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Mapping Equity and Quality in Mathematics Education

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Table of contents

1. Disrupting ‘Development’ as the Quality/Equity Discourse: Cyborgs and Subalterns in School Technoscience
Anna Chronaki

2. Beyond Gap Gazing: How Can Thinking About Education Comprehensively Help Us (Re)envision Mathematics Education?
Rochelle Gutiérrez, Ezekiel Dixon-Román

3. Beyond Disavowing the Politics of Equity and Quality in Mathematics Education
Alexandre Pais, Paola Valero

4. Does Every Child Count? Quality, Equity and Mathematics with/in Neoliberalism
Anna Llewellyn, Heather Mendick

5. Quality and Equity in Mathematics Education as Ethical Issues
Bill Atweh

6. Ghettoes in the Classroom and the Construction of Possibilities
Miriam Godoy Penteado, Ole Skovsmose

7. Identity as the Cornerstone of Quality and Equitable Mathematical Experiences
Margaret Walshaw

8. A Framework for Evaluating Quality and Equity in Post-Compulsory Mathematics Education
Gail E. FitzSimons

9. The Theoretical Landscape
Walter G. Secada

10. Equity in Quality Mathematics Education: A Global Perspective
Murad Jurdak

11. Effects of Student-Level and School-Level Characteristics on the Quality and Equity of Mathematics Achievement in the United States: Using Factor Analysis and Hierarchical Linear Models to Inform Education Policy
Mack C. Shelley, Wenyu Su

12. Equity and Quality Issues in Mathematics Education in Malawi Schools
Mercy Kazima, Chikondano Mussa

13. Looking for Equity in Policy Recommendations for Instructional Quality
Enakshi Bose, Janine Remillard

14. Whose ‘Quality’ and ‘Equity’? The Case of Reforming 14–16 Mathematics Education in England
Andy Noyes

15. Equity and Quality of Mathematics Education: Research and Media Portrayals
Helen J. Forgasz, Gilah C. Leder

16. Equity Concerns About Mathematical Modelling
Eva Jablonka, Uwe Gellert

17. Equity and the Quality of the Language Used in Mathematics Education
Marcus Schütte, Gabriele Kaiser

18. Foundational Mathematics: A Neglected Opportunity
Jennifer S. McCray, Jie-Qi Chen

19. How Many Sides Does a Box Have? The Struggle to Respect Young People’s Thinking
Julian Weissglass

20. ‘Sometimes I Think Wow I’m Doing Further Mathematics…’: Balancing Tensions Between Aspiring and Belonging
Cathy Smith

21. Mapping Social Constructions and Complexities
Paola Valero

22. Students with ‘Special Rights’ for Mathematics Education
Ann Gervasoni, Lena Lindenskov

23. Females in Mathematics: Still on the Road to Parity
Lynda R. Wiest

24. Quality and Equity in Mathematics Education: A Swedish Perspective
Inger Wistedt, Manya Raman

25. Equity Issues Concerning Gifted Children in Mathematics: A perspective from Mexico
Asuman Oktaç, Solange Roa Fuentes, Marco Antonio Rodríguez Andrade

26. Enhancing Quality and Equity in Mathematics Education for Australian Indigenous Students
Peter Howard, Sharon Cooke, Kevin Lowe, Bob Perry

27. Qualities of Respectful Positioning and Their Connections to Quality Mathematics
David Wagner, Lisa Lunney Borden

28. The Effects of Poverty and Language on Mathematics Achievement for English Language Learners
Clara Lee Brown, Jo Ann Cady, Cheryl A. Lubinski

29. Toward a Framework of Principles for Ensuring Effective Mathematics Instruction for Bilingual Learners Through Curricula
Kathleen Pitvorec, Craig Willey, Lena Licón Khisty

30. Reconceptualizing Quality and Equity in the Cultivation of Minority Scholars in Mathematics Education
Roni Ellington, Glenda Prime

31. What Does Quality Mean in the Context of White Institutional Space?
Danny Bernard Martin

32. Landmarks of Concern
Mellony Graven

33. The CERME Spirit: Issues of Quality and Inclusion in an Innovative Conference Style
Barbara Jaworski, João Pedro da Ponte, Maria Alessandra Mariotti

34. Productive Pedagogies in the Mathematics Classroom: Case Studies of Quality and Equity
Martin Mills, Merrilyn Goos

35. Mathematical Literacy in South Africa: Increasing Access and Quality in Learners’ Mathematical Participation Both in and Beyond the Classroom
Mellony Graven, Esme Buytenhuys

36. Together-and-APart for Quality and Equity in Mathematics Education
Liora Linchevski, Bilha Kutscher, Alwyn Olivier

37. Research from Practice: Using Technology to Provide Advanced Mathematics and Equity to High School Students in the United States
Benjamin Hedrick, Douglas Edwards

38. Parents and Teachers Collaborate to Achieve Equity and Quality in Mathematics: A Case Study
Virginia R. Nelson

39. Critical Mathematics in a Secondary Setting: Promise and Problems
Andrew Brantlinger

40. Mathematics Education: What is the Point?
Laura J. Jacobsen, Jean Mistele

41. Equity and Quality in a Mathematics Program for Under-Represented Students at an Elite Public University
Vilma Mesa, Robert Megginson

42. Children’s Numerical Thinking in the Early School Grades and How to Foster and Understand Its Development
Álvaro Buenrostro, Olimpia Figueras

43. No Highway and No Destination?
Bill Atweh

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Sociology of Education

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