Coohill, Patricia Trutty

Art Inspiring Transmutations of Life

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Table of contents

1. The Pas De Deux: Weaving Thought and Act
Patricia Trutty-Coohill

2. The Limits of Creation: The Architect as the Mediator of the Beauty and the Beast
Gül Kale

3. The Artistic Life, The Art Alive
Mariola Sułkowska

4. The Historical Logic of Non-Verbal Expression in Everyday Life and the Arts: The Perceptual Foundation of the Precept
Mark E. Blum

5. The Relevance of Beautiful Infrastructure
David M. Foxe

6. John Steinbeck’s Log from the “Sea of Cortez”: One of Husserl’s Infinite Tasks?
Gretchen Gusich

7. Reconfiguring Oldenburg and van Bruggen’s Free Stamp (1982–1991)
Diane G. Scillia

8. Aesthetic and Historical Contours of Russian Manor as a Genre
L.V. Molodkina

9. Between a Rock and a Soft Place: Finding Creativity in the Face of Oppression
Mary Jeanne Larrabee

10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Matti Itkonen

11. The Pain of the Seer in the Civilization of the Blind: Faulkner and Salinger
Raymond J. Wilson, Jerre Collins

Opus Cordis: Reflections of a Contemporary Artist Embracing the Drama of Religious Imagery
Constance Pierce

Ecce Homo: On the Phenomenological Problematicity of the Religious Image
Victor G. Rivas LóPez

14. Creation Vs. Techne: The Inner Conflict of Art
Davor Džalto

15. Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises: Venturing Upon Dizzy Heights
Bruce Ross

16. On the Poetics of Cinema in the Light of the Present Culture
Victor G. Rivas López

17. Art as Informational Readymade
Mariola Sułkowska

18. Oh, Behave! Nothing in Excess or Everything in Good Order: The “Portraits” of Solon and Khilon on a Late Archaic Attic Red-Figure Cup by Oltos
Jeremy J. Johnson

19. Visualizing Tymieniecka’s Approach to Originality
Patricia Trutty-Coohill

20. Artistic and Philosophical Itineraries
Marcella Tarozzi Goldsmith

21. The Only Star in a Nihilist Heaven: A Reflection on the Problematic Identity of History, Art and Cinema
Victor G. Rivas López

22. “Bodher Pratyushe Buddhir Pradip”: The Lamp of Intelligence at the Dawn of Artistic Feeling
Sitansu Ray

23. The Philosopher’s Pupil, Iris Murdoch’s Post-Modern Allegory of the Creative Process
Raymond J. Wilson

24. Ra’anan Levy’s Metaphysical Space
Bruce Ross

25. Art, Intention, and Communication
Patricia Trutty-Coohill

26. Harold Pinter’s Mindscape: His Food–Clothing Paradoxes
Emil Roy

27. Mediated: The Image as a Performative Interface in the Photographic Relationship
Molly Samsell

28. The Phenomenology of Color [As a Working Methodology for Design Practice]
Jada Schumacher

29. The Metaperformative and Gendered Space
Jenn Figg

30. A Revised Taiji Diagram to Convey the Unity of World Phenomena
Tsung-I Dow

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Man, Aesthetics

Publication year
Analecta Husserliana
Page amount
9 pages

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