Shafferman, Avigdor

The Challenge of Highly Pathogenic Microorganisms

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Table of contents

1. The Anthrax Capsule: Role in Pathogenesis and Target for Vaccines and Therapeutics
Arthur M. Friedlander

2. Proteomic Studies of Bacillus anthracis Reveal In Vitro CO2-Modulation and Expression During Infection of Extracellular Proteases
Theodor Chitlaru, Orit Gat, Galia Zaide, Haim Grosfeld, Izhak Inbar, Sharon Ehrlich, Moshe Leitner, Ofer Cohen, Avigdor Shafferman

3. Dynamics of Bacillus anthracis Infection and Control Mechanisms
Pierre L. Goossens, Ian J. Glomski, Lhousseine Touqui, Michèle Mock

4. Survival and Trafficking of Yersinia pestis in Non-acidified Phagosomes in Murine Macrophages
James B. Bliska

5. The Inverse Relationship Between Cytotoxicity of Y. pestis and Its Virulence
Emanuelle Mamroud, Avital Tidhar, Yinon Levy, Erez Bar-Haim, Gideon Halperin, Yehuda Flashner, Sara Cohen, Avigdor Shafferman, Ayelet Zauberman

6. The NlpD Lipoprotein of Yersinia pestis is Essential for Cell Separation and Virulence
Avital Tidhar, Yehuda Flashner, Sara Cohen, Yinon Levy, Ayelet Zauberman, David Gur, Moshe Aftalion, Shirley Lazar, Eytan Elhanany, Anat Zvi, Avigdor Shafferman, Emanuelle Mamroud

7. Dissection of the Functions of the IglC Protein of Francisella tularensis

Jeanette E. Bröms, Moa Lavander, Anders Sjöstedt

Yersinia pestis Lipopolysaccharide in Host-Pathogen Interactions
Andrey P. Anisimov, Svetlana V. Dentovskaya, Anna N. Kondakova, Buko Lindner, Rima Z. Shaikhutdinova, Nina A. Kocharova, Sof’ya N. Senchenkova, Yuriy A. Knirel

9. The Interactions Between Pathogens and Dendritic Cells: From Paralysis of Cells to Their Recruitment for Bacterial Colonization
Baruch Velan, Erez Bar-Haim, Gal Markel, Hila Cohen, Ayelet Zauberman, Sara Cohen, Avigdor Shafferman

10. Comparative Approaches to Identify Host Factors Specifically Targeted by Yersinia pestis During the Infectious Process
Françoise Guinet, Patrick Avé, Louis Jones, Michel Huerre, Elisabeth Carniel

11. Poxvirus Entry into Host Cells
Bernard Moss, Zain Bengali, Himani Bisht, Jason P. Laliberte, P.S. Satheskumar

12. Role of A33R Amino-Acid 118L in the Interactions of Vaccinia Virus with the Host
Nir Paran, Shlomo Lustig, Anat Zvi, Tomer Israely, Sharon Melamed, Noam Erez, Boaz Politi, David Ben-Nathan, Paula Schneider, Batel Lachmi, Ofir Israeli, Dana Stein, Reuven Levin, Udy Olshevsky

13. Inhibitors of Innate Immunity from Vaccinia Virus
Geoffrey L. Smith

Brucella Species Synchronize Their Life Cycle to the Gestation Cycle of Their Ruminant Hosts
Svetlana Bardenstein, Menachem Banai

15. MMP-9 as a Marker for Vaccinia Virus Related Encephalitis
Tomer Israely, Sharon Melamed, Noam Erez, Boaz Politi, Udy Olshevsky, Reuven Levin, Shlomo Lustig, Nir Paran

16. Epidemic Cowpox Virus Infections in Germany
Andreas Kurth, Andreas Nitsche

17. The Two Partner SecretionTwo Partner Secretion
Transporters of Yersinia pestis: Cloning, Immunogenicity and In Vivo Expression Following Airway Infection
Yinon Levy, Anat Zvi, Haim Grosfeld, Avital Tidhar, David Gur, Yehuda Flashner, Eitan Elhanany, Emanuelle Mamroud, Sara Cohen, Avigdor Shafferman

