Cozzens, Susan E.

Nanotechnology and the Challenges of Equity, Equality and Development

Cozzens, Susan E. - Nanotechnology and the Challenges of Equity, Equality and Development, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Contexts of Equity: Thinking About Organizational and Technoscience Contexts for Gender Equity in Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
Laurel Smith-Doerr

2. Women and Patenting in Nanotechnology: Scale, Scope and Equity
Yu Meng, Philip Shapira

3. Potential Implications for Equity in the Nanotechnology Workforce in the U.S.
Sonia Gatchair

4. Exploring Societal Impact of Nanomedicine Using Public Value Mapping
Catherine P. Slade

5. Ableism and Favoritism for Abilities Governance, Ethics and Studies: New Tools for Nanoscale and Nanoscale-enabled Science and Technology Governance
Gregor Wolbring

6. i Will Go Further

7. Nanotechnology and the Extension and Transformation of Inequity
Georgia Miller, Gyorgy Scrinis

8. Nanotechnology and the Sixth Technological Revolution
Mark Knell

9. Innovation, Growth, and Inequality: Plausible Scenarios of Wage Disparities in a World with Nanotechnologies
Walter D. Valdivia

10. Metropolitan Development of Nanotechnology: Concentration or Dispersion?
Jan Youtie, Philip Shapira

11. The Role of Organized Workers in the Regulation of Nanotechnologies
Guillermo Foladori, Edgar Zayago Lau

12. ETUC Resolution on Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials

13. Materializing Nano Equity: Lessons from Design
Dean Nieusma

14. Public Perceptions of Fairness in NBIC Technologies
Ravtosh Bal

15. Equity and Participation in Decisions: What Can Nanotechnology Learn from Biotechnology in Kenya?
Matthew Harsh

16. Nanotechnology: How Prepared Is Uganda?
Kikonyogo Ngatya

17. Nanotechnology and the Poor: Opportunities and Risks for Developing Countries
Todd F. Barker, Leili Fatehi, Michael T. Lesnick, Timothy J. Mealey, Rex R. Raimond

18. Science Policy and Social Inclusion: Advances and Limits of Brazilian Nanotechnology Policy
Noela Invernizzi

19. The Potential of Nanotechnology for Equitable Economic Development: The Case of Brazil
Luciano Kay, Philip Shapira

20. Open Access Nanotechnology for Developing Countries: Lessons from Open Source Software
Dhanaraj Thakur

21. Southern Roles in Global Nanotechnology Innovation: Perspectives from Thailand and Australia
Donald C. Maclurcan

22. How Can Nanotechnologies Fulfill the Needs of Developing Countries?
David J. Grimshaw, Lawrence D. Gudza, Jack Stilgoe

23. Technical Education and Indian Society: The Role of Values
Raghubir Sharan, Yashowanta N. Mohapatra, Jameson M. Wetmore

24. Keeping the Dream Alive: What ELSI-Research Might Learn from Parliamentary Technology Assessment
Rinie van Est

25. Nanotech Ethics and the Policymaking Process: Lessons Learned for Advancing Equity and Equality in Emerging Nanotechnologies
Evan S. Michelson

26. Building Equity and Equality into Nanotechnology
Susan E. Cozzens

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Sciences, general, Nanotechnology, Ethics, Quality of Life Research

Publication year
Yearbook of Nanotechnology in Society
Page amount
30 pages

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