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New Trends in Mechanism Science

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Table of contents

1. Design and Kinematic Analysis of a Multiple-Mode 5R2P Closed-Loop Linkage
C. Huang, R. Tseng, X. Kong

2. Synthesis of Spatial RPRP Loops for a Given Screw System
A. Perez-Gracia

3. Contributions to Four-Positions Theory with Relative Rotations
H.-P. Schröcker

4. Cusp Points in the Parameter Space of RPR-2PRR Parallel Manipulators
G. Moroz, D. Chablat, P. Wenger, F. Rouiller

5. Kinematics and Design of a Simple 2-DOF Parallel Mechanism Used for Orientation
T. Itul, D. Pisla, A. Stoica

6. Special Cases of Schönflies-Singular Planar Stewart Gough Platforms
G. Nawratil

7. The Motion of a Small Part on the Helical Track of a Vibratory Hopper
D. I. Popescu

8. Kinematic Analysis of Screw Surface Contact
J. Švígler

9. Aspects Concerning VRML Simulation of Calibration for Parallel Mechanisms
A. Capustiac, C. Brisan

10. Protein Kinematic Motion Simulation Including Potential Energy Feedback
M. Diez, V. Petuya, E. Macho, A. Hermández

11. Implementation of a New and Efficient Algorithm for the Inverse Kinematics of Serial 6R Chains
M. Pfurner, M. L. Husty

12. Composition of Spherical Four-Bar-Mechanisms
G. Nawratil, H. Stachel

13. Simulation and Measurements of Stick-Slip-Microdrives for Nanorobots
C. Edeler, I. Meyer, S. Fatikow

14. Analysis and Inverse Dynamic Model of a Miniaturized Robot Structure
A. Burisch, S. Drewenings, R. J. Ellwood, A. Raatz, D. Pisla

15. Design and Modelling a Mini-System with Piezoelectric Actuation
S. Noveanu, V. I. Csibi, A. I. Ivan, D. Mândru

16. Some Properties of Jitterbug-Like Polyhedral Linkages
G. Kiper

17. Servo Drives, Mechanism Simulation and Motion Profiles
B. Corves

18. Azimuth Tracking Linkage Influence on the Efficiency of a Low CPV System
I. Visa, I. Hermenean, D. Diaconescu, A. Duta

19. Multi-Objective Optimization of a Symmetric Schönflies Motion Generator
B. Sandru, C. Pinto, O. Altuzarra, A. Hernández

20. Cyclic Test of Textile-Reinforced Composites in Compliant Hinge Mechanisms
N. Modler, K.-H. Modler, W. Hufenbach, M. Gude, J. Jaschinski, M. Zichner, E.-C. Lovasz, D. Mărgineanu, D. Perju

21. The Optimization of a Bi-Axial Adjustable Mono-Actuator PV Tracking Spatial Linkage
D. Diaconescu, I. Visa, M. Vatasescu, R. Saulescu, B. Burduhos

22. Defect Simulation in a Spur Gear Transmission Model
A. Fernandez Rincon, M. Iglesias, A. De-Juan, F. Viadero

23. On a New Planetary Speed Increaser Drive Used in Small Hydros. Part I. Conceptual Design
C. Jaliu, D. Diaconescu, R. Săulescu, O. Climescu

24. On a New Planetary Speed Increaser Drive Used in Small Hydros. Part II. Dynamic Model
R. Săulescu, C. Jaliu, D. Diaconescu, O. Climescu

25. Simplified Calculation Method for the Efficiency of Involute Helical Gears
M. Pleguezuelos, J. I. Pedrero, M. Sánchez

26. Cam Size Optimization of Disc Cam-Follower Mechanisms with Translating Roller Followers
P. Flores

27. The Dynamic Effects on Serial Printers Motion Transmission Systems
D. Comanescu, A. Comanescu

28. Size Minimization of the Cam Mechanisms with Translating Roll Follower
D. Perju, E.-C. Lovasz, K.-H. Modler, L. M. Dehelean, E. C. Moldovan, D. Măargineanu

