Krause, Décio

Brazilian Studies in Philosophy and History of Science

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michel Paty

2. Galileo and Modern Science
Pablo Rubén Mariconda

3. Newton and Inverse Problems
A.K.T. Assis

4. Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke and the Mystery of the Orbit
Penha Maria Cardoso Dias, Teresinha J. Stuchi

5. Sciences in Brazil: An Overview from 1870–1920
Maria Amélia Mascarenhas Dantes, Silvia Figueirôa, Maria Margaret Lopes

6. Henri Becquerel and Radioactivity: A Critical Revision
Roberto Andrade Martins

7. Regeneration as a Difficulty for the Theory of Natural Selection: Morgan’s Changing Attitudes, 1897–1932
Lilian Al-Chueyr Pereira Martins

8. Jean Antoine Nollet’s Contributions to the Institutionalization of Physics During the 18th Century
Cibelle Celestino Silva

9. Natural Kinds as Scientific Models
Luiz Henrique Dutra

10. On the Nature of Mathematical Knowledge
Jairo José Silva

11. The Etiological Approach to the Concept of Biological Function
Karla Chediak

12. Human Evolution: Compatibilist Approaches
Paulo C. Abrantes

13. Functional Explanations in Biology, Ecology, and Earth System Science: Contributions from Philosophy of Biology
Nei Freitas Nunes-Neto, Charbel Niño El-Hani

14. On Darwin, Knowledge and Mirroring
Renan Springer Freitas

15. Freudian Psychoanalysis as a Model for Overcoming the Duality Between Natural and Human Sciences
Richard Theisen Simanke

16. The Causal Strength of Scientific Advances
Osvaldo Pessoa

17. Contextualizing the Contexts of Discovery and Justification: How to do Science Studies in Brazil
Antonio Videira, André L. de O. Mendonça

18. Echoes from the Past: The Persisting Shadow of Classical Determinism in Contemporary Health Sciences
Kenneth Rochel Camargo

19. The Metaphysics of Non-individuality
Décio Krause

20. Einstein, Gödel, and the Mathematics of Time
Francisco Antonio Doria, Manuel Doria

21. A Contemporary View of Population Genetics in Evolution
João Carlos M. Magalhães, Cedric Gondro

22. Continuity and Change: Charting David Bohm’s Evolving Ideas on Quantum Mechanics
Olival Freire

23. Quasi-truth and Quantum Mechanics
Newton C.A. Costa, Otávio Bueno

24. The Qualitative Analysis of Differential Equations and the Development of Dynamical Systems Theory
Tatiana Roque

25. The Problem of Adequacy of Mathematics to Physics: The Relativity Theory Case
Samuel Simon

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Logic

Publication year
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science
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13 pages

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