Ferguson, Steven H.

A Little Less Arctic

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Table of contents

1. The Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere System of the Hudson Bay Complex
D. B. Stewart, D. G. Barber

2. Changing Sea Ice Conditions in Hudson Bay, 1980–2005
K. Hochheim, D. G. Barber, J. V. Lukovich

3. Importance of Eating Capelin: Unique Dietary Habits of Hudson Bay Beluga
T. C. Kelley, L. L. Loseto, R. E. A. Stewart, M. Yurkowski, S. H. Ferguson

4. Migration Route and Seasonal Home Range of the Northern Hudson Bay Narwhal (Monodon monoceros)
K. H. Westdal, P. R. Richard, J. R. Orr

5. Polar Bear Ecology and Management in Hudson Bay in the Face of Climate Change
E. Peacock, A. E. Derocher, N. J. Lunn, M. E. Obbard

6. The Rise of Killer Whales as a Major Arctic Predator
S. H. Ferguson, J. W. Higdon, E. G. Chmelnitsky

7. Hudson Bay Ringed Seal: Ecology in a Warming Climate
M. Chambellant

8. Past, Present, and Future for Bowhead Whales (Balaena mysticetus) in Northwest Hudson Bay
J. W. Higdon, S. H. Ferguson

9. Effects of Climate Change, Altered Sea-Ice Distribution and Seasonal Phenology on Marine Birds
M. L. Mallory, A. J. Gaston, H. G. Gilchrist, G. J. Robertson, B. M. Braune

10. Temporal Trends in Beluga, Narwhal and Walrus Mercury Levels: Links to Climate Change
A. Gaden, G. A. Stern

11. Hudson Bay Ecosystem: Past, Present, and Future
C. Hoover

12. Population Genetics of Hudson Bay Marine Mammals: Current Knowledge and Future Risks
S. D. Petersen, M. Hainstock, P. J. Wilson

13. Understanding and Managing Wildlife in Hudson Bay Under a Changing Climate: Some Recent Contributions From Inuit and Cree Ecological Knowledge
D. Henri, H. G. Gilchrist, E. Peacock

14. The Future of Hudson Bay: New Directions and Research Needs
M. L. Mallory, L. L. Loseto, S. H. Ferguson

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Animal Ecology, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Environmental Management

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324 pages
Natural Sciences

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