Khayat, Kamal Henri

Design, Production and Placement of Self-Consolidating Concrete

Khayat, Kamal Henri - Design, Production and Placement of Self-Consolidating Concrete, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Design and Flow of Powder-type SCC with Crushed Aggregates
Andreas Huss, Hans W. Reinhardt

2. “Structural Design with Flowable Concrete” - A fib-Recommendation for Tailor-Made Concrete
Steffen Grünewald, Liberato Ferrara, Frank Dehn

3. Effect of Material Constituents and Mix Design on Performance of SCC for Precast, Prestressed Girders
Guillaume Lemieux, Soo-Duck Hwang, Kamal H. Khayat

4. Robustness by Mix Design – A New Approach for Mixture Proportioning of SCC
Peter Ramge, Ludger Lohaus

5. Smart Polycarboxylate Design for SCC in Precast Applications
Lukas Frunz, Didier Lootens, Robert J. Flatt, Franz Wombacher, Ulf Velten

6. Effects of Superplasticizer and Viscosity-Modifying Agent on Fresh Concrete Performance of SCC at Varied Ambient Temperatures
Wolfram Schmidt, Jos Brouwers, Hans-Carsten Kühne, Birgit Meng

7. Selecting Admixtures to Achieve Application-Required Rheology
Eric Koehler, Ara Jeknavorian, Stephen Klaus

8. Effect of Cement on Superplasticizer Adsorption, Yield Stress, Thixotropy and Segregation Resistance
Dirk Lowke, Thomas Kränkel, Christoph Gehlen, Peter Schießl

9. Effect of Metakaolin on the Rheology of Self-Consolidating Concrete
A. A. A. Hassan, M. Lachemi, K. M. A. Hossain

10. Segregation of Coarse Aggregates in Self-Compacting Concrete
Peter Ramge, Tilo Proske, Hans-Carsten Kühne

11. Estimating Measurement Artifacts in Concrete Rheometers from MRI Measurement on Model Materials
H. Hafid, G. Ovarlez, F. Toussaint, P. H. Jezequel, N. Roussel

12. Evaluation of Fresh Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete under Long Transportation Time and Extreme Temperature
Nader Ghafoori, Hamidou Diawara

13. Similarities and Differences of Pumping Conventional and Self-Compacting Concrete
Dimitri Feys, Geert Schutter, Ronny Verhoeven, Kamal H. Khayat

14. Flow of SCC along Surfaces
Stefan Jacobsen, Hedda Vikan, Lars Haugan

15. Optimisation of the Mixing Process for Producing Self-Compacting High-Performance Concrete
Harald Beitzel

16. Computational Modeling of SCC Flow through Reinforced Sections
Ksenija Vasilic, Nicolas Roussel, Birgit Meng, Hans-Carsten Kühne

17. Simulation and Testing of the Grout Backfill Process in a Case-Study Related to a Nuclear Waste Disposal Gallery
P. Bakker, V. Ramohalli Gopala, J. A. Lycklama à Nijeholt, E. Koenders, S. Grünewald, J. Walraven

18. Prediction of the Impact of Flow-Induced Inhomogeneities in Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)
J. Spangenberg, N. Roussel, J. H. Hattel, J. Thorborg, M. R. Geiker, H. Stang, J. Skocek

19. Influence of Rheological Properties of Pourable Concrete on Formwork Pressure
Carsten Bohnemann, Wolfgang Brameshuber

20. Prediction of SCC Formwork Pressure in Full-Scale Elements
Kamal H. Khayat, Ahmed F. Omran, Matthew D’Ambrosia

21. Modeling Fresh Concrete Pressure of Normal and Self-Compacting Concrete
Marc Beitzel

22. Formwork Pressure of Highly Workable Concrete – Experiments Focused on Setting, Vibration and Design Approach
Tilo Proske, Carl-Alexander Graubner

23. Drying Shrinkage of SCC – Influence of the Composition of Ternary Composite Cements
Hedda Vikan, Tor Arne Hammer, Knut O. Kjellsen

24. Properties of Low-Shrinkage, High-Strength SCC Using Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture, Blast Furnace Slag and Limestone Aggregates
K. Saito, M. Kinoshita, H. Umehara, R. Yoshida

25. Plastic Shrinkage Evaluation of Self-Consolidating Concrete as Repair Materials Based on Restrained and Free Strain Measurements
Parviz Ghoddousi, Ali Akbar Shirzadi Javid

26. Acceleration of Hardening Kinetics of SCC
François Jacquemot, Patrick Rougeau, Nicolas Flahault

27. Time Evolution of Properties of SCC Mixtures Produced Using Crushed Limestone Aggregate and High Content of Limestone Filler
Violeta Bokan Bosiljkov, David Duh, Vlatko Bosiljkov, Roko Zarnic

28. Effect of Freezing-Thawing Cycles on the Resistance of Self-Consolidating Concrete to Sulfate Attack
M. T. Bassuoni, M. Sonebi

29. Bond Behaviour and Shear Capacity of Self-Compacting Concrete
Veerle Boel, Peter Helincks, Pieter Desnerck, Geert Schutter

30. Top-Bar Effect in Self-Compacting Concrete Elements
Konstantinos G. Trezos, Ioannis P. Sfikas, Myron S. Palmos, Ellas K. Sotiropoulou

31. Effect of Rheology of SCC on Bond Strength of Ribbed Reinforcement Bars
L. N. Thrane, C. Pade, C. Idzerda, M. Kaasgaard

32. Development Length of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bars in Self-Consolidating Concrete
Slamah Krem, Khaled Soudki

33. Design with Highly Flowable Fiber-Reinforced Concrete: Overview of the Activity of fib TG 8.8
Liberato Ferrara, Steffen Grünewald, Frank Dehn

34. Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Materials: From Intrinsic Isotropic Behavior to Fiber Alignment
L. Martinie, N. Roussel

35. Flow-Induced Fiber Orientation in SCSFRC: Monitoring and Prediction
Liberato Ferrara, Nathan Tregger, Surendra P. Shah

36. Shear Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete and Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Push-Off Specimens
Estefanía Cuenca, Pedro Serna

37. Long-Term Behaviour of Fiber-Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Beams
Nicola Buratti, Claudio Mazzotti, Marco Savoia

Keywords: Engineering, Building Repair and Maintenance, Building Materials, Structural Materials

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RILEM Bookseries
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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