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Sustainability in Food and Water

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Table of contents

1. Sustainable Water Resource Management in China: A Great Challenge
Z. X. Xu, J. Y. Li

2. Affecting Factors of Salinity Intrusion in Pearl River Estuary and Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources in Pearl River Delta
Zhang Xinfeng, Deng Jiaquan

3. Water Resource Management in Asian Cities – Case Studies of Groundwater Management
Yatsuka Kataoka

4. Identification of Main Factors and Their Relationships in Urban Runoff Pollution of Macau Based on Statistical Techniques
Chitan Ao, Zhishi Wang, Jinliang Huang, Ho Manhim, Lei Mui Heong, Du Pengfei

5. Assessment of Spatial Variations in Surface Water Quality of Kyeongan Stream, South Korea Using Multi-Variate Statistical Techniques
Janice B. Sevilla, Chang Hee Lee, Bum Yeon Lee

6. Real-Time Water Resources Analysis and Assessment for Supporting Beijing Water Sustainability
Yan Xue, Jinping Liu

7. A GIS-Based Bio-Economic Model Applied in Water Resource Management in Shiyang River Basin, Gansu Province, China
Minjun Shi, Weichun Tao, Xuetao Zhao

8. On the Change of Virtual Water in China under Regional Restructuring from 1997 to 2000
Takaaki Okuda, Chengwei Ni

9. Potential Reuse of Wastewater Effluent in Macau
Kwok Ho Chan, Jie Sun, Hojae Shim

10. Ozone Used as a Technology for Reducing the Risk of Wastewater Reuse
Yiyuan Jiang, Yu Zhang, Nan Cao, Jun Zhou, Min Yang, Juni Hirotsuji

11. Sustainable Water Management of Reclaimed Water Use: Case Study of Tianjin
Xu He, Wen Chen

12. Organic Hindrance in Groundwater Arsenic Removal Practice
Khondoker Mahbub Hassan, Kensuke Fukushi, Fumiyuki Nakajima, Kazuo Yamamoto

13. Factors Associated with Faecal Contamination of Household Drinking Water in a Rural Area, Vietnam
Vuong Tuan Anh, Kåre Mølbak, Phung Dac Cam, Anders Dalsgaard

14. Alternative Safe Water for Communities in the Mekong Delta and Coastal Zone: Vietnam
Tran Thi Trieu, Nguyen Lam Giang

15. Community Based Management of Traditional Water Resources in Western Himalayan Region
Sushil Kumar

16. Quality and Safety of Aquatic Products in China
Wang Xi Chang, Tao Cen, Tao Ning Ping, Liu Yuan

17. Notes of Study on Development Strategy of Chinese Fishery to 2030
Yingqi Zhou, Xinjun Chen

18. Changes in Fisheries and Water Environments of Lake Taihu, China
Zhengwen Liu, Kuanyi Li, Songquan Zhu

19. Wastewater Management in Freshwater Pond Aquaculture in China
Cao Ling, Wang Weimin

20. Dosing and Timing Addition of Bacterial Biomass for Improving the Water Environment in Shrimp Farming
Nguyen La Anh, Dang Thu Huong, Vu Dung

21. Study of Mercury Pollution at Bantarpanjang Area (Citarum River) Using Biomarker
Mahastuti H. Tjokronegoro, Dwina Roosmini

22. Increased Wheat Yield by Rainwater Management: A Case Study in Arid Lands of Iran
J. Tabtabaee Yazdi, M. Y. Han, M. Ghodsi, S. A. Haghayaghi

23. Water – An Emerging Critical Factor in Chinese Rice Production and Trade
Funing Zhong, Shunfei Liu

24. Sustainability of Water-Use and Food Production in the Haihe Catchment
Yonghui Yang, Jing Fan, Yukun Hu, Juana Moiwo

25. Exploring Land Use Planning Options: Experiences and Challenges for Food and Water Security
C. M. Pascual, F. P. Lansigan, S. R. Francisco, A. G. Laborte, R T. Utrera, C. T. Hoanh, R. P. Roetter, R. T. Cruz, S. R. Obien

26. The Impact of the Bio-Ethanol Production to the World Grain Market: A Case Study of World Maize Market
Hideaki Takagi, Nobuhiro Suzuki, Hirotaka Matsuda

27. Optimization of Rice Supply Chain in Thailand: A Case Study of Two Rice Mills
S. Wilasinee, A. Imran, N. Athapol

28. Exploring Behavioral Changes towards Chemical-Safe Agriculture: The Case of Thai Vegetable Farmers
Varaporn Punyawadee

29. Supply-Demand Balance of Compost between Urban and Agricultural Sectors According to Peri-Urban Development in an Urban-Rural Fringe Area in Asia: A Case Study in Nonthaburi, Thailand
R. Honda, A. Hiramatsu, Y. Hara, M. Sekiyama

30. Water Resources in the Hexi Corridor and Its Cycle
Q. Feng

31. Adaptive Capacity to Changes in the Water Cycle: A Case Study of Northern China
Shiming Ma, Jianyun Zhang, Silong Zhang, Jinhe Jiang, Yinlong Xu

32. Measuring Climate Change Risk on Supply Chain of Rice in Bangladesh
Abu Hena Reza Hasan

33. The Multi-Functional Role of Rice Paddy Area for Food and Water Sustainability – Lessons Learned from Korean Tradition
Mooyoung Han, Jaesoo Shim

34. Promoting Plant Residue Utilization for Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation in Thailand
Janya Sang-Arun, Eiji Yamaji, Jureerat Boonwan

35. No-Regret Adaptation Strategies to Cope with Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources of Asian Cities
Sangam Shrestha, Yatsuka Kataoka, Tetsuo Kuyama

36. Food or Environment: An Alternative Solution to Tradeoff of Water Allocation in Oasis Regions of China
Minjun Shi, Weichun Tao

37. Impacts of Water Environment and Conservation for Sustainable Development in Northern Philippines
C. M. Pascual, W. D. Balizon, J. M. Caraang, L. A. Castro, M. O. Ganda, S. N. dela Cruz

38. Material Flow Analysis of Nitrogen and Phosphorus for Regional Nutrient Management: Case Study in Haiphong, Vietnam
Toshiya Aramaki, Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy

39. Application of Sulfur Denitrification Process to Remove Nitrate-nitrogen Discharged from Agricultural Field
Kiyo Hasegawa-Kurisu, Katsura Shimizu-Ishii, Ikuro Kasuga, Keisuke Hanaki

40. Bioremediation of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated by Volatile Organic Compounds
Futoshi Kurisu, Osami Yagi

41. Cadmium Extraction from Contaminated Soil Using an Iron Chloride Solution in Asian Countries
Ozaki Hirokazu, Ida Shingo, Pu Jian, Zhang Yanfeng, Jiang Chunxiao, Sun Hongwen, Fukushi Kensuke

42. A Strategy in Assessing Plant Residue Material Quality to Enhance Sustainability of Lowland Agricultural Systems
Gina Villegas-Pangga

43. Redesigning Institutions and Governance Systems for Urban Water Demand Management: Case of Developing City Delhi, India
Anand Prakash Tiwari

44. The Impact of Regulatory Change on Trading Partners: Race to the Bottom or Convergence to the Top?
Makiko Matsuo

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Food Science, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Ecotoxicology, Agriculture

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Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries
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14 pages
Natural Sciences

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