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Science in the Context of Application

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Table of contents

1. Science in the Context of Application: Methodological Change, Conceptual Transformation, Cultural Reorientation
Martin Carrier, Alfred Nordmann

2. Knowledge, Politics, and Commerce: Science Under the Pressure of Practice
Martin Carrier

3. Between the Pure and Applied: The Search for the Elusive Middle Ground
Margaret Morrison

4. Science in the Context of Industrial Application: The Case of the Philips Natuurkundig Laboratorium
Marc J. Vries

5. Multi-Level Complexities in Technological Development: Competing Strategies for Drug Discovery
Matthias Adam

6. Theory and Therapy: On the Conceptual Structure of Models in Medical Research
Martin Carrier, Patrick Finzer

7. Materials as Machines
Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent

8. Holism and Entrenchment in Climate Model Validation
Johannes Lenhard, Eric Winsberg

9. Computational Science and Its Effects
Paul Humphreys

10. Expertise in Methods, Methods of Expertise
Carsten Reinhardt

11. Recent Orientations and Reorientations in the Life Sciences
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger

12. Transforming Objects into Data: How Minute Technicalities of Recording “Species Location” Entrench a Basic Challenge for Biodiversity
Ayelet Shavit, James Griesemer

13. Protected Spaces of Science: Their Emergence and Further Evolution in a Changing World
Arie Rip

14. The Cognitive, Instrumental and Institutional Origins of Nanoscale Research: The Place of Biology
Anne Marcovich, Terry Shinn

15. Bringing the Marketplace into Science: On the Neoliberal Defense of the Commercialization of Scientific Research
Justin Biddle

16. Medical Market Failures and Their Remedy
James Robert Brown

17. Thoughts on Politicization of Science Through Commercialization
M. Norton Wise

18. Political Effectiveness in Science and Technology
Daniel Sarewitz

19. The Political Economy of Technoscience
Astrid Schwarz, Alfred Nordmann

20. Science, the Public and the Media – Views from Everywhere
Peter Weingart

21. Conditions of Science: The Three-Way Tension of Freedom, Accountability and Utility
Torsten Wilholt, Hans Glimell

22. Integrating the Ethical into Scientific Rationality
Janet A. Kourany

23. What Makes Computer Science a Science?
Michael S. Mahoney

24. Black-Boxing Organisms, Exploiting the Unpredictable: Control Paradigms in Human–Machine Translations
Jutta Weber

25. An Epoch-Making Change in the Development of Science? A Critique of the “Epochal-Break-Thesis”
Gregor Schiemann

26. Everything New Is Old Again: What Place Should Applied Science Have in the History of Science?
Ann Johnson

27. Science in the Context of Technology
Alfred Nordmann

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Sociology

Publication year
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science
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10 pages

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