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Forest Management and the Water Cycle

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Patrick Schleppi

2. Hydrological Effects on Below Ground Processes in Temperate and Mediterranean Forests
Boris Rewald, Panagiotis Michopoulos, Lise Dalsgaard, David L. Jones, Douglas L. Godbold

3. Above Ground Processes: Anticipating Climate Change Influences
Mauro Centritto, Roberto Tognetti, Ernst Leitgeb, Katarina Střelcová, Shabtai Cohen

4. Field Studies of Whole-Tree Leaf and Root Distribution and Water Relations in Several European Forests
Jan Cermak, Nadezhda Nadezhdina

5. Forested Water Catchments in a Changing Environment
Patrick Schleppi

6. Forest Development in the European Alps and Potential Consequences on Hydrological Regime
Christine Alewell, Peter Bebi

7. Effects of Climate Change on the Vulnerability of Norway Spruce Stands – Soil Hydrological Constraints for Forest Management in Austria’s Lowlands
Karl Gartner, Michael Englisch, Ernst Leitgeb

8. Observed Climate Change in Croatia and Its Impact on the Hydrology of Lowlands
Boris Vrbek, Ivan Pilaš, Nikola Pernar

9. The Case of Yatir Forest
Gabriel Schiller

10. How Mediterranean Deciduous Trees Cope with Long Summer Drought? The Case of Quercus pyrenaica Forests in Western Spain
Gerardo Moreno, Juan F. Gallardo, María Ángeles Vicente

11. Introduction
Viliam Pichler

12. Changes in Forest Cover and its Diversity
Viliam Pichler, Paulo Godinho-Ferreira, Tzvetan Zlatanov, Magdaléna Pichlerová, Juraj Gregor

13. Afforestation Strategies with Respect to Forest–Water Interactions
Yannis Raftoyannis, Michael Bredemeier, Rasa Buozyte, Norbert Lamersdorf, Andreas Mavrogiakoumos, Edda Oddsdóttir, Ivaylo Velichkov

14. Tree Species’ Tolerance to Water Stress, Salinity and Fire
Martin Lukac, Margus Pensa, Gabriel Schiller

15. Overland Flow, Soil Erosion and Stream Water Quality in Forest Under Different Perturbations and Climate Conditions
Meni Ben-Hur, Cristina Fernandez, Sakari Sarkkola, Juan Carlos Santamarta Cerezal

16. Forest Management Effects on Below-Ground Hydrological Processes
Viliam Novák, Viliam Pichler, Elisabeth Graf-Pannatier, Edward P. Farrell, Marián Homolák

17. Adjustment of Forest Management Strategies to Changing Climate
Špela Planinšek, Leena Finér, Antonio Campo, Jorge Alcazar, Cristina Vega-García, Dimiter Dimitrov, Jozef Capuliak

18. Introduction
Elve Lode

19. Forest Management and the Water Cycle: An Integrated Introduction to Scaling
Elve Lode, Matthias Langensiepen, Jüri Roosaare, Gebhard Schueler, Harri Koivusalo

20. Multidimensionality of Scales and Approaches for Forest–Water Interactions
Ivan Pilaš, Karl-Heinz Feger, Urša Vilhar, Andreas Wahren

21. Fundamentals of Model Scaling in Forest Ecology
Matthias Langensiepen

22. Up- and Downscaling Model Approaches for Water Relations in Forest Management from Plot to Landscape Level
Chris S. Eastaugh, Stephan A. Pietsch, Richard Petritsch, Elisabeth Pötzelsberger, Hubert Hasenauer

23. A Small Catchment Scale Approach for Modeling Effects of Forest Management on Water Cycle in Boreal Landscape
Harri Koivusalo, Hannu Hökkä, Ari Laurén

24. Large Scale Approach to Forest and Water Interactions
Gebhard Schüler, Laurent Pfister, Michael Vohland, Stephan Seeling, Joachim Hill

25. Model-Based Assessment of Forest Land Management on Water Dynamics at Various Hydrological Scales – A Case Study
Andreas Wahren, Karl-Heinz Feger

26. Typological Up-Scaling of Wooded Peatlands
Elve Lode, Jüri Roosaare, Margus Pensa

27. Difficulties of Scaling in Forest and Water Management in Urban Areas: Social and Institutional Dimension
Sultan Bekiroglu, Ömer Eker

28. Synthesis and Outlook
Shabtai Cohen, Michael Bredemeier

Keywords: Life Sciences, Forestry

Publication year
Ecological Studies
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences

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