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Landscapes and Societies

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Table of contents

1. Summaries of the Contributions and a Few Considerations
I. Peter Martini, Ward Chesworth

2. A Semantic Introduction
Ward Chesworth

3. Womb, Belly and Landscape in the Anthropocene
Ward Chesworth

4. Human Responses to Climatically-driven Landscape Change and Resource Scarcity: Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future
Nicholas Brooks

5. Human Communities in a Drying Landscape: Holocene Climate Change and Cultural Response in the Central Sahara
Mauro Cremaschi, Andrea Zerboni

6. The Desertification of the Egyptian Sahara during the Holocene (the Last 10,000 years) and Its Influence on the Rise of Egyptian Civilization
Michael Brookfield

7. Paleoenvironments and Prehistory in the Holocene of SE Arabia
Andrew S. Goudie, Adrian G. Parker

8. Human Paleoecology in the Ancient Metal-Smelting and Farming Complex in the Wadi Faynan, SW Jordan, at the Desert Margin in the Middle East
Chris Hunt, Hwedi el-Rishi

9. Empire and Environment in the Northern Fertile Crescent
Tony J. Wilkinson

10. The Interplay between Environment and People from Neolithic to Classical Times in Greece and Albania
Eric Fouache, Kosmas Pavlopoulos

11. The Nuragic People: Their Settlements, Economic Activities and Use of the Land, Sardinia, Italy
Anna Depalmas, Rita T. Melis

12. Floods, Mudflows, Landslides: Adaptation of Etruscan–Roman Communities to Hydrogeological Hazards in the Arno River Catchment (Tuscany, Central Italy)
Marco Benvenuti, Cristina Bellini, Gianfranco Censini, Marta Mariotti-Lippi, Pasquino Pallecchi, Mario Sagri

13. Landscape Influences on the Development of the Medieval–Early Renaissance City-states of Pisa, Florence, and Siena, Italy
I. Peter Martini, Giovanni Sarti, Pasquino Pallecchi, Armando Costantini

14. Paleo-Hazards in the Coastal Mediterranean: A Geoarchaeological Approach
Christophe Morhange, Nick Marriner

15. Mount Etna, Sicily: Landscape Evolution and Hazard Responses in the Pre-industrial Era
David K. Chester, Angus M. Duncan, Peter A. James

16. Romanian Carpathian Landscapes and Cultures
Adrian Cioacă, Mihaela S. Dinu

17. Sea-Level Rise and the Response of the Dutch People: Adaptive Strategies Based on Geomorphologic Principles Give Sustainable Solutions
Pieter D. Jungerius

18. Perception of Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland
Thorvaldur Thordarson

19. Holocene Environmental Changes and the Evolution of the Neolithic Cultures in China
Duowen Mo, Zhijun Zhao, Junjie Xu, Minglin Li

20. Landscape and Subsistence in Japanese History
Gina L. Barnes

21. Evolution of Hydraulic Societies in the Ancient Anuradhapura Kingdom of Sri Lanka
P. B. Dharmasena

22. Disease in History: The Case of the Austronesian Expansion in the Pacific
Robert Sallares

23. Farms and Forests: Spatial and Temporal Perspectives on Ancient Maya Landscapes
Nicholas P. Dunning, Timothy Beach

24. Water Follows the People: Analysis of Water Use in the Western Great Plains and Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA
Ellen Wohl

25. Frozen Coasts and the Development of Inuit Culture in the North American Arctic
Robert W. Park

Keywords: Geography, Physical Geography, Geology, Geoecology/Natural Processes, Archaeology, Climate Change, Landscape Ecology

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