Swartjes, Frank A.

Dealing with Contaminated Sites

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Contaminated Site Management
Frank A. Swartjes

2. Characteristics of Natural and Urban Soils
Helmut Meuser, Robert H.M. Graaff

3. A Practical Approach for Site Investigation
Frank P.J. Lamé

4. Statistical Sampling Strategies for Survey of Soil Contamination
Dick J. Brus

5. Human Health Risk Assessment
Frank A. Swartjes, Christa Cornelis

6. Exposure Through Soil and Dust Ingestion
Johan Bierkens, Mirja Holderbeke, Christa Cornelis, Rudi Torfs

7. Oral Bioavailability
Mark R. Cave, Joanna Wragg, Sébastien Denys, Catherine Jondreville, Cyril Feidt

8. Uptake of Metals from Soil into Vegetables
Mike J. McLaughlin, Erik Smolders, Fien Degryse, Rene Rietra

9. Uptake of Organic Contaminants from Soil into Vegetables and Fruits
Stefan Trapp, Charlotte N. Legind

10. Vapor Intrusion
Todd A. McAlary, Jeroen Provoost, Helen E. Dawson

11. Human Exposure Pathways
Mark Elert, Roseline Bonnard, Celia Jones, Rosalind A. Schoof, Frank A. Swartjes

12. Hazard Assessment and Contaminated Sites
Andrew Langley

13. Introduction to Ecological Risk Assessment
Frank A. Swartjes, Anton M. Breure, Michel Beaulieu

14. Ecological Risk Assessment of Diffuse and Local Soil Contamination Using Species Sensitivity Distributions
Leo Posthuma, Glenn W. Suter

15. Site-Specific Ecological Risk Assessment
Michiel Rutgers, John Jensen

16. Bioavalibility in Soils
Mark E. Hodson, Martina G. Vijver, Willie J.G.M. Peijnenburg

17. Groundwater-Related Risk Assessment
Frank A. Swartjes, Juan Grima

18. Leaching of Contaminants to Groundwater
Dirk Mallants, Martinus Th. Genuchten, Jiří Šimůnek, Diederik Jacques, Suresh Seetharam

19. Contaminant Fate and Reactive Transport in Groundwater
Massimo Rolle, Ulrich Maier, Peter Grathwohl

20. Sustainability and Remediation
R. Paul Bardos, Laurent M.M. Bakker, Hans L.A. Slenders, C. Paul Nathanail

21. In Situ Remediation Technologies
Tim J.T.C. Grotenhuis, Huub H.H.M. Rijnaarts

22. Natural Attenuation
Anita Peter, Thomas Held, Norbert Hüsers, Frank A. Swartjes

23. Bringing Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sites into Practice – The Role of Policy and Regulations
Joop J. Vegter, Harald Kasamas

24. A Stakeholder’s Perspective on Contaminated Land Management
Lida Schelwald- Kley, Johan Fraye, Robert Pentel, Lucia Buve, Roger Jacquet, Hans L.A. Slenders, Ian Heasman, Steve Wallace, Markus Ackermann

25. Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration
C. Paul Nathanail

Keywords: Environment, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Health, Soil Science & Conservation, Environmental Management

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28 pages
Natural Sciences

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