29. Kinematic Analysis of the Roller Follower Motion in Translating Cam-Follower Mechanisms
E. Seabra, P. Flores

30. Kinematic Analysis of Cam Mechanisms as Multibody Systems
D. Ciobanu, I. Visa

31. Peculiarities of Flat Cam Measurement by Results of Digital Photo Shooting
A. Potapova, A. Golovin, A. Vukolov

32. Analyzing of Vibration Measurements upon Hand-Arm System and Results Comparison with Theoretical Model
A. F. Pop, R. Morariu-Gligor, M. Balcău

33. Elastic and Safety Clutch with Metallic Roles and Elastic Rubber Elements
I. Stroe

34. A New Spatial Kinematic Model of the Lower Leg Complex: A Preliminary Study
B. Baldisserri, V. Parenti Castelli

35. Selected Design Problems in Walking Robots
Teresa Zielinska, Krzysztof Mianowski

36. Numerical Simulations of the Virtual Human Knee Joint
D. Tarnita, D. Popa, N. Dumitru, D. N. Tarnita, V. Marcusanu, C. Berceanu

37. Development of a Walking Assist Machine Using Crutches – Motion for Ascending and Descending Steps
Tatsuro Iwaya, Yukio Takeda, Makoto Ogata, Masaru Higuchi

38. Human Lower Limb Dynamic Analysis with Applications to Orthopedic Implants
N. Dumitru, C. Copilusi, M. Marin, L. Rusu

39. Forward and Inverse Kinematics Calculation for an Anthropomorphic Robotic Finger
C. Berceanu, D. Tarnita, S. Dumitru, D. Filip

40. Theoretical and Experimental Determination of Dynamic Friction Coefficient for a Cable-Drum System
G. Bayar, E. I. Konukseven, A. B. Koku

41. Modelling and Real-Time Dynamic Simulation of the Cable-Driven Parallel Robot IPAnema
Philipp Miermeister, Andreas Pott

42. Horse Gait Exploration on “Step” Allure by Results of High Speed Strobelight Photography
A. Vukolov, A. Golovin, N. Umnov

43. Simulation of the Stopping Behavior of Industrial Robots
T. Dietz, A. Pott, A. Verl

44. Mechanical and Thermal Testing of Fluidic Muscles
E. Ravina

45. Structural Dynamic Analysis of Low-Mobility Parallel Manipulators
J. Corral, Ch. Pinto, M. Urizar, V. Petuya

46. Spatial Multibody Systems with Lubricated Spherical Joints: Modeling and Simulation
M. Machado, P. Flores, H. M. Lankarani

47. Comparison of Passenger Cars with Passive and Semi-Active Suspension Systems Based on a Friction Controlled Damper
S. Reich, S. Segla

48. Dynamic Balancing of a Single Crank-Double Slider Mechanism with Symmetrically Moving Couplers
V. Wijk, J. L. Herder

49. Evaluation of Engagement Accuracy by Dynamic Transmission Error of Helical Gears
V. Atanasiu, D. Leohchi

50. The Influence of the Friction Forces and the Working Cyclogram upon the Forces of a Robot
I. Turcu, C. Birleanu, F. Sucala, S. Bojan

51. Dynamic Aspects in Building up a Flight Simulator
A. Pisla, T. Itul, D. Pisla

52. Robotic Control of the Traditional Endoscopic Instrumentation Motion
M. Perrelli, P. Nudo, D. Mundo, G. A. Danieli

53. Ethics in Robotic Surgery and Telemedicine
F. Graur, M. Frunza, R. Elisei, L. Furcea, L. Scurtu, C. Radu, A. Szilaghy, H. Neagos, A. Muresan, L. Vlad

