engineering the City in a Post-Terrestrial World
Philip E. Steinberg

117. Living on the Grid: The U.S. Rectangular Public Land Survey System and the Engineering of the American Landscape
Gerald R. Webster, Jonathan Leib

118. Traces of Power: Europe’s Impact on the Political Organization of the Globe
Corey Johnson, George W. White

119. Air and Space Demarcation
Alexandra Harris, Ray Harris

120. A Perspective on Weather Modification: Planned and Inadvertent
Nancy Westcott

121. Climate Change, Climate Models and Geoengineering the Earth
Jay S. Hobgood

122. Olivine Hills: Mineral Water Against Climate Change
Roelof D. Schuiling, Elke Praagman

123. Demise of the Geomagnetic Field: An Opportunity for Mega-Engineers to Save Humanity
J. Marvin Herndon

124. Terraforming Mars: A Review of Concepts
Martyn J. Fogg

125. Planetary Ecosynthesis on Mars and Geo-Engineering on Earth: Can We? Should We? Will We?
Christopher P. McKay

126. Global Warming and the Specter of Geoengineering: Ecological Apocalypse, Modernist Hubris, and Scientific-Technological Salvation in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Global Warming Trilogy
Ernest J. Yanarella, Christopher Rice

Keywords: Social Sciences, Human Geography, Engineering Design, Physical Geography, Development Economics, Environment, general

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