Lenarcic, Jadran

Advances in Robot Kinematics: Motion in Man and Machine

Lenarcic, Jadran - Advances in Robot Kinematics: Motion in Man and Machine, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Calibration and Validation of a Rigid Body Kinematic Model of Flexure Hinges
R. J. Ellwood, D. Schütz, Annika Raatz, J. Hesselbach

2. Dynamic Jacobian Inverses of Mobile Manipulator Kinematics
K. Tchoń, J. Jakubiak, Ł. Małek

3. A Robust Forward Kinematics Analysis of 3-RPR Planar Platforms
Nicolás Rojas, Federico Thomas

4. Hierarchical Decomposition and Kinematic Abstraction with Virtual Articulations
Marsette Vona

5. Researching into Non-Singular Transitions in the Joint Space
M. Urízar, V. Petuya, O. Altuzarra, A. Hernández

6. MARIONET, A Family of Modular Wire-Driven Parallel Robots
J.-P. Merlet

7. Using Cosserat Point Theory for Estimating Kinematics and Soft-Tissue Deformation During Gait Analysis
A. Wolf, I. Sharf, M. B. Rubin

8. Mechanical Generators of 2-DoF Translation along a Ruled Surface
Chung-Ching Lee, Jacques M. Hervé

9. Worm-Like Robotic Locomotion in Flexible Environment
D. Zarrouk, I. Sharf, M. Shoham

10. Actuation Strategy Based on the Acceleration Model for the 3-PRPR Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator
Maurizio Ruggiu, Juan A. Carretero

11. Kinematics and Design of a 5-DOF Parallel Robot Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery
D. Pisla, N. Plitea, B. G. Gherman, C. Vaida, A. Pisla, M. Suciu

12. Main Theorem on Schönflies-Singular Planar Stewart Gough Platforms
G. Nawratil

13. A Novel Actuation Module for Wearable Robots
M. Bergamasco, F. Salsedo, S. Marcheschi, N. Lucchesi

14. Parallel Robot with Antagonistic Dielectric Elastomer Actuation for Human-Machine Interaction
R. Vertechy, G. Berselli, M. Bergamasco, V. Parenti Castelli

15. Using Redundancy in Serial Planar Mechanisms to Improve Output-Space Tracking Accuracy
S. Ambike, J. P. Schmiedeler, M. M. Stanišić

16. Combining Structural and Kinematic Analysis Using Interval Analysis for a Wire-Driven Manipulator
S. Abdelaziz, P. Renaud, B. Bayle, M. Mathelin

17. Multiple-Point Kinematic Control of a Humanoid Robot
Agostino Santis, Giuseppe Gironimo, Luigi Pelliccia, Bruno Siciliano, Andrea Tarallo

18. Optimum Design of a Pan-Tilt Drive for Parallel Robots
Danial Alizadeh, Jorge Angeles, Scott Nokleby

19. LQP-Based Controller Design for Humanoid Whole-Body Motion
Joseph Salini, Sébastien Barthélemy, Philippe Bidaud

20. Persistent Screw Systems
M. Carricato, J. M. Rico Martínez

21. Localisation of the Instantaneous Axis of Rotation in Human Joints
B. Bru, V. Pasqui

22. A Kinematic Observation and Conjecture for Creating Stable Constructs of a Peptide Nanoparticle
Z. Shahbazi, T. A. P. F. Pimentel, H. Ilies, K. Kazerounian, P. Burkhard

23. Forward Kinematic Problem of 5-PRUR Parallel Mechanisms Using Study Parameters
Mehdi Tale Masouleh, Manfred Husty, Clèment Gosselin

24. The Development of a Reconfigurable Parallel Robot with Binary Actuators
D. Schütz, A. Raatz, J. Hesselbach

25. On the Design of 5R Serial Manipulators with Isotropic Positioning
L. Baron

26. A Virtual Mechanism Enhanced Approach for Object Tracking with Humanoid Robot Head
Damir Omrčcen, Alešs Ude

27. Tangent Space RRT with Lazy Projection: An Efficient Planning Algorithm for Constrained Motions
Terry Taewoong Um, Beobkyoon Kim, Chansoo Suh, Frank Chongwoo Park

