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European Business Ethics Cases in Context

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Table of contents

1. Business Ethics: Cases, Codes and Institutions
Henk Luijk†

2. Moral Competence
Henk Luijk†, Wim Dubbink

3. Institutions and the Institutional Turn in Business Ethics
Wim Dubbink

4. Case Description: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the AIDS Crisis
Marcel Verweij

5. Commentary: The Struggle Against AIDS and the Pharmaceuticals Industry – Are There Limits to the Moral Obligation to Do Good?
Mariëtte Hoven

6. Commentary: Special Duties and the AIDS-Crisis – A Commentary on the Roche Case
Jan Vorstenbosch

7. Case Description: Heineken and Promotion Girls in Cambodia
Frans-Paul Putten, Rosalie Feilzer

8. Commentary: Obscured Authority
Raoul Wirtz, Edgar Karssing, Gemma Crijns

9. Commentary: Heineken Between Moral Motives and Self-interest
Frank den Hond

10. Case Description: Heineken and Promotion Girls in Cambodia, Part 2
Frans-Paul Putten

11. Commentary: Legitimacy as Moral Exchange?
Frank G.A. Bakker

12. Commentary: How to Deal with the Side Effects of Delivering Beer?
Peter Koslowski

13. Case Description: A Disputed Contract – IHC Caland in Burma
Frank G. A. Bakker, Frank den Hond

14. Commentary: Dredgers on Land
Pieter Ippel

15. Commentary: IHC Caland in Burma – An Analysis
Johan Graafland

16. Case Description: The ICE Train Accident near Eschede
Michiel Brumsen

17. Commentary: Collective Responsibility and the Virtue of Accuracy
Bert Ven

18. Commentary: Technology as Material Ethics
Tsjalling Swierstra

19. Case Description: A Matter of Involvement – Unilever and Indian Cottonseed Cultivation
Wim Dubbink

20. Commentary: The Scope of Chain Responsibility
Jos Kole

21. Commentary: Child Labour, Companies, and Precautions
Robert Heeger

22. Case Description: Rise and Fall of Silicon Valley in Flanders – Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products
Marc Buelens, Eva Cools

23. Commentary: Law Versus Community
Luc Liedekerke

24. Commentary: Lernout & Hauspie – Chronicle of a Bankruptcy Foretold
Dick de Gilder

25. Case Description: Construction Fraud
Johan Graafland, Luc Liedekerke

26. Commentary: The Moral Assimilation of the Market
Bert Musschenga

27. Commentary: Fraud, Excuse and Responsibility
Marcel Verweij

Keywords: Philosophy, Ethics, Law and Economics, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies

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Issues in Business Ethics
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18 pages

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