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Pond Conservation in Europe

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Table of contents

1. The ecology of European ponds: defining the characteristics of a neglected freshwater habitat
R. Céréghino, J. Biggs, B. Oertli, S. Declerck

2. A comparison of the catchment sizes of rivers, streams, ponds, ditches and lakes: implications for protecting aquatic biodiversity in an agricultural landscape
B. R. Davies, J. Biggs, P. J. Williams, J. T. Lee, S. Thompson

3. A comparative analysis of cladoceran communities from different water body types: patterns in community composition and diversity
Tom De Bie, Steven Declerck, Koen Martens, Luc De Meester, Luc Brendonck

4. Macroinvertebrate assemblages in 25 high alpine ponds of the Swiss National Park (Cirque of Macun) and relation to environmental variables
Beat Oertli, Nicola Indermuehle, Sandrine Angélibert, Hélène Hinden, Aurélien Stoll

5. Biodiversity and distribution patterns of freshwater invertebrates in farm ponds of a south-western French agricultural landscape
R. Céréghino, A. Ruggiero, P. Marty, S. Angélibert

6. Patterns of composition and species richness of crustaceans and aquatic insects along environmental gradients in Mediterranean water bodies
D. Boix, S. Gascón, J. Sala, A. Badosa, S. Brucet, R. López-Flores, M. Martinoy, J. Gifre, X. D. Quintana

7. Relation between macroinvertebrate life strategies and habitat traits in Mediterranean salt marsh ponds (Empordà wetlands, NE Iberian Peninsula)
Stéphanie Gascón, Dani Boix, Jordi Sala, Xavier D. Quintana

8. Macrophyte diversity and physico-chemical characteristics of Tyrrhenian coast ponds in central Italy: implications for conservation
Valentina Della Bella, Marcello Bazzanti, Maria Giuseppina Dowgiallo, Mauro Iberite

9. Evaluation of sampling methods for macroinvertebrate biodiversity estimation in heavily vegetated ponds
G. Becerra Jurado, M. Masterson, R. Harrington, M. Kelly-Quinn

10. Developing a multimetric index of ecological integrity based on macroinvertebrates of mountain ponds in central Italy
Angelo G. Solimini, Marcello Bazzanti, Antonio Ruggiero, Gianmaria Carchini

11. Eutrophication: are mayflies (Ephemeroptera) good bioindicators for ponds?
N. Menetrey, B. Oertli, M. Sartori, A. Wagner, J. B. Lachavanne

12. How can we make new ponds biodiverse? A case study monitored over 7years
P. Williams, M. Whitfield, J. Biggs

13. Management of an ornamental pond as a conservation site for a threatened native fish species, crucian carp Carassius carassius

G. H. Copp, S. Warrington, K. J. Wesley

14. Pond conservation: from science to practice
Beat Oertli, Régis Céréghino, Andrew Hull, Rosa Miracle

15. Plant communities as a tool in temporary ponds conservation in SW Portugal
C. Pinto-Cruz, J. A. Molina, M. Barbour, V. Silva, M. D. Espírito-Santo

16. Freshwater diatom and macroinvertebrate diversity of coastal permanent ponds along a gradient of human impact in a Mediterranean eco-region
Valentina Della Bella, Laura Mancini

17. The M-NIP: a macrophyte-based Nutrient Index for Ponds
Lionel Sager, Jean-Bernard Lachavanne

18. Vegetation recolonisation of a Mediterranean temporary pool in Morocco following small-scale experimental disturbance
Btissam Amami, Laïla Rhazi, Siham Bouahim, Mouhssine Rhazi, Patrick Grillas

19. Experimental study of the effect of hydrology and mechanical soil disturbance on plant communities in Mediterranean temporary pools in Western Morocco
Nargis Sahib, Laïla Rhazi, Mouhssine Rhazi, Patrick Grillas

20. Restoring ponds for amphibians: a success story
R. Rannap, A. Lõhmus, L. Briggs

21. High diversity of Ruppia meadows in saline ponds and lakes of the western Mediterranean
Ludwig Triest, Tim Sierens

22. Gravel pits support waterbird diversity in an urban landscape
F. Santoul, A. Gaujard, S. Angélibert, S. Mastrorillo, R. Céréghino

23. Competition in microcosm between a clonal plant species (Bolboschoenus maritimus) and a rare quillwort (Isoetes setacea) from Mediterranean temporary pools of southern France
Mouhssine Rhazi, Patrick Grillas, Laïla Rhazi, Anne Charpentier, Frédéric Médail

24. Restoration potential of biomanipulation for eutrophic peri-urban ponds: the role of zooplankton size and submerged macrophyte cover
Anatoly Peretyatko, Samuel Teissier, Sylvia De Backer, Ludwig Triest

25. Spatial and temporal patterns of pioneer macrofauna in recently created ponds: taxonomic and functional approaches
A. Ruhí, D. Boix, J. Sala, S. Gascón, X. D. Quintana

26. Comparison of macroinvertebrate community structure and driving environmental factors in natural and wastewater treatment ponds
G. Becerra Jurado, M. Callanan, M. Gioria, J.-R. Baars, R. Harrington, M. Kelly-Quinn

27. Inter- and intra-annual variations of macroinvertebrate assemblages are related to the hydroperiod in Mediterranean temporary ponds
Margarita Florencio, Laura Serrano, Carola Gómez-Rodríguez, Andrés Millán, Carmen Díaz-Paniagua

28. Ten-year dynamics of vegetation in a Mediterranean temporary pool in western Morocco
Laïla Rhazi, Patrick Grillas, Mouhssine Rhazi, Jean-Christophe Aznar

29. Modelling hydrological characteristics of Mediterranean Temporary Ponds and potential impacts from climate change
E. Dimitriou, E. Moussoulis, F. Stamati, N. Nikolaidis

30. Monitoring the invasion of the aquatic bug Trichocorixa verticalis verticalis (Hemiptera: Corixidae) in the wetlands of Doñana National Park (SW Spain)
Héctor Rodríguez-Pérez, Margarita Florencio, Carola Gómez-Rodríguez, Andy J. Green, Carmen Díaz-Paniagua, Laura Serrano

31. Copepods and branchiopods of temporary ponds in the Doñana Natural Area (SW Spain): a four-decade record (1964–2007)
K. Fahd, A. Arechederra, M. Florencio, D. León, L. Serrano

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Biodiversity, Landscape Ecology

Publication year
Developments in Hydrobiology 210
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7 pages
Natural Sciences

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