Kober, Ralph

Enhancing the Quality of Life of People with Intellectual Disabilities

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Table of contents

1. The Measurement and Use of Quality of Life-Related Personal Outcomes
Robert L. Schalock

2. Quality of Life Model Development and Use in the Field of Intellectual Disability
Robert L. Schalock, Kenneth D. Keith, Miguel Á. Verdugo, Laura E. Gómez

3. Measuring Subjective Wellbeing: The Personal Wellbeing Index – Intellectual Disability
Robert A. Cummins, Anna L.D. Lau, Gareth Davey, Jane McGillivray

4. The Integral Quality of Life Scale: Development, Validation, and Use
Miguel Á. Verdugo, Laura E. Gómez, Benito Arias, Robert L. Schalock

5. Using Quality of Life to Assess Performance of Agencies Assisting People with Intellectual Disabilities
Ralph Kober, Ian R.C. Eggleton

6. Quality of Life for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: A Review of the Literature
Gordon Lyons

7. The Effect of Employment on the Quality of Life of People with Intellectual Disabilities: A Review of the Literature
Ralph Kober

8. Quality of Life in the Polder: About Dutch and EU Policies and Practices in Quality of Life for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Alice Schippers

9. Differences in Variables Influencing the Ratings of Importance and Use of Quality of Life Domains and Indicators by Polish Services Users and Their Parents
Wojciech Otrębski

10. Quality of Life of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families in China: Research and Applications
Mian Wang

11. Begging to Live: The Strategy of Survival for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Nigeria
Patrick A. Edewor, Oluremi H. Abimbola, Olujide A. Adekeye

12. Life Satisfaction for Children with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities
Gordon Lyons, Michele Cassebohm

13. Aspects of Quality of Life for Children with a Disability in Inclusive Schools
Joanne Shearer

14. The Quality of Life of Disabled Children
Eric Emerson

15. Theorizing About Family Quality of Life
Nina Zuna, Jean Ann Summers, Ann P. Turnbull, Xiaoyi Hu, S. Xu

16. Family Quality of Life and Older-Aged Families of Adults with an Intellectual Disability
Nancy S. Jokinen, Roy I. Brown

17. A Comparison of Two Family Quality of Life Measures: An Australian Study
Fiona Rillotta, Neil Kirby, Joanne Shearer

18. Quality of Life of the Families of People with Intellectual Disability in Spain
Climent Giné, Marta Gràcia, Rosa Vilaseca, Anna Balcells

19. Quality of Life of Families with Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Slovenia
Majda Schmidt, Ralph Kober

20. Family Quality of Life in Several Countries: Results and Discussion of Satisfaction in Families Where There Is a Child with a Disability
Roy I. Brown, Keumja Hong, Joanne Shearer, Mian Wang, Shin-yi Wang

21. Developing Numeracy to Enhance Quality of Life
Rhonda M. Faragher

22. Increasing Quality of Life Through Social Capital: Life Without the Workshop
Cathy Ficker Terrill, James Gardner

Keywords: Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research, Developmental Psychology, Social Work

Publication year
Social Indicators Research Series
Page amount
23 pages

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