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Toxins and Hemostasis

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Kenneth J. Clemetson, R. Manjunatha Kini

2. From the Bothrops Jararaca Bradykinin Potentiating Peptides to Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Sérgio Henrique Ferreira

3. Sialomic Perspectives on the Evolution of Blood-Feeding Behavior in Arthropods: Future Therapeutics by Natural Design
B.J. Mans, I.M.B. Francischetti

4. Snake Venomics, Antivenomics, and Venom Phenotyping: The Ménage à Trois of Proteomic Tools Aimed at Understanding the Biodiversity of Venoms
Juan J. Calvete

5. Insights in to Venom and Toxin Activities and Pharmacological/Therapeutic Potential Using Gene Expression Profiling
Jay W. Fox

6. Bioactive Peptides and Proteins from Wasp Venoms
Ren Lai, Cunbao Liu

7. The Theory of Intraspecies Variation is Not the Exception, But Simply the Rule: The Diverse Hemostatic Activities of Snake Venoms
Alexis Rodríguez-Acosta, Belsy Guerrero, Elda E. Sánchez

8. Tiny Ticks are Vast Sources of Antihaemostatic Factors
Mária Kazimírová, Cho Yeow Koh, R. Manjunatha Kini

9. Sialogenins and Immunomodulators Derived from Blood Feeding Parasites
Anderson Sá-Nunes, Carlo José Freire Oliveira

10. Salivary Protease Inhibitors with Non Anti-Hemostatic Functions
Jindřich Chmelař, Ivo M.B. Francischetti, Michalis Kotsyfakis

11. Blood Coagulation Factor IX/Factor X-Binding Protein
Takashi Morita

12. Bothrojaracin – A Potent Thrombin Inhibitor
Russolina B. Zingali, Ana Cristina Ferraz Nogueira

13. Anticoagulant Phospholipases A2 Which Bind to the Specific Soluble Receptor Coagulation Factor Xa
Grazyna Faure, Haijin Xu, Frederick Saul

14. Hematophagy and Inhibition of the Extrinsic and Intrinsic Tenase Complexes
Robson Q. Monteiro, John F. Andersen, Ivo M.B. Francischetti

15. Thrombin Inhibitors from Haematophagous Animals
Cho Yeow Koh, R. Manjunatha Kini

16. Anticoagulants from Scorpion Venoms
N.A. Valdez-Cruz, R. Conde, F.Z. Zamudio, L.D. Possani

17. The Discovery of Disintegrins
Tur-Fu Huang

18. Brief History and Molecular Determinants of Snake Venom Disintegrin Evolution
Juan J. Calvete

19. Anti-Angiogenesis and Disintegrins
Stephen Swenson, Radu Minea, Samuel Zidovetzki, Corey Helchowski, Fritz Costa, Francis S. Markland

20. Hematophagy and Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation
Ivo M.B. Francischetti

21. Snaclecs (Snake C-Type Lectins) that Inhibit Platelet Receptors
Kenneth J. Clemetson

22. Plasminogen Activators from Snake Venoms
Bernard F. Bonniec, Julie Libraire

23. Bat Plasminogen Activator: Desmoteplase – From Bat to Bench to Bedside of Stroke Victims
Wolfgang Söhngen, Karl-Uwe Petersen, Mariola Söhngen

24. Fibrolase and Its Evolution to Clinical Trials: A Long and Winding Road
Francis S. Markland, Stephen Swenson

25. Streptokinase
Paul E. Bock, Pablo Fuentes-Prior

26. Activation of Factor X by Snake Venom Proteases
Jüri Siigur, Ene Siigur

27. Structural Aspects of the Factor X Activator RVV-X from Russell’s Viper Venom
Soichi Takeda

28. Snake Venom Prothrombin Activators – The History
Jan Rosing, Guido Tans

29. Origin and Evolution of Snake Venom Prothrombin Activators
Md. Abu Reza, R. Manjunatha Kini

30. Thrombin-Like Enzymes in Snake Venoms
Stephen P. Mackessy

31. Procoagulant Factors from Lonomia Caterpillars
Ana Marisa Chudzinski-Tavassi, Linda Christian Carrijo-Carvalho

32. Staphylocoagulase
Peter Panizzi, Heather K. Kroh, Pablo Fuentes-Prior, Paul E. Bock

33. Procoagulant Properties of Plant Latex Proteases
H.V. Shivaprasad, R. Rajesh, M. Yariswamy, B.S. Vishwanath

34. The Biologic Activity of Aggretin/Rhodocytin, a Snake Venom C-Type Lectin Protein (Snaclec)
Ching-Hu Chung, Tur-Fu Huang

35. Snaclecs (Snake C-Type Lectins) that Activate Platelets
Kenneth J. Clemetson

36. The Effect of Bacterial Toxins on Platelet Function
Steven Kerrigan, Dermot Cox

37. Hypertensive and Hypotensive Snake Venom Components
Avner Bdolah

38. Hypotensive Proteins from Hematophagous Animals
P. Takáč, H. Tsujimoto, D.E. Champagne

39. Snakebite-Induced Coagulopathy and Bleeding Disorders
Ponlapat Rojnuckarin

40. Antivenoms and Coagulation
Elda E. Sánchez, Alexis Rodríguez-Acosta, Esteban Cantu, Belsy Guerrero

41. Biological Activities of Snake Venom Metalloproteinases on Platelets, Neutrophils, Endothelial Cells, and Extracellular Matrices
Chun-Chieh Hsu, Tur-Fu Huang

42. Leeches in Microsurgery – An Evidence-Based Approach
Karsten Knobloch

43. Diagnostic Use of Snake Venom Components in the Coagulation Laboratory
Anna Maria Perchuc, Marianne Wilmer

Keywords: Biomedicine, Human Physiology, Hematology, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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