28. Equilibrium Analysis of Tensegrity Structures with Elastic Ties
O. Anubi, C. Crane

29. Singularity Analysis of Lower-Mobility Parallel Robots with an Articulated Nacelle
Semaan Amine, Daniel Kanaan, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Wenger

30. Human Motion Reconstruction and Synthesis of Human Skills
Emel Demircan, Thor Besier, Samir Menon, Oussama Khatib

31. Overconstrained Mechanisms with Radially Reciprocating Motion
Guowu Wei, Jian S. Dai

32. Control of Bipedal Turning While Running
A. D. Perkins, K. J. Waldron

33. Geometrico-Static Analysis of Under-Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
M. Carricato, J.-P. Merlet

34. The Inverse Kinematics of 3-D Towing
Qimi Jiang, Vijay Kumar

35. A Complete Method for Workspace Boundary Determination
O. Bohigas, L. Ros, M. Manubens

36. Inverse Kinematics of Humanoid-Robot Reaching through Human Visuo-Motor Learning
J. Babič, E. Oztop, J. Lenarčič

37. Automated Fitting of an Elastokinematic Surrogate Mechanism for Forearm Motion from MRI Measurements
J. Xu, P. Kasten, A. Weinberg, A. Kecskeméthy

38. Self-Motions of 6–3 Stewart–Gough Type Parallel Manipulators
Adolf Karger

39. Constraint Compliant Control for a Redundant Manipulator in a Cluttered Environment
S. Rubrecht, V. Padois, P. Bidaud, M. Broissia

40. Geometric Interpolation by Quartic Rational Spline Motions
B. Jüttler, M. Krajnc, E. Žagar

41. Position Level Kinematics of the Atlas Motion Platform
R. Beranek, M. J. D. Hayes

42. An Optimum Path Planning for LARM Clutched Arm
Hao Gu, Marco Ceccarelli

43. A Simple Kinematic Model of a Human Body for Virtual Environments
T. Koritnik, T. Bajd, M. Munih

44. On the Development of Low Mass Shaking Force Balanced Manipulators
V. Wijk, J. L. Herder

45. Singularity-Invariant Leg Rearrangements in Stewart–Gough Platforms
Júlia Borràs, Federico Thomas, Carme Torras

46. Geometric Kinematics of Rigid Bodies with Point Contact
L. Cui, J. S. Dai

47. Singularity Locus of 6–4 Fully-Parallel Manipulators
R. Gregorio

48. The Pre-Stereographic Model of the General Three-System of Screws
D. Zlatanov

49. Difficulty of Kinematic Synthesis of Usable Constrained Planar 6R Robots
J. Michael McCarthy, Jerome Choe

50. Stiffness Analysis of Parallel Manipulators with Preloaded Passive Joints
A. Pashkevich, A. Klimchik, D. Chablat

51. Characterization of Parallel Manipulator Available Wrench Set Facets
M. Gouttefarde, S. Krut

52. Constraint-Screw System Based Synthesis of Limb Arrangement of the 3-PUP Parallel Mechanism
D. M. Gan, J. S. Dai, D. G. Caldwell

53. On Structural Properties of Sets of Finite Displacement Screws
I. A. Parkin

54. An Autonomous and Safe Homing Strategy for Parallel Kinematic Five-Bar Manipulators
F. Dietrich, K. Kaiser, R. J. Ellwood, A. Raatz

55. Singularities of Regional Manipulators Revisited
P. Donelan, A. Müller

56. Robot-Based HiL Test of Joint Endoprostheses
C. Woernle, M. Kähler, R. Rachholz, S. Herrmann, J. Zierath, R. Souffrant, R. Bader

57. An Algorithm for Real-Time Forward Kinematics of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Andreas Pott

58. Numerical Synthesis of Overconstrained Mechanisms Based on Screw Theory
René Bartkowiak, Christoph Woernle

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Industrial and Production Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Engineering Design

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