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Advancing Phenomenology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Philip Blosser, Thomas Nenon

2. Naturalism, Historism, and Phenomenology
Thomas M. Seebohm

3. How Is Phenomenology Motivated?
Hans Rainer Sepp

4. Working Notions: A Meditation on Husserlian Phenomenological Practice
Elizabeth A. Behnke

5. Percept, Concept, and the Stratification of Ideality
Luis Román Rabanaque

6. Focusing and Phenomenology
Q. Zirión Antonio

7. Quo Vadis, Phenomenology?

8. Toward a Husserlian Conception of Epistemology
LI Zhongwei

9. Perception as a Source of Justification of Belief
William McKenna

10. The Worldhood of the World and the Worldly Character of Objects in Husserl
Roberto J. Walton

11. Thinking of Difference and Otherness from a Husserlian Perspective
Rosemary R. P. Lerner

12. Husserl and Merleau-Ponty on Embodied Experience
Dermot Moran

13. Making the Case for Gestalt Organization: Edmund Husserl and Aron Gurwitsch on the Problem of Independent Parts
Daniel Marcelle

14. Phenomenology of Surprise
Natalie Depraz

15. The Crisis of Modern Society and Critical Rationality
LEE Nam-In

16. Can a Schelerian Ethic Be Grounded in the Heart without Losing Its Head?
Philip Blosser

17. A Phenomenological Reflection Conducted Through Narrative: An Essay in Honor of Lester Embree
Richard M. Zaner

18. The Participating Professional
Ion Copoeru

19. Phenomenological Overcoming of Western Prejudices against Nonhuman Animals
María-Luz Pintos

20. Ecophenomenology and the Resistance of Nature
Ted Toadvine

21. Reflections on the Ecological Crisis and the Meaning of Nature
Ullrich Melle

22. Modern Technology and the Flight from Architecture
Timothy K. Casey

23. Reflections on Metaarchaeology
Clifford T. Brown

24. Objective Meaning and Subjective Meaning: A Clarification of Schutz’s Point of View
YU Chung-Chi

25. Methodology of the Social Sciences Is Where the Social Scientists, Philosophers and the Persons on the Street Should Meet
Nasu Hisashi

26. Phenomenological Wissenschaftslehre and John McDowell’s Quietism
Michael D. Barber

27. Advancing Phenomenology as a Practical Endeavor
Thomas Nenon

28. A Letter of Dorion Cairns
Fred Kersten

29. Curriculum Vitae
Lester Embree

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of the Social Sciences

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Contributions To Phenomenology
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17 pages

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