Paipetis, S. A.

The Genius of Archimedes -- 23 Centuries of Influence on Mathematics, Science and Engineering

Paipetis, S. A. - The Genius of Archimedes -- 23 Centuries of Influence on Mathematics, Science and Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Archimedean Research Theme: The Calculation of the Volume of Cylindrical Groins
Nicla Palladino

2. On Archimedean Roots in Torricelli’s Mechanics
Raffaele Pisano, Danilo Capecchi

3. Rational Mechanics and Science Rationnelle Unique
Johan Gielis, Diego Caratelli, Stefan Haesen, Paolo E. Ricci

4. Archimedes and Caustics: A Twofold Multimedia and Experimental Approach
Assunta Bonanno, Michele Camarca, Peppino Sapia, Annarosa Serpe

5. Archimedes’ Quadratures
Jean Christianidis, Apostolos Demis

6. On Archimedes’ Pursuit Concerning Geometrical Analysis
Philippos Fournarakis, Jean Christianidis

7. Simon Stevin and the Rise of Archimedean Mechanics in the Renaissance
Teun Koetsier

8. Archimedes’ Cannons Against the Roman Fleet?
Cesare Rossi

9. V-Belt Winding Along Archimedean Spirals During the Variator Speed Ratio Shift
Francesco Sorge

10. Ancient Motors for Siege Towers
C. Rossi, S. Pagano, F. Russo

11. From Archimedean Spirals to Screw Mechanisms – A Short Historical Overview
Hanfried Kerle, Klaus Mauersberger

12. The Mechanics of Archimedes Towards Modern Mechanism Design
Marco Ceccarelli

13. Archimedean Mechanical Knowledge in 17th Century China
Zhang Baichun, Tian Miao

14. Archimedes Arabicus. Assessing Archimedes’ Impact on Arabic Mechanics and Engineering
Constantin Canavas

15. The Golden Crown: A Discussion
Felice Costanti

16. The Heritage of Archimedes in Ship Hydrostatics: 2000 Years from Theories to Applications
Horst Nowacki

17. Notes on the Syrakosia and on Archimedes’ Approach to the Stability of Floating Bodies
Marco Bonino

18. What Did Archimedes Find at “Eureka” Moment?
Kuroki Hidetaka

19. Floatability and Stability of Ships: 23 Centuries after Archimedes
Alberto Francescutto, Apostolos D. Papanikolaou

20. The “Syrakousia” Ship and the Mechanical Knowledge between Syracuse and Alexandria
Giovanni Pasquale

21. Browsing in a Renaissance Philologist’s Toolbox: Archimedes’ Rule
Nadia Ambrosetti

22. The Mystery of Archimedes. Archimedes, Physicist and Mathematician, Anti-Platonic and Anti-Aristotelian Philosopher
Giuseppe Boscarino

23. Archimedes to Eratosthenes: “Method for Mechanical Theorems”
Roberto Bragastini

24. Archimedes in Seventeenth Century Philosophy
Epaminondas Vampoulis

25. Cross-Fertilisation of Science and Technology in the Time of Archimēdēs
Theodossios P. Tassios

26. Archimedes in Ancient Roman World
Mario Geymonat

27. Archimedes: Russian Researches
Alexander Golovin, Anastasia Golovina

28. Archimedean Science and the Scientific Revolution
Agamenon R. E. Oliveira

29. Archimedes’ Burning Mirrors: Myth or Reality?
Adel Valiullin, Valentin Tarabarin

30. The Influence of Archimedes in the Machine Books from the Renaissance to the 19th Century
Francis C. Moon

31. Archimedes Influence in Science and Engineering
Thomas G. Chondros

32. The Founder-Cult of Hieron II at Akrai: The Rock-Relief from Intagliatella’s Latomy
Paolo Daniele Scirpo

33. Archimedes: Russian Editions of Works
Alexander Golovin, Anastasia Golovina

34. Archimedes in Program on History of Mechanics in Lomonosov Moscow St. University
Irina Tyulina, Vera Chinenova

35. Archimedes Discovers and Inventions in the Russian Education
Philip Bocharov, Kira Matveeva, Valentin Tarabarin

36. Archimedes in Secondary Schools: A Teaching Proposal for the Math Curriculum
Francesco A. Costabile, Annarosa Serpe

37. Mechanical Advantage: The Archimedean Tradition of Acquiring Geometric Insight form Mechanical Metaphor
Vincent Sapio, Robin Sapio

38. The Death of Archimedes: A Reassessment
Cettina Voza

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, History of Science, History, Anthropology, Cultural Heritage

Publication year
History of Mechanism and Machine Science
Page amount
10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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