54. Optimal Control Problem in New Products Launch – Optimal Path Using a Single Command
I. Blebea, C. Dobocan, R. Morariu Gligor

55. Mechanical Constraints and Design Considerations for Polygon Scanners
V.-F. Duma, J. P. Rolland

56. Training Platform for Robotic Assisted Liver Surgery – The Surgeon’s Point of View
F. Graur, L. Scurtu, L. Furcea, N. Plitea, C. Vaida, O. Detesan, A. Szilaghy, H. Neagos, A. Muresan, L. Vlad

57. Teaching Mechanisms: from Classical to Hands-on-Experiments and Research-Oriented
V.-F. Duma

58. Models Created by French Engineers in the Collection of Bauman Moscow State Technical University
D. Bolshakova, V. Tarabarin

59. The Models of Centrifugal Governors in the Collection of Bauman Moscow State Technical University
N. Manychkin, M. Sakharov, V. Tarabarin

60. Advanced Approaches Using VR Simulations for Teaching Mechanism
S. Butnariu, D. Talaba

61. Preliminary Design of ANG, a Low-Cost Automated Walker for Elderly
J-P. Merlet

62. An Active Suspension System for Simulation of Ship Maneuvers in Wind Tunnels
T. Bruckmann, M. Hiller, D. Schramm

63. Mechanism Solutions for Legged Robots Overcoming Obstacles
Marco Ceccarelli, Giuseppe Carbone, Erika Ottaviano

64. Dynamic Reconfiguration of Parallel Mechanisms
J. Schmitt, D. Inkermann, A. Raatz, J. Hesselbach, T. Vietor

65. Development of a Voice Controlled Surgical Robot
C. Vaida, D. Pisla, N. Plitea, B. Gherman, B. Gyurka, F. Graur, L. Vlad

66. Modeling and Simulation of the Tracking Mechanism Used for a Photovoltaic Platform
C. Alexandru

67. The Modular Robotic System for In-pipe Inspection
O. Tatar, C. Cirebea, A. Alutei

68. Geometric and Manufacturing Issues of the 3-UPU Pure Translational Manipulator
A. H. Chebbi, V. Parenti-Castelli

69. Workspace Determination and Representation of Planar Parallel Manipulators in a CAD Environment
K. A. Arrouk, B. C. Bouzgarrou, G. Gogu

70. A Theoretical Improvement of a Stirling Engine PV Diagram
N. M. Dehelean, L. M. Dehelean, E.-C. Lovasz, D. Perju

71. Cylindrical Worm Gears with Improved Main Parameters
T. A. Antal, A. Antal

72. Multi-Objective Optimization of Parallel Manipulators
A. de-Juan, J.-F. Collard, P. Fisette, P. Garcia, R. Sancibrian

73. A Design Method of Crossed Axes Helical Gears with Increase Uptime and Efficiency
T. A. Antal, A. Antal

74. Dual Axis Tracking System with a Single Motor
Gh. Moldovean, B. R. Butuc, R. Velicu

75. The Determination of the Exact Surfaces of the Spur Wheels Flank with the Unique Rack-Bar
S. Bojan, C. Birleanu, F. Sucala, I. Turcu

76. Choosing the Actuators for the TRTTR1 Modular Serial Robot
R. M. Gui, V. Ispas, Vrg. Ispas, O. A. Detesan

77. Stiffness Modelling of Parallelogram-Based Parallel Manipulators
A. Pashkevich, A. Klimchik, S. Caro, D. Chablat

78. Incorporating Flexure Hinges in the Kinematic Model of a Planar 3-PRR Parallel Robot
R. J. Ellwood, D. Schütz, A. Raatz

79. On the Dynamics of a 5 DOF Parallel Hybrid Robot Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery
D. Pisla, B. G. Gherman, M. Suciu, C. Vaida, D. Lese, C. Sabou, N. Plitea

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Robotics and Automation, Engineering Design

Publication year
Mechanisms and Machine Science
Page amount
14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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