Stanislas, Michel

Progress in Wall Turbulence: Understanding and Modeling

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Table of contents

1. The WALLTURB Project
Michel Stanislas, Javier Jimenez, Ivan Marusic

2. The Law of the Wall. Indications from DNS, andOpinion
Philippe R. Spalart

3. A Web-Services Accessible Turbulence Database and Application to A-Priori Testing of a Matrix Exponential Subgrid Model
Charles Meneveau

4. Modeling Multi-point Correlations inWall-Bounded Turbulence
Robert D. Moser, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Nicholas Malaya

5. Theoretical Prediction of Turbulent Skin Friction on Geometrically Complex Surfaces
Pierre Sagaut, Yulia Peet

6. Scaling Turbulent Fluctuations in Wall Layers
Ronald L. Panton

7. The WALLTURB Joined Experiment to Assess the Large Scale Structures in a High Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layer
Joel Delville, Patrick Braud, Sebastien Coudert, Jean-Marc Foucaut, Carine Fourment, W. K. George, Peter B. V. Johansson, Jim Kostas, Fahrid Mehdi, A. Royer, Michel Stanislas, Murat Tutkun

8. Calibration of the WALLTURB Experiment Hot Wire Rake with Help of PIV
Michel Stanislas, Jean-Marc Foucaut, Sebastien Coudert, Murat Tutkun, William K. George, Joel Delville

9. Spatial Correlation from the SPIV Database ofthe WALLTURB Experiment
Jean-Marc Foucaut, Sebastien Coudert, Michel Stanislas, Joel Delville, Murat Tutkun, William K. George

10. Two-Point Correlations and POD Analysis oftheWALLTURB Experiment Using theHot-Wire Rake Database
Murat Tutkun, William K. George, Michel Stanislas, Joel Delville, Jean-Marc Foucaut, Sebastien Coudert

11. Reynolds Number Dependence of the Amplitude Modulated Near-Wall Cycle
Ivan Marusic, Romain Mathis, Nicholas Hutchins

12. Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of a High Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layer
Callum Atkinson, Sebastien Coudert, Jean-Marc Foucaut, Michel Stanislas, Julio Soria

13. Study of Vortical Structures in Turbulent Near-Wall Flows
Sophie Herpin, Sebastien Coudert, Jean-Marc Foucaut, Julio Soria, Michel Stanislas

14. Two-Point Near-Wall Measurements of Velocity and Wall Shear Stress Beneath a Separating Turbulent Boundary Layer
Paul Nathan, Philip E. Hancock

15. Experimental Analysis of Turbulent Boundary Layer with Adverse Pressure Gradient Corresponding to Turbomachinery Conditions
Stanislaw Drobniak, Witold Elsner, Artur Drozdz, Magdalena Materny

16. Near Wall Measurements in a Separating Turbulent Boundary LayerwithandwithoutPassive Flow Control
Davide Lengani, Daniele Simoni, Marina Ubaldi, Pietro Zunino, Francesco Bertini

17. On the Relationship Between Vortex Tubes andSheets in Wall-Bounded Flows
Sergio Pirozzoli

18. Spanwise Characteristics of Hairpin Packets inaTurbulent Boundary Layer Under a Strong Adverse Pressure Gradient
S. Rahgozar, Y. Maciel

19. The Mesolayer and Reynolds Number Dependencies of Boundary Layer Turbulence
William K. George, Murat Tutkun

20. A New Wall Function for Near Wall Mixing Length Models Based on a Universal Representation of Near Wall Turbulence
Michel Stanislas

21. Direct Numerical Simulations ofConverging–Diverging Channel Flow
Jean-Philippe Laval, Matthieu Marquillie

22. Corrections to Taylor’s Approximation fromComputed Turbulent Convection Velocities
Javier Jiménez, Juan C. Álamo

23. A Multi-scale & Dynamic Method for Spatially Evolving Flows
Guillermo Araya, Luciano Castillo, Charles Meneveau, Kenneth Jansen

