Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa

Astronomy and Civilization in the New Enlightenment

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa - Astronomy and Civilization in the New Enlightenment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The New Enlightenment: Cosmo-Transcendental Positioning of the Living Being in the Universe
Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

2. On the First Principle of Biology and the Foundation of the Universal Science
Attila Grandpierre

3. The Relation Between Man and World
Hans Köchler

4. Observers, Freedom, and the Cosmos
Subhash Kak

5. The Enchanting Heavens
Frances Clynes

6. The Science Of Wholeness
Menas Kafatos

7. Meridianae in Italy
Béla Kálmán

8. The Cosmological Circumstances and Results of the Anno Domini Invention: Anno Mundi 6000, Great Year, Precession, and End of the World Calculation
Sepp Rothwangl

9. Coming of Age Under the Night Sky: the Importance of Astronomy in Shaping Worldviews
Stephen P. Cook

10. Medieval Roots of the Modern Cosmology
Miklós Maróth

11. Is There Any Fundamental Connection Between Man and the Universe?
Vladimir A. lefebvre

12. Cultural Impacts Of Astronomy
Stanislaw Iwaniszewski

13. Triadic Insights in Astronomy, Art and Music
Norman D. Cook

14. The Social And Spiritual Impact Of Sky Lore On Prehistoric Societies In Europe
Emília Pásztor

15. Impact Of Astronomy In Nepalese Civilization
Suresh Bhattarai

16. Impact of Stars on Human Culture
Varadaraja Venkata Raman

17. The Contribution Of Musical Theory To An Ancient Chinese Concept Of The Universe
Alice Williamson

18. Cosmopolis: How Astronomy Affects Philosophies of Human Nature and Religion
Nancey Murphy

19. Mind in the Quantum Universe
Henry P. Stapp

20. Why is the Universe Just Right for Life?
Paul Davies

21. The Compelling Case For Panspermia
Chandra Wickramasinghe

22. Nanobionts and the Size Limit of Life
László G. Puskás

23. The Russian Cosmism and the Modern Theory of Complexity: The Comparative Analysis
Helena Knyazeva

24. Astrobiology: From Extremophiles in the Solar System to Extraterrestrial Civilizations
Joseph Seckbach, Julian Chela-Flores

25. Astronomy and the Soul
Nicholas Campion

26. Rationality and Wonder: From Scientific Cosmology to Philosophy and Theology
William R. Stoeger

27. Positive Contribution of Religion to Cosmology
Marián Ambrozy

28. Principle of Greatest Happiness
Katalin Martinás

29. Astronomy: Brightest and Most Fascinating Shining Path for Mankind Future
H. Minoo, S.M.T. Bathaee

30. A Theistic Model of Physical Temporality
Anthony P. Stone

31. Humanity En Route to the Glorious Unity of Our Universe
Ion Soteropoulos

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology

Publication year
Analecta Husserliana
Page amount
16 pages

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