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All Flesh Is Grass

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Table of contents

1. Evolution of Plant–Animal Interactions
Julian Chela-Flores, Maria Eugenia Montenegro, Nevio Pugliese, Vinod C. Tewari, Claudio Tuniz

2. The Leaf-Cutting Ant–plant Interaction from a Microbial Ecology Perspective
Adriana Abril

3. Intestinal Spirochetes of Termites
Helmut KÖnig, Stefan Dröge

4. The Plant–Aphid Universe
David Iluz

5. Insect–Plant Interactions: The Gall Factor
Anantanarayanan Raman

6. Ants as Pollinators of Plants and the Role of Floral Scents

Michael Rostás, JÜrgen Tautz

7. Crop Pollination In Modern Agriculture
Arnon Dag

8. Bee Cognition And Crop Pollination: Proven And Potential Applications
Sharoni Shafir

9. Zoochory: The Dispersal Of Plants By Animals
David Iluz

10. Grazing Livestock, Our Connection to Grass: A Mediterranean Insight
Serge Landau, Giovanni Molle

11. Herbivore–Plant Interactions and Desertification in Arid Lands
Walter G. Whitford, Yosef Steinberger

12. Microscopic In Size: Macroscopic In Impact. Diatom–Human Interactions
John Patrick Kociolek

13. Biochemical Plant Defenses Against Herbivores
C. Michael Smith

14. TheXanthiumGenus
Joseph Seckbach

15. The Diversity Of Epizoic Diatoms
Cecilia Totti, Tiziana Romagnoli, Mario Stefano, Di Cristina Gioia Camillo, Giorgio Bavestrello

16. Epizoic Diatoms On Gastropod Shells
Domenico D’alelio, Maria Teresa Cante, Giovanni Fulvio Russo, Cecilia Totti, Mario Stefano

17. Managing the Interactions Between Plants and Animals in Marine Multi-Trophic Aquaculture
Daniel Robledo, Yolanda Freile-PelegrÍn

18. Marine Microalgae/Cyanobacteria–Invertebrate Symbiosis
Noga Stambler

19. The Role of Rhodolith Beds in the Recruitment of Invertebrate Species from the Southwestern Gulf of California, Mexico
Rafael Riosmena-Rodriguez, Marco A. Medina-Lόpez

20. Fueled by Symbiosis, Foraminifera have Evolved to be Giant Complex Protists
John J. Lee

21. Ecophysiological Look at Plant Carnivory
LubomÍr Adamec

22. Reversing the Roles of Predator and Prey
Barry A. Rice

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Ecology, Ecosystems, Plant Ecology

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Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology
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15 pages
Natural Sciences

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