Eriksson, Johan

Regulating Chemical Risks

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michael Gilek, Johan Eriksson, Christina Rudén

2. Risk Governance: Contemporary and Future Challenges
Andreas Klinke, Ortwin Renn

3. Communicating Chemical Risks: Beyond the Risk Society
Alison Anderson

4. Framing Chemical Risks in Sweden and Poland: Journalists’ Narratives and Media Texts
Annika Egan Sjölander, Katarzyna Wolanik Boström, Kenneth Ögren

5. REACH: What Has Been Achieved and What Needs To Be Done?
Sven Ove Hansson, Christina Rudén

6. Improving the Value of Standard Toxicity Test Data in REACH
Magnus Breitholtz, Elin Lundström, Ulrika Dahl, Valery Forbes

7. Testing in Aquatic Ecotoxicology: What Are the Scientific Conditions for the ‘3R’ Concept?
Peter Pärt, Argelia Castaño, Bengt-Erik Bengtsson

8. Chemical Risk Assessment in Toxicological Perspective
Helmut Greim

9. Occupational Exposure Limits in Comparative Perspective: Unity and Diversity Within the European Union
Linda Schenk

10. Scientific Uncertainty and Science-Policy Interactions in the Risk Assessment of Hazardous Chemicals
Christina Rudén, Michael Gilek

11. Assessing Chemical Risks: Evaluating Products Rather than Substances, and the Case of Anti-fouling Paints
Britta Eklund, Jenny Karlsson

12. Global Trends in Chemicals Management
Gunnar Bengtsson

13. Regulating Chemical Risk: REACH in a Global Governance Perspective
Veerle Heyvaert

14. The Precautionary Principle in EU and US Chemicals Policy: A Comparison of Industrial Chemicals Legislation
Mikael Karlsson

15. Chemical Regulations in Central and Eastern Europe: The Pull of Transnational Markets and Associations
Liliana B. Andonova

16. Capacity Building for Chemicals Control: Legislation, Institutions, Public–Private Relationships
Bengt Bucht

17. Scientific Committees and EU Policy: The Case of SCHER
Johan Eriksson, Mikael Karlsson, Marta Reuter

18. Implementing Chemical Regulation: The Role of Inspectors
Vicki Johansson

19. Regulatory Futures in Retrospect
Willem Halffman, Roland Bal

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, European Law/Public International Law, Ecotoxicology, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Social Sciences, general, Political Science

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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