24. Statistics and Flow Structures inCouette–Poiseuille Flows
Matteo Bernardini, Paolo Orlandi, Sergio Pirozzoli, Fabrizio Fabiani

25. LES-Langevin Approach for Turbulent Channel Flow
Rostislav Dolganov, Bérengère Dubrulle, Jean-Philippe Laval

26. A Scale-Entropy Diffusion Equation for Wall Turbulence
Hassan Kassem, Diogo Queiros-Conde

27. A Specific Behaviour of Adverse Pressure Gradient Near Wall Flows
Syed-Imran Shah, Jean-Philippe Laval, Michel Stanislas

28. A Nonlinear Eddy-Viscosity Model forNear-Wall Turbulence
B. Anders PetterssonReif, Mikael Mortensen

29. ASBM-BSL: An Easy Access to the Structure Based Model Technology
Bertrand Aupoix, Stavros C. Kassinos, Carlos A. Langer

30. Introduction of Wall Effects into Explicit Algebraic Stress Models Through Elliptic Blending
Abdou G. Oceni, Rémi Manceau, Thomas B. Gatski

31. POD Based Reduced-Order Model forPrescribing Turbulent Near Wall Unsteady Boundary Condition
Guillaume Lehnasch, Julien Jouanguy, Jean-Philippe Laval, Joel Delville

32. A POD-Based Model for the Turbulent Wall Layer
Bérengère Podvin

33. HR SPIV for Dynamical System Construction
Jean-Marc Foucaut, Sébastien Coudert, Michel Stanislas

34. The Stagnation Point Structure ofWall-Turbulence and the Law ofthe Wall inTurbulent Channel Flow
Vassilios Dallas, J. Christos Vassilicos

35. Wall Modelling for Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of Favourable and Adverse Pressure Gradient Flows
ZhenLi Chen, Antoine Devesa, Michael Meyer, Eric Lauer, Stefan Hickel, Christian Stemmer, Nikolaus A. Adams

36. LES of Turbulent Channel Flow with Pressure Gradient Corresponding to Turbomachinery Conditions
Witold Elsner, Lukasz Kuban, Artur Tyliszczak

37. LES Modeling of Converging Diverging Turbulent Channel Flow
Jean-Philippe Laval, Witold Elsner, Lukasz Kuban, Matthieu Marquillie

38. Large-Scale Organized Motion in Turbulent Pipe Flow
Sebastian Große, Dirk Jan Kuik, Jerry Westerweel

39. Near-Wall Measurements and Wall Shear Stress
T. Gunnar Johansson

40. Measurements of Near Wall Velocity and Wall Stress in a Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flow Using Digital Holographic Microscopic PIV and Shear Stress Sensitive Film
Omid Amili, Julio Soria

41. Friction Measurement in Zero and Adverse Pressure Gradient Boundary Layer Using Oil Droplet Interferometric Method
Philippe Barricau, Guy Pailhas, Yann Touvet, Laurent Perret

42. Scaling of Turbulence Structures inVery-Rough-Wall Channel Flow
David M. Birch, Jonathan F. Morrison

43. Characterizing a Boundary Layer Flow forBubble Drag Reduction
Marc Harleman, René Delfos, Jerry Westerweel, Thomas J. C. Terwisga

44. Direct and Large Eddy Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Viscoelastic Drag Reduction
Laurent Thais, Andres E. Tejada-Martínez, Thomas B. Gatski, Gilmar Mompean, Hassan Naji

45. DNS of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Turbulent Channel Flow
Mamoru Tanahashi, Yasuhiro Tominaga, Masayasu Shimura, Katsumi Hashimoto, Toshio Miyauchi

46. Evaluation of v
2f and ASBM Turbulence Models for Transonic Aerofoil RAE2822
Jeremy J. Benton

47. Turbulence Modelling Applied to Aerodynamic Design
Vincent Levasseur, Sylvain Joly, Jean-Claude Courty

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Automotive Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering

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