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Sabkha Ecosystems

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Table of contents

1. Sabkha Regions of Tropical East Africa
Shahina A. Ghazanfar, Henk J. Beentje

2. A Review of Fauna and Flora Associated with Coastal and Inland Saline Flats from Namibia with Special Reference to the Etosha Pan
Peter L. Cunningham, Willem Jankowitz

3. Introducing the Namib Desert Playas
Frank D. Eckardt, N. Drake

4. Quantitative Eolian Transport of Evaporite Salts from the Makgadikgadi Depression (Ntwetwe and Sua Pans) in Northeastern Botswana: Implications for Regional Ground-Water Quality
Warren W. Wood, Frank D. Eckardt, Thomas F. Kraemer, Ken Eng

5. Palaeo-Ecological Aspects of Farafra Oasis (Egyptian Sabkha) During the Mid-Neolithic Period (7130–6190 BP): A Multivariate Analysis
Ahmed Gamal-El-Din Fahmy, Monier M. Abd El-Ghani

6. Overview of Halophytic Plants of the Sudanese Red Sea Salt Marsh
Omyma Osman Karrar

7. A General Assessment of Marine Turtle Nesting Activity on the Libyan Saline Coast
Daw A. Haddoud, Hisham M. El Gomati

8. Current Challenges and Future Opportunities for a Sustainable Utilization of Halophytes
Ahmed Debez, Bernhard Huchzermeyer, Chedly Abdelly, Hans-Werner Koyro

9. The Salt Marsh (Sabkha) in the Western Part of Libya
M. O. El-Magsodi, Daw A. Haddoud

10. Halophyte-Fodder Species Association May Improve Nutrient Availability and Biomass Production of the Sabkha Ecosystem
Chedly Abdelly, Ahmed Debez, Abderrazak Smaoui, Claude Grignon

11. Potential Role of Salt Marshes in the Sabkhas of Egypt
Hassan M. El Shaer

12. Halophyte plant diversity, coastal habitat types and their conservation status in Cyprus
M. Öztürk, S. Gucel, A. Guvensen, C. Kadis, C. Kounnamas

13. Salt-Affected Soils and Their Native Vegetation in Hungary
Tibor Tóth

14. Halophytes in Republic of Macedonia
S. Mitrev, Lj. Mihajlov, F. Trajkova, B. Kovacevikj, V. Zlatkovski

15. Low-Cost Mapping of Sabkha-Ecosystems Using Satellite Imagery: An Example from SE Qatar
Jörg Beineke, Andreas Kagermeier

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Ecology, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Ecology, Terrestial Ecology, Plant Sciences

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Tasks for Vegetation Science
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Natural Sciences

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