Elsner, James B.

Hurricanes and Climate Change

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Table of contents

1. The Tropical Cyclone Climate Model Intercomparison Project
Kevin Walsh, Sally Lavender, Hiroyuki Murakami, Enrico Scoccimarro, Louis-Phillipe Caron, Malek Ghantous

2. Change of Tropical Cyclone and Seasonal Climate State in a Global Warming Experiment with a Global Cloud-System-Resolving Model
Kazuyoshi Oouchi, Masaki Satoh, Yohei Yamada, Hirofumi Tomita, Wataru Yanase

3. Role of the SST Anomaly Structures in Response of Cyclogenesis to Global Warming
Fabrice Chauvin, Jean-François Royer

4. Tropical Cyclone Rainfall in the Observations, Reanalysis and ARPEGE Simulations in the North Atlantic Basin
Anne S. Daloz, Fabrice Chauvin, Frank Roux

5. Tropical Cyclones as a Critical Phenomenon
Álvaro Corral

6. Environmental Signals in Property Damage Losses from Hurricanes
Thomas H. Jagger, James B. Elsner, R. King Burch

7. A Statistical Analysis of the Frequency of United States and Eastern North Pacific Hurricanes Related to Solar Activity
Robert E. Hodges, James B. Elsner

8. Regional Typhoon Activity as Revealed by Track Patterns and Climate Change
Pao-Shin Chu, Xin Zhao, Joo-Hong Kim

9. Climatic Features and Their Relationship with Tropical Cyclones Over the Intra-Americas Seas
Jorge A. Amador, Eric J. Alfaro, Erick R. Rivera, Blanca Calderón

10. On the Increasing Intensity of the Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes
James B. Elsner, Thomas H. Jagger

11. Frequency and Intensity of Hurricanes Within Florida’s Threat Zone
Jill C. Malmstadt, James B. Elsner, Thomas H. Jagger

12. Linking Tropical Cyclone Number Over the Western North Pacific with Sea Surface Temperatures
Chongjian Liu, Liping Ma, Ying Liu, Zhexian Luo, Xiaotu Lei, Xiaogang Zhou, Donghai Wang, Hui Xu

13. A Track-Relative Climatology of Eglin Air Force Base Hurricanes in a Variable Climate
Kelsey N. Scheitlin, James B. Elsner

14. Estimating the Impact of Climate Variability on Cumulative Hurricane Destructive Potential Through Data Mining
Roshanak Nateghi, Steven M. Quiring, Seth D. Guikema

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences, general, Climate Change, Meteorology/Climatology, Physical Geography, Oceanography

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