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Ecology Revisited

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Table of contents

1. Why Write a Handbook of Ecological Concepts?
Astrid Schwarz, Kurt Jax

2. Structure of the Handbook
Kurt Jax, Astrid Schwarz

3. History of Concepts for Ecology
Astrid Schwarz

4. Multifaceted Ecology Between Organicism, Emergentism and Reductionism
Donato Bergandi

5. The Classical Holism-Reductionism Debate in Ecology
Ludwig Trepl, Annette Voigt

6. Conceptualizing the Heterogeneity, Embeddedness, and Ongoing Restructuring That Make Ecological Complexity ‘Unruly’
Peter Taylor

7. A Few Theses Regarding the Inner Structure of Ecology
Gerhard Wiegleb

8. Dynamics in the Formation of Ecological Knowledge
Astrid Schwarz

9. Etymology and Original Sources of the Term “Ecology“
Astrid Schwarz, Kurt Jax

10. The Early Period of Word and Concept Formation
Kurt Jax, Astrid Schwarz

11. Competing Terms
KurtKurt Jax, Astrid Schwarz

12. Stabilizing a Concept
Kurt Jax

13. Formation of Scientific Societies
Kurt Jax

14. The Fundamental Subdivisions of Ecology
Kurt Jax, Astrid Schwarz

15. The Rise of Systems Theory in Ecology
Annette Voigt

16. Ecology and the Environmental Movement
Andrew Jamison

17. Ecology and Biodiversity at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century: Towards a New Paradigm?
Patrick Blandin

18. An Ecosystem View into the Twenty-first Century
Wolfgang Haber

19. Early Ecology in the German-Speaking World Through WWII
Astrid Schwarz, Kurt Jax

20. The History of Early British and US-American Ecology to 1950
Robert McIntosh

21. The French Tradition in Ecology: 1820–1950
Patrick Matagne

22. Early History of Ecology in Spain, 1868–1936
Santos Casado

23. Plant Community, Plantesamfund
Peder Anker

24. Looking at Russian Ecology Through the Biosphere Theory
Georgy S. Levit

25. Geography as Ecology
Gerhard Hard

26. Border Zones of Ecology and the Applied Sciences
Yrjö Haila

27. Border Zones of Ecology and Systems Theory
Egon Becker, Broder Breckling

28. Economy, Ecology and Sustainability
John M. Gowdy

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Philosophy of Science, Theoretical Ecology/Statistics, History of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies

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19 pages
Natural Sciences

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