Oerke, Erich-Christian

Precision Crop Protection - the Challenge and Use of Heterogeneity

Oerke, Erich-Christian - Precision Crop Protection - the Challenge and Use of Heterogeneity, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Soil Heterogeneity and Crop Growth
Viacheslav I. Adamchuk, Richard B. Ferguson, Gary W. Hergert

2. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Weed

Roland Gerhards

3. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Plant Pathogens
Forrest W. Nutter, Neil Rij, Sharon K. Eggenberger, Noha Holah

4. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of ArthropodsArthropods
in Arable Fields
Maarten Helden

5. The Use of Laboratory Spectroscopy and Optical Remote Sensing for Estimating Soil Properties
Joachim Hill, Thomas Udelhoven, Michael Vohland, Antoine Stevens

6. Sensing of Photosynthetic Activity of Crops
Uwe Rascher, Alexander Damm, Sebastian Linden, Akpona Okujeni, Roland Pieruschka, Anke Schickling, Patrick Hostert

7. Remote Sensing for Precision Crop Protection – A Matter of Scale
Kerstin Voss, Jonas Franke, Thorsten Mewes, Gunter Menz, Walter Kühbauch

8. Detection and Identification of Weeds
Martin Weis, Markus Sökefeld

9. Detection of Fungal Diseases Optically and Pathogen Inoculum by Air Sampling
Jonathan S. West, Cedric Bravo, Roberto Oberti, Dimitrios Moshou, Herman Ramon, H. Alastair McCartney

10. Remote Sensing for the Detection of Soil-Borne Plant Parasitic Nematodes and Fungal Pathogens
Christian Hillnhütter, Astrid Schweizer, Volker Kühnhold, Richard A. Sikora

11. Potential of Digital ThermographyThermography
for Disease Control
Erich-Christian Oerke, Ulrike Steiner

12. Geographical Approaches for Integrated Pest ManagementIntegrated Pest Management
of Arthropods in ForestryForestry
and Row Crops
Jeffrey L. Willers, John J. Riggins

13. Spatial Data Handling and Management
Georg Bareth, Reiner Doluschitz

14. Decision Rules for Site-Specific Weed Management
Christoph Gutjahr, Roland Gerhards

15. Modelling Plant Diseases
Plant Diseases
for Decision Making in Crop Protection
Vittorio Rossi, Simona Giosuè, Tito Caffi

16. Model Validation and Use of Geographic Information Systems in Crop Protection Warning Service
Paolo Racca, Thorsten Zeuner, Jeanette Jung, Benno Kleinhenz

Mechanical Weed ControlMechanical weed control

Victor Rueda-Ayala, Jesper Rasmussen, Roland Gerhards

Direct InjectionDirect Injection
Peter Schulze Lammers, Jiri Vondricka

19. Delivery Optimization for PesticidesPesticides

Jürgen Langewald, Helmut Auweter, Cedric Dieleman

Autonomous SystemsAutonomous Systems
for Plant Protection
Hans W. Griepentrog, Arno Ruckelshausen, Rasmus N. Jørgensen, Ivar Lund

21. Variable Rate Technology for Herbicide Applicationherbicide application

Markus Sökefeld

Variable Rate ApplicationVariable rate application
of Fungicides
Karl-Heinz Dammer

23. Providing Precision Crop and Range Protection in the US Northern Great Plains
George A. Seielstad, David E. Clay, Kevin Dalsted, Rick L. Lawrence, Douglas R. Olsen, Xiaodong Zhang

24. Site-Specific Detection and Management of Nematodes
John D. Mueller, Ahmad Khalilian, W. Scott Monfort, Richard F. Davis, Terrence L. Kirkpatrick, Brenda V. Ortiz, William G. Henderson

25. Precision Disease Control in Bed-Grown Crops
Jan C. Zande, Vincent T.J.M. Achten, Huub T.A.M. Schepers, Arie Lans, Corné Kempenaar, Jean-Marie G.P. Michielsen, Hein Stallinga, Pleun Velde

26. Economic Evaluation of Precision Crop Protection Measures
Jan Ole Schroers, Roland Gerhards, Martin Kunisch

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Geotechnical Engineering, Entomology

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