18. Genetic Detection of Vesicle Forming Pathogens by Arrayed Primer Extension (APEX)
Adi Beth-Din, Ofir Israeli, Ohad Shifman, Dana Stein, Einat Ben-Arie, Nir Paran, Shlomo Lustig, Anat Zvi, Naomi Ariel, Arie Ordentlich

19. Subtyping Biothreat Bacterial Pathogens
Paul Keim, Talima Pearson

20. A Rapid Method for Bacillus anthracis Genotyping
Haim Levy, Morly Fisher, Naomi Ariel, Shay Weiss, Anat Zvi, David Kobiler, Zeev Altboum

21. Tularemia – A Disease with an Uncertain Impact on Public Health
Roland Grunow, Daniela Jacob, Andrea Kühn, Herbert Nattermann

22. Consequences of Antibiotic Treatment of Francisella tularensis Airways Infections
Erez Bar-Haim, Hila Cohen, Raphael Ber, Ofer Cohen, Avigdor Shafferman

23. Novel Live Vaccine Candidates Against Airborne Francisella tularensis

Wayne Conlan, Anders Sjöstedt

24. Effect of Disruption of mglA on the Virulence and Immunogenicity of the Francisella tularensis Live Vaccine Strain (LVS)
Ofer Cohen, Galia Zaide, Erez Bar-Haim, Itai Mendelson, Orit Gat, Sharon Ehrlich, Gila Friedman, Avigdor Shafferman

25. Data Mining, Bioinformatic and Immunoinformatic Analyses of Francisella tularensis Schu S4 Genome in Search for Novel Vaccine Candidates
Anat Zvi, Naomi Ariel, Avigdor Shafferman

26. Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) based Vaccines – Immunostimulatory and Protective Capacity
Michael H. Lehmann, Melanie Kremer, Yasemin Suezer, Gerd Sutter

27. Therapeutic Potential of Vaccinia Hyper Immune Sera in Mouse Models of Lethal Orthopoxviruses Infection
Sharon Melamed, Nir Paran, Tomer Israely, Noam Erez, Shaul Reuveny, Arie Ordentlich, Shlomo Lustig

28. A Live Plaque Vaccine Candidate with Improved Safety and Immunogenecity
V.A. Feodorova, L.N. Pan’kina, E.P. Savostina, O.S. Kuznetsov, N.P. Konnov, L.V. Sayapina, S. V. Dentovskaya, R.Z. Shaikhutdinova, S.A. Ageev, B. Lindner, A.N. Kondakova, O. Holst, G.B. Pier, Y.A. Knirel, A.P. Anisimov, V.L. Motin

29. Protection Against Plague Afforded by Treatment with Polyclonal αLcrV and αF1 Antibodies
Yinon Levy, Yehuda Flashner, Ayelet Zauberman, Avital Tidhar, Moshe Aftalion, Shirley Lazar, David Gur, Sara Cohen, Avigdor Shafferman, Emanuelle Mamroud

30. Combination of Anthrax-Toxin Neutralizing Antibodies: Analysis of Synergism/Antagonism Effect
Ohad Mazor, Einat Ben-Arie, Adva Mechaly, Ronit Rosenfeld, Hadar Marcus, Arie Ordentlich

31. The Efficacy of Antibiotic Treatment to Cure Guinea Pigs Intranasally Infected with Bacillus anthracis Spores
Zeev Altboum, Haim Levy, Shay Weiss, Avi Pass, Nili Rothschild, Arnon Tal, Ada Barnea, Josef Schlomovitz, David Kobiler

32. Reverse Vaccinology in
Bacillus anthracis

Bacillus anthracis

Avigdor Shafferman, Orit Gat, Naomi Ariel, Theodor Chitlaru, Haim Grosfeld, Anat Zvi, Izhak Inbar, Galia Zaide, Ronit Aloni-Grinstein, Sara Cohen

Keywords: Biomedicine, Medical Microbiology, Microbiology, Vaccine, Bacteriology, Eukaryotic Microbiology, Microbial Genetics and Genomics

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