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School Dropout and Completion

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Table of contents

1. School Dropout and Completion: An International Perspective
Stephen Lamb, Eifred Markussen

2. Pathways to School Completion: An International Comparison
Stephen Lamb

3. Introduction to the European Education Systems
Stephen Lamb

4. The Question of School Dropout: A French Perspective
Marianne Blanchard, Rémi Sinthon

5. School Dropout and Completion in Spain
Rafael Merino, Maribel Garcia

6. Towards Compulsory Participation in England
Alice Sullivan, Lorna Unwin

7. Participation in Post-Compulsory Learning in Scotland
David Raffe

8. Germany’s Education System and the Problem of Dropouts: Institutional Segregation and Program Diversification
Andrea Reupold, Rudolf Tippelt

9. School Dropout in Secondary Education: The Case of Poland
Piotr Mikiewicz

10. School Dropout and Completion in Switzerland
Elisabetta Pagnossin

11. Introduction to the Nordic Education Systems
Eifred Markussen

12. Dropout and Completion in Upper Secondary Education in Finland
Risto Rinne, Tero Järvinen

13. Dropout in a Small Society: Is the Icelandic Case Somehow Different?
Kristjana Stella Blondal, JónTorfi Jónasson, Anne-Christin Tannhäuser

14. Early Leaving, Non-Completion and Completion in Upper Secondary Education in Norway
Eifred Markussen, Mari Wigum Frøseth, Nina Sandberg, Berit Lødding, Jorunn Spord Borgen

15. Introduction to the New World Education Systems
Stephen Lamb

16. High School Dropouts in the United States
Russell W. Rumberger

17. Educational Systems and School Dropout in Canada
Michel Janosz, Sherri L. Bisset, Linda S. Pagani, Ben Levin

18. School Dropout and Completion in Australia
Stephen Lamb

19. Vocational Education and Training in France and Germany: Friend or Foe of the Educationally Disadvantaged?
Richard Teese

20. Pathways to Completion for School Dropouts
John Polesel, Adrianna Nizińska, Ewa Kurantowicz

21. School Dropout and Inequality
Stephen Lamb

22. Policies to Reduce School Dropout and Increase Completion
Eifred Markussen, Nina Sandberg

Keywords: Education, International and Comparative Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Sociology of Education, Higher Education

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