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Cell Fusions

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Table of contents

1. Regulation and Control of Cell–Cell Fusions
Lars-Inge Larsson

2. Retroviruses and Cell Fusions: Overview
Anders L. Kjeldbjerg, Shervin Bahrami, Finn Skou Pedersen

3. Retroviral Membrane Fusions: Regulation by Proteolytic Processing and Cellular Factors
Yoshinao Kubo

4. A Comparative Portrait of Retroviral Fusogens and Syncytins
Philippe Pérot, Cécile Montgiraud, Dimitri Lavillette, François Mallet

5. Syncytins: Molecular Aspects
Hungwen Chen, Mei-Leng Cheong

6. Role of the Actin Cytoskeleton Within FuRMAS During Drosophila Myoblast Fusion and First Functionally Conserved Factors in Vertebrates
Susanne-Filiz Önel, Christine Dottermusch, Angela Sickmann, Detlev Buttgereit, Renate Renkawitz-Pohl

7. Role of CD9 in Sperm-Egg Fusion and Its General Role in Fusion Phenomena
Natsuko Kawano, Yuichiro Harada, Keiichi Yoshida, Mami Miyado, Kenji Miyado

8. Gamete Binding and Fusion
Young-Joo Yi, Shawn W. Zimmerman, Peter Sutovsky

9. Mechanisms Regulating Human Trophoblast Fusion
Berthold Huppertz, Martin Gauster

10. Macrophage Fusion: The Making of a New Cell
Agnès Vignery

11. Molecules Regulating Macrophage Fusions
Takeshi Miyamoto, Toshio Suda

12. Current Progress Towards Understanding Mechanisms of Myoblast Fusion in Mammals
Grace K. Pavlath

13. The Endogenous Envelope Protein Syncytin Is Involved in Myoblast Fusion
Bolette Bjerregaard, Jan Fredrik Talts, Lars-Inge Larsson

14. Cell Fusion and Stem Cells
Alain Silk, Anne E. Powell, Paige S. Davies, Melissa H. Wong

15. Cell Fusion and Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccines
Jianlin Gong, Shigeo Koido

16. Cancer Cell Fusion with Myeloid Cells: Implications for Energy Metabolism in Malignant Hybrids
Rossitza Lazova, Ashok K. Chakraborty, John M. Pawelek

17. Cell–Cell Fusions and Human Endogenous Retroviruses in Cancer
Reiner Strick, Matthias W. Beckmann, Pamela L. Strissel

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