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Innovations in Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Recursive Projection Profiling for Text-Image Separation
Shivsubramani Krishnamoorthy, R. Loganathan, K P Soman

2. Risk in the Clouds?: Security Issues Facing Government Use of Cloud Computing
David C. Wyld

3. Open Source Software (OSS) Adoption Framework for Local Environment and its Comparison
U. Laila, S. F. A. Bukhari

4. Ubiquitous Data Management in a Personal Information Environment
Atif Farid Mohammad

5. Semantics for the Asynchronous Communication in LIPS, a Language for Implementing Parallel/distributed Systems
Amala VijayaSelvi Rajan, Arumugam Siri Bavan, Geetha Abeysinghe

6. Separation of Concerns in Teaching Software Engineering
Izzat M. Alsmadi, Mahmoud Dieri

7. Student Model Based on Flexible Fuzzy Inference
Dawod Kseibat, Ali Mansour, Osei Adjei, Paul Phillips

PlanGraph: An Agent-Based Computational Model for Handling Vagueness in Human-GIS Communication of Spatial Concepts
Hongmei Wang

9. Risk-Based Neuro-Grid Architecture for Multimodal Biometrics
Sitalakshmi Venkataraman, Siddhivinayak Kulkarni

10. A SQL-Database Based Meta-CASE System and its Query Subsystem
Erki Eessaar, Rünno Sgirka

11. An Intelligent Control System Based on Non-Invasive Man Machine Interaction
Darius Drungilas, Antanas Andrius Bielskis, Vitalij Denisov

12. A UML Profile for Developing Databases that Conform to the Third Manifesto
Erki Eessaar

13. Investigation and Implementation of T-DMB Protocol in NCTUns Simulator
Tatiana Zuyeva, Adnane Cabani, Joseph Mouzna

14. Empirical Analysis of Case-Editing Approaches for Numeric Prediction
Michael A. Redmond, Timothy Highley

15. Towards a Transcription System of Sign Language for 3D Virtual Agents
Wanessa Machado Amaral, José Mario Martino

16. Unbiased Statistics of a Constraint Satisfaction Problem – a Controlled-Bias Generator
Denis Berthier

17. Factors that Influence the Productivity of Software Developers in a Developer View
Edgy Paiva, Danielly Barbosa, Roberto Lima, Adriano Albuquerque

18. Algorithms for Maintaining a Consistent Knowledge Base in Distributed Multiagent Environments
Stanislav Ustymenko, Daniel G. Schwartz

19. Formal Specifications for a Document Management Assistant
Daniel G. Schwartz

20. Towards a Spatial-Temporal Processing Model
Jonathan B. Lori

21. Structure, Context and Replication in a Spatial-Temporal Architecture
Jonathan Lori

22. Service Oriented E-Government
Margareth Stoll, Dr. Dietmar Laner

23. Fuzzy-rule-based Adaptive Resource Control for Information Sharing in P2P Networks
Zhengping Wu, Hao Wu

24. Challenges in Web Information Retrieval
Monika Arora, Uma Kanjilal, Dinesh Varshney

25. An Invisible Text Watermarking Algorithm using Image Watermark
Zunera Jalil, Anwar M. Mirza

26. A Framework for RFID Survivability Requirement Analysis and Specification
Yanjun Zuo, Malvika Pimple, Suhas Lande

27. The State of Knowledge Management in Czech Companies
P. Maresova, M. Hedvicakova

28. A Suitable Software Process Improvement Model for the UK Healthcare Industry
Tien D. Nguyen, Hong Guo, Raouf N.G. Naguib

29. Exploring User Acceptance of FOSS: The Role of the Age of the Users
M. Dolores Gallego, Salvador Bueno

30. GFS Tuning Algorithm Using Fuzzimetric Arcs
Issam Kouatli

31. Multi-step EMG Classification Algorithm for Human-Computer Interaction
Peng Ren, Armando Barreto, Malek Adjouadi

32. Affective Assessment of a Computer User through the Processing of the Pupil Diameter Signal
Ying Gao, Armando Barreto, Malek Adjouadi

33. MAC, A System for Automatically IPR Identification, Collection and Distribution
Carlos Serrão

34. Testing Distributed ABS System with Fault Injection
Dawid Trawczyński, Janusz Sosnowski, Piotr Gawkowski

35. Learning Based Approach for Optimal Clustering of Distributed Program's Call Flow Graph
Yousef Abofathi, Bager Zarei, Saeed Parsa

36. Fuzzy Adaptive Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Discrete Environments
M. Hadi Zahedi, M. Mehdi S.Haghighi

37. Project Management Software for Distributed Industrial Companies
M. Dobrojević, B. Medjo, M. Rakin, A. Sedmak

38. How to Construct an Automated Warehouse Based on Colored Timed Petri Nets
Fei Cheng, Shanjun He

39. Telecare and Social Link Solution for Ambient Assisted Living Using a Robot Companion with Visiophony
Thibaut Varène, Paul Hillereau, Thierry Simonnet

40. Contextual Semantic: A Context-aware Approach for Semantic Web Based Data Extraction from Scientific Articles
Deniss Kumlander

41. Motivating Company Personnel by Applying the Semi-self-organized Teams Principle
Deniss Kumlander

42. Route Advising in a Dynamic Environment – A High-Tech Approach
M F M Firdhous, D L Basnayake, K H L Kodithuwakku, N K Hatthalla, N W Charlin, P M R I K Bandara

43. Building Security System Based on Grid Computing To Convert and Store Media Files
Hieu Nguyen Trung, Duy Nguyen, Tan Dang Cao

44. A Tool Supporting C code Parallelization
Ilona Bluemke, Joanna Fugas

45. Extending OpenMP for Agent Based DSM on GRID
Mahdi S. Haghighi, M. Hadi Zahedi, A Mustafa Ghazizadeh, Farnad Ahangary

46. Mashup – Based End User Interface for Fleet Monitoring
M. Popa, A.S. Popa, T. Slavici, D. Darvasi

47. The Performance of Geothermal Field Modeling in Distributed Component Environment
A. Piórkowski, A. Pięta, A. Kowal, T. Danek

48. An Extension of Least Squares Methods for Smoothing Oscillation of Motion Predicting Function
O. Starostenko, J.T. Tello-Martínez, V. Alarcon-Aquino, J. Rodriguez-Asomoza, R. Rosas-Romero

49. Security of Virtualized Applications: Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp
Michael Hoppe, Patrick Seeling

50. Noise Performance of a Finite Uniform Cascade of Two-Port Networks
Shmuel Y. Miller

51. Evaluating Software Agent Quality: Measuring Social Ability and Autonomy
Fernando Alonso, José L. Fuertes, Loïc Martínez, Héctor Soza

52. An Approach to Measuring Software Quality Perception
Radoslaw Hofman

53. Automatically Modeling Linguistic Categories in Spanish
M. D. López Luise, D. Hisgen, M. Soffer

54. Efficient Content-based Image Retrieval using Support Vector Machines for Feature Aggregation
Ivica Dimitrovski, Suzana Loskovska, Ivan Chorbev

55. The Holistic, Interactive and Persuasive Model to Facilitate Self-care of Patients with Diabetes
Miguel Vargas-Lombard, Armando Jipsion, Rafael Vejarano, Ismael Camargo, Humberto Álvarez, Elena Villalba Mora, Ernestina Menasalva Ruíz

56. Jawi Generator Software Using ARM Board Under Linux
O. N. Shalasiah, S. M. F Rohani, H. Zulkifli

57. Efficient Comparison between Windows and Linux Platform Applicable in a Virtual Architectural Walkthrough Application
P. Thubaasini, R. Rusnida, S. M. Rohani

58. Simulation-Based Stress Analysis for a 3D Modeled Humerus-Prosthesis Assembly
S. Herle, C. Marcu, H. Benea, L. Miclea, R. Robotin

59. Chaos-Based Bit Planes Image Encryption
Jiri Giesl, Tomas Podoba, Karel Vlcek

60. FLEX: A Modular Software Architecture for Flight License Exam
Taner Arsan, Hamit Emre Saka, Ceyhun Sahin

61. Enabling and Integrating Distributed Web Resources for Efficient and Effective Discovery of Information on the Web
Neeta Verma, Pechimuthu Thangamuthu, Alka Mishra

62. Translation from UML to Markov Model: A Performance Modeling Framework
Razib Hayat Khan, Poul E. Heegaard

63. A Comparative Study of Protein Sequence Clustering Algorithms
A. Sharaf Eldin, S. AbdelGaber, T. Soliman, S. Kassim, A. Abdo

64. OpenGL in Multi-User Web-Based Applications
K. Szostek, A. Piórkowski

65. Testing Task Schedulers on Linux System
Leonardo Jelenković, Stjepan Groš, Domagoj Jakobović

66. Automatic Computer Overhead Line Design
Lucie Noháčová, Karel Noháč

67. Building Test Cases through Model Driven Engineering
Helaine Sousa, Denivaldo Lopes, Zair Abdelouahab, Slimane Hammoudi, Daniela Barreiro Claro

68. The Effects of Educational Multimedia for Scientific Signs in the Holy Quran in Improving the Creative Thinking Skills for Deaf Children
Sumaya Abusaleh, Eman AbdelFattah, Zain Alabadi, Ahmad Sharieh

69. Parallelization of Shape Function Generation for Hierarchical Tetrahedral Elements
Sara E. McCaslin

70. Analysis of Moment Invariants on Image Scaling and Rotation
Dongguang Li

71. A Novel Binarization Algorithm for Ballistics Firearm Identification
Dongguang Li

72. A Schema Classification Scheme for Multilevel Databases
Tzong-An Su, Hong-Ju Lu

73. Memory Leak Sabotages System Performance
Nagm Mohamed

74. Writer Identification Using Inexpensive Signal Processing Techniques
Serguei A. Mokhov, Miao Song, Ching Y. Suen

75. Software Artifacts Extraction for Program Comprehension
Ghulam Rasool, Ilka Philippow

76. Model-Driven Engineering Support for Building C# Applications
Anna Derezińska, Przemysław Ołtarzewski

77. Early Abnormal Overload Detection and the Solution on Content Delivery Network
Cam Nguyen Tan, Son Dang Truong, Tan Cao Dang

78. ECG Feature Extraction using Time Frequency Analysis
Mahesh A Nair

79. Optimal Component Selection for Component-Based Systems
Muhammad Ali Khan, Sajjad Mahmood

80. Domain-based Teaching Strategy for Intelligent Tutoring System Based on Generic Rules
Dawod Kseibat, Ali Mansour, Osei Adjei, Paul Phillips

81. Parallelization of Edge Detection Algorithm using MPI on Beowulf Cluster
Nazleeni Haron, Ruzaini Amir, Izzatdin A. Aziz, Low Tan Jung, Siti Rohkmah Shukri

82. Teaching Physical Based Animation via OpenGL Slides
Miao Song, Serguei A. Mokhov, Peter Grogono

83. Appraising the Corporate Sustainability Reports – Text Mining and Multi-Discriminatory Analysis
J. R. Modapothala, B. Issac, E. Jayamani

84. A Proposed Treatment for Visual Field Loss caused by Traumatic Brain Injury using Interactive Visuotactile Virtual Environment
Attila J. Farkas, Alen Hajnal, Mohd F. Shiratuddin, Gabriella Szatmary

85. Adaptive Collocation Methods for the Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Paulo Brito, António Portugal

86. Educational Virtual Reality through a Multiview Autostereoscopic 3D Display
Emiliyan G. Petkov

87. An Approach for Developing Natural Language Interface to Databases Using Data Synonyms Tree and Syntax State Table
Safwan shatnawi, Rajeh Khamis

88. Analysis of Strategic Maps for a Company in the Software Development Sector
Marisa Camargo Silveira, Brandon Link, Silvio Johann, Adolfo Alberto Vanti, Rafael Espin Andrade

89. The RDF Generator (RDFG) - First Unit in the Semantic Web Framework (SWF)
Ahmed Nada, Badie Sartawi

90. Information Technology to Help Drive Business Innovation and Growth
Igor Aguilar Alonso, José Carrillo Verdún, Edmundo Tovar Caro

91. A Framework for Enterprise Operating Systems Based on Zachman Framework
S. Shervin Ostadzadeh, Amir Masoud Rahmani

92. A Model for Determining the Number of Negative Examples used in Training a MLP
Cosmin Cernazanu-Glavan, Stefan Holban

93. GPU Benchmarks Based On Strange Attractors
Tomáš Podoba, Karel Vlček, Jiří Giesl

94. Effect of Gender and Sound Spatialization on Speech Intelligibility in Multiple Speaker Environment
M. Joshi, M. Iyer, N. Gupta, A. Barreto

95. Modeling Tourism Sustainable Development
O. A. Shcherbina, E. A. Shembeleva

96. PI-ping - Benchmark Tool for Testing Latencies and Throughput in Operating Systems
J. Abaffy, T. Krajčovič

97. Towards Archetypes-Based Software Development
Gunnar Piho, Mart Roost, David Perkins, Jaak Tepandi

98. Dependability Aspects Regarding the Cache Level of a Memory Hierarchy using Hamming Codes
O. Novac, St. Vari-Kakas, Mihaela Novac, Ecaterina Vladu, Liliana Indrie

99. Performance Evaluation of an Intelligent Agents Based Model within Irregular WSN Topologies
Alberto Piedrahita Ospina, Alcides Montoya Cañola, Demetrio Ovalle Carranza

100. Double Stage Heat Transformer Controlled by Flow Ratio
S. Silva-Sotelo, R. J. Romero, A. Rodríguez – Martínez

101. Enforcement of Privacy Policies over Multiple Online Social Networks for Collaborative Activities
Zhengping Wu, Lifeng Wang

102. An Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Applied to Sequence Pattern Mining
Paulo Igor A. Godinho, Aruanda S. Gonçalves Meiguins, Roberto C. Limão Oliveira, Bianchi S. Meiguins

103. Tlatoa Communicator
D. Pérez, I. Kirschning

104. Using Multiple Datasets in Information Visualization Tool
Rodrigo Augusto Moraes Lourenço, Rafael Veras Guimarães, Nikolas Jorge S. Carneiro, Aruanda Simões Gonçalves Meiguins, Bianchi Serique Meiguins

105. Improved Crack Type Classification Neural Network based on Square Sub-images of Pavement Surface
Byoung Jik Lee, Hosin “David” Lee

106. Building Information Modeling as a Tool for the Design of Airports
Júlio Tollendal Gomes Ribeiro, Neander Furtado Silva, Ecilamar Maciel Lima

107. A Petri-Nets Based Unified Modeling Approach for Zachman Framework Cells
S. Shervin Ostadzadeh, Mohammad Ali Nekoui

108. From Perspectiva Artificialis to Cyberspace: Game-Engine and the Interactive Visualization of Natural Light in the Interior of the Building
Evangelos Dimitrios Christakou, Neander Furtado Silva, Ecilamar Maciel Lima

109. Computational Shape Grammars and Non-Standardization: a Case Study on the City of Music of Rio de Janeiro
Félix A. Silva Júnior, Neander Furtado Silva

110. Architecture Models and Data Flows in Local and Group Datawarehouses
R.M. Bogza, Dorin Zaharie, Silvia Avasilcai, Laura Bacali

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering

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