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Genital Autonomy:

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Table of contents

1. “Three-Fourths Were Abnormal”—Misha’s Case, Sick Societies, and the Law
J. Steven Svoboda

2. Older Minors and Circumcision: Questioning the Limits of Religious Actions
Marie Fox, Michael Thomson

3. These Goalposts Don’t Move: Non-Medical Circumcision of Boys in the Tasmanian and Australian Context
Paul Mason

4. Mass Campaigns of Male Circumcision for HIV Control in Africa: Clinical Efficacy, Population Effectiveness, Political Issues
Michel Garenne

5. AIDS XVII, Mexico City: Reason for Hope or Panic?
John Geisheker

6. Circumcision Psychopathology
George C. Denniston

7. Physical Effects of Circumcision
John Warren

8. Complications of Circumcision: A Urologist’s Viewpoint
James L. Snyder

9. NOCIRC of Italy: Scientific Activities 2006–2009
Franco Viviani, S. Bobbo, S. Malaguti, D. Paolini

10. A Project About Male Circumcision in the Veneto
M. Gloria Bernardo

11. The First Survey on Genital Stretching in Italy
Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Annalisa Bertoletti, Ilenia Zanotti, Lucrezia Catania

12. Knowledge and Opinions of North Italian Health Operators About Female Genital Mutilation
Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Ilenia Zanotti, Annalisa Bertoletti, Lucrezia Catania, Miriam Manganoni

13. Stretching of the Labia Minora and Other Expansive Interventions of Female Genitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Nancy Tshiala Mbuyi, Annalisa Bertoletti

14. Preventing Infibulation: Mana Sultan Abdurahman Isse at Merka, Somalia
Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Sandra Busatta

15. Writing Rites Gone Wrong: Autobiography, Testimonials, and Their Relevance to the Debate Around Genital Alterations
Chantal Zabus

16. The Impact of Neonatal Circumcision: Implications for Doctors of Men’s Experiences in Regressive Therapy
Robert Clover Johnson

17. Circumcision Memory
Thomas W. Hennen

18. Foreskin Restoration 1980–2008
R. Wayne Griffiths, J. David Bigelow, James Loewen

19. Restoration: The Foreskin and the American Dream
Ron Low

20. Genital Autonomy: The Way Forward
David Smith

21. Circumcision
George Wald

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Medicine/Public Health, general, Theory of Medicine/Bioethics, Media Law, Personality and Social Psychology